Our Handpicked Best Chinese Restaurants in Chandigarh!

Do you also have an unfailing love for Chinese cuisine? Well, there would hardly be anyone who doesn’t like Chinese food. However, finding a good place to eat Chinese food is not less than a hassle. We’ve got the best surprise for Chinese lovers in Chandigarh.

To help you relish a great time, we have compiled a list of the best Chinese restaurants in Chandigarh that serve lip-smacking Chinese delicacies.

The Finest Chinese Restaurants in Chandigarh!


1. Mainland China

A place full of flavors, variety, and sizzling Chinese food is all what you call a foodie’s paradise. The Chinese restaurant has a myriad of flavors and exemplary customer service with Chinese, Asian, and Cantonese dishes on the platter. The elite flavor encompasses the authentic ingredients that make you marvel over the luscious food.

Must-try dishes at Mainland China- Hakka Noodles, King Prawns, and Vegetable in Hot Garlic Sauce.


2. Yo! China

To experience the ultimate pleasure of eating Chinese food, Yo! China is the spot for you. The lip-smacking noodles, manchurian, spring rolls, smoothies, etc food will get you overwhelmed in no time. You can make plans to hang out with your friends here as the place is pretty comfortable and spacious. Considered as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Chandigarh, Yo! China is spot on for nominal pricing, taste, and a pleasing setting.

Must-try dishes- Drums of Heaven, Honey Chili Potatoes, Chousuey, Chicken Momo, and Crispy Lamb


3. Kalsang

Kalsang is the new place in the city beautiful famous for the Chinese cum Tibetan vibe. If you haven’t tried the original Tibetan taste, consider visiting this place once. The restaurant has some awesome Thai cuisines along with moreish Chinese delicacies. The excellent service and calm atmosphere are apt for family get-togethers that also add to the outdoor dining experience. For first-time visitors, there are plenty of options to try. It is worth mentioning that Kalsang is known to serve the best noodles in Chandigarh.

Must-try dishes- Vegetable Chilli Garlic Noodles, Thupka Chicken, Veg Spring Roll, and Steamed Mutton Momos


4. Black Lotus

If you like to dine out at fancy places, you can save Black Lotus for the weekend. The place has Chinese dishes on the menu that are crazily good. Black Lotus has renovated the restaurant’s menu from scratch which has helped them to enjoy high popularity. In addition, drinks are exceptionally good that feel refreshing and brighten the day altogether.

Must-try dishes- Stir-fried Chicken, Hot-pot, Dim Sums, Prawns, and Grilled Fish


5. BitesBee

BitesBee is a bee-themed restaurant having an aesthetically pleasing setting and is renowned to serve the best chinese food in Mohali. The wide platter of dishes can make your taste buds watery in no time. The Chinese cuisine of the restaurant is so appetizing and fulfilling that it may become your go-to place to visit with your friends and family. The quality and taste of the food have made the restaurant capture the hearts of people in the time span of one year only. You can easily get online Chinese food delivery to home via Zomato/Swiggy.

Must-try dishes- Chicken Manchow Soup, Chilly Garlic Noodles, Honey Chili Cauliflower, and Cheese Chilli


6. Hibachi

It is one of the luxurious restaurants in town as per local guides and food critics. The lavish seating and dining is a prime reason for the attraction. Chinese delicacies here can win your heart in the very first bite. If you don’t mind spending for a great experience, Hibachi is a good Chinese restaurant option that allows you to have a quaint ambiance and quality Asian Chinese food all at once.

Must-try dishes- Honey Glazed Crispy Chicken, Pan Fried Noodles and Teriyaki Chicken


7. Shangri- La Plus

The restaurant is a good catch for casual meets and a hearty dining experience. The space is commodious and the food is also great. With good options of cuisines, you can try new things on your every visit. The restaurant mainly focuses on Chinese fast food and seafood fusions. Chandigarhians can delight in the yummy Chinese treats sizzled in the regional flavors. When you want to dig in the best Chinese food in Chandigarh, Shangri- La Plus is one of the top Chinese restaurants on whom you can count.

Must-try dishes- Chicken Chop Suey, Veg Noodles, Manchurian, Stir-fried Mushroom, and veg & chicken drumsticks.



8. Kylin Experience

Not a usual posh restaurant, Kylin Experience is all about the grand feeling sited in Elante Mall Chandigarh. The restaurant lives up to its name of quintessential Chinese eatery experience perfectly curated for desi eaters in north India. For the foodies who frequently like to hit up new places to eat, Kylin Experience can be a worthwhile place to visit. They have an extensive selection of Asian cuisines including dishes you might not have tasted before.

Must-try dishes- Dim Sums, Teppanyaki Chicken, Tom Yum Soup, and all other choices of Soup.


9. Ni Hao

Ni Hao is a good Chinese restaurant for gourmands. Though it doesn’t have large seating, the heavenly taste of Chinese food makes it a worthy choice. You can witness the essence of Chinese delicacies covered in aromatic spices. The lip-smacking noodles will satiate the desire of eating spicy food in no time.

Must-try dishes- Noodles and Manchurian


10. Master CHI

As the name suggests, Master CHI is the master of the goodsome of Chinese dishes. They serve you a platter of Chinese, Thai, Korean, Pan Asian cuisines that can make your Gedi time more fun and lively. Offering the best chinese food in Tricity, Master CHI is more of a takeaway outlet that is well known for its crowd. Their menu encompasses traditional and experimental dish fusion that’s worth a try for every foodie.

Must-try dishes- Steamed Bao Bun, Cantonese Hot, and Sour Veggies Soup and Colorful Dim Sums


11. Dumpling Hood

If you are expecting the place to offer you great Chinese food varieties then you might be disappointed. Dumpling Hood offers a decent variety including Dim Sums, Noodles, and some Italian bites. If you are looking for the best place to eat Momos in Chandigarh, then they have got the tastiest Atta Momos loaded with mouth-watering Chinese flavors for bon appetit.

Must-try dishes- Atta Momos


12. Shangz

If the taste is all that matters to you, Shangz can become your favorite place for eating Chinese food. It is a takeaway restaurant serving flavorsome Chinese cuisine within a huge selection. Whenever craving for authentic Chinese food in Mohali, relish at Shangz as the food is easily available in three outlets extended across the Tricity.

Must-try dishes- Teriyaki Chicken, Steamed Momos in Gravy, rice, and a good selection of dim sums.


13. Sector 15 Patel Market

Last but definitely not least, Sector 15 Patel Market Chandigarh. This place is heaven for all the Chinese food lovers in Chandigarh Mohali. The economical price and endless variety for both veg and non-vegetarian Chinese food will sweep you off your feet on the first try only. According to food critics, it is a paradise for Chandigarhians who like to spend less but eat more. Do try your hands on one of the best places to eat Chinese in Chandigarh.

Must-try dishes- Thupka and chicken momos

If you are craving toothsome food, let your eating begin with BitesBee offering Chinese food delivery in Tricity.

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