Bee a Part of the Revolution


Endless Food Choices

Feeling hungry? Say No More. From Chinese, Italian, American, North Indian, South Indian to Street Bites and Confectionery, we've got all your cravings sorted. Mindfully chosen ingredients are combined with natural honey to create recipes that tingle your taste buds and promote wellness. Fasten your napkins and get ready to dive into the pool of flavors at BitesBee - A Food Nest where you will taste the difference with a hint of wholesome sweetness of honey.

What Inspired Us?

Protect and Celebrate the Bees I always dreamt of opening a restaurant and while I was juggling to find a name for it, a notification popped on my mobile that said Bees are dying at an alarming rate. That's when I decided it has to be BitesBee - A Food Nest. Here's a fact: 90% of the world's nutrition is reliant on pollinators and Bees are heavily responsible for crop pollination. Without them, our ecosystem will collapse. So, here we are - protecting the bees and celebrating them by serving you home-like meals healthy, fresh and at pocket-friendly prices.

- Satish Saini

Bee a Part of the Revolution

Do you dream to have your own restaurant but lack the expertise to set up and run a food business? Then, seize this opportunity. With just one-time investment, you can own the profitable franchise of BitesBee – A Food Nest in your city and fast track your journey by attaching a well-known brand name. Get in touch for more details!

Delivering Bee-liciousness at Your Doorstep

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Our hygienic and well-sanitised bees are at work for you. We'll deliver you the best taste wrapped in wholesome goodness and deliver it fresh at your doorstep, contactless.

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