Satish Saini

Our Founder

Satish Saini is the CEO & Founder of BitesBee - A Food Nest. Inspired by the world of Bees, Satish is conscious of the fact that the world's nutrition is reliant on pollinators, and Bees are heavily responsible for crop pollination. To give the world a message, "Save and Protect the Bees because they are dying at an alarming rate," he planned to kick off his dream food business with a Bee-theme ambiance that aims to provide healthy, fresh, home-like meals at pocket-friendly prices.

Strong business acumen, decision-making skills, and a meticulous eye for detail make Satish a visionary who knows his way, goes that way, and shows the way to the team at BitesBee. He works alongside his team day-in and day-out to provide an eating experience honey-coated with love.

Meet Our Team

Dazy Saini

Executive Director

Sumit Dogra

General Manager

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