These 7 Places have Best Gol Gappa in Chandigarh, Mohali!

To win someone’s heart, the best thing you can do is to give them food but when it’s Golgappe you can win anyone. The crisp round balls stuffed with mashed potatoes, filled with tangy water is a road to everyone’s heart. 

Finding the right Gol gappa wala bhaiya who can satiate your taste buds with accurate spice and tangy flavored water is nothing less than a blessing. To help you find the right gol gappe wale bhaiya, we’ve chosen 7 places where you can munch on the best golgappa in Chandigarh.


1. BitesBee

If you are chatora by heart but can’t compromise on sanity, BitesBee is an apt space for you.  The place is full of zest and flavors of Indian street bites with quintessential taste. This Bee-themed restaurant serves the lip-smacking Golgappe with salty and sweet water and fills your mouth with a pool of flavors. There is a lot more to explore here in the north-Indian street food such as Tikki, Papdi Chaat, Dahi Bhalla, Raj Kachori, etc. 

Address- G012, Sector-66 Bestech Business Towers, Punjab
Rating- 4.8
Cost- Rs. 50-100


2. Garg Chaat

For decades, Garg Chaat has been serving the best street food in Chandigarh and quality hasn’t changed since then. Golgappe here are ultimate with right flavors of water in the crispy round balls. To tantalize your appetite, you’ve got to try suji wala gol gappa for a paradisiacal feeling. The place is a little busy during the evening but the taste would make you visit them over and over again.

Address- Booth 34, Sector 23, Chandigarh
Rating- 4.1
Cost- Rs. 50-60


3. Ram Chaat Bhandar

For the desi foodies, this place is nothing less than heaven on earth. You can here enjoy seven different types of pani puri suiting everyone’s taste buds. Whether you’re a teekha golgappa lover or mitha golgappa lover, you’ll find your type of pani puri here. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Though Ram chaat bhandar is settled up in a small space, that hasn’t affected the chatora’s love for this place. Along with golgappe, give a try to aloo tikki and chaat papdi which your taste buds will surely approve of. 

Address- 75, Sub. City Center, Sector 34C, Sector 34, Chandigarh
Rating- 4.3
Cost- Rs. 50-60


4. Gopal’s

The place is well-renowned for its quality and taste. You’ll witness decent footfall here because of the luscious street food taste. Golgappas here feels like an enticing dose of supreme pleasure. Whenever visiting Gopal’s in Chandigarh, you must try their spicy gol gappas. Keeping up with the roots of Indian flavors, they’ve successfully maintained their quality of street food.  

Address- 417-18, Sub. City Center, 35C, Sector 35, Chandigarh
Rating- 4.1
Cost- Rs.100-110


5. Shiv Mishthaan Bhandar

When naming the finest place for golgappa in Chandigarh with pocket-friendly prices and quality, Shiv Misthaan Bhandar is the first consideration. Locals don’t mind ditching the regular gol gappa for Bharwa Dahi Golgappa that is served with sev and chatpata masala on top. You can witness the goodness of north-Indian delicacies without being obnoxiously experimental with decent food. 

Address- Shop No. 32, Sarovar Path, Sector 18-C, Chandigarh
Rating- 4.0
Cost- Rs. 80-120


6. Krishna Chaat

With five flavored panni and endless choices of Chaat, you can have a cherishable experience filled with an abundance of tangy flavors here. The place enjoys good popularity among Chandigarhians, all thanks to the quality and vast variety of north-Indian snacks offered. It is spot on for desi foodies who love exploring chaotic places and lively ambiance in Chandigarh.   

Address- Booth No.50, Sector 34C, Sector 34, Chandigarh
Rating- 4.3
Cost- Rs. 100-150


7. Matru Tikki Chaat

Yet another amazing place to visit whenever you are bored of regular food options. Sited in the heart of the city, Matru Tikki Chaat is a famous place approved by the foodies of Chandigarh. They offer different types of Golgappa in Chandigarh with the authentic Indian flavors that often quaint restaurants miss out on. People from all over Tricity come to savour the taste of classic Indian street foods. 

Address- Booth No. 1, Sadar Bazar, Near Police Station, Sector 19C, Sector 19, Chandigarh
Rating- 3.8
Cost- Rs.80-100

Final words 

Chandigarh is pooled with uncountable places to savour the flavor of north-Indian street food & chaat. Though every place mentioned above is unique in its own way, BitesBee – the bee-themed restaurant in Chandigarh Mohali has a separate fan base.

If you’re already hungry, visit BitesBee or Order online the best street foods at your doorsteps.

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