The A to Z Indian Food List with Heavenly Taste!

India is known for its epic food culture that tantalizes your taste buds with myriad spices. From an extensive selection of Indian dishes, we’ve compiled food items in alphabetical order to witness the wonders of Indian flavors.

Let’s move into the A to Z of Indian food lists that can be easily found at both local and quaint places.

The Epic A to Z Indian Food Directory


A for Aloo Parantha

Arguably Punjab’s finest culinary choice, aloo paratha is the first on the list due to its authentic taste. The flatbread is made with a variety of regular ingredients making it a perfect north-Indian breakfast option. The scrumptious taste of parantha is often enjoyed with butter/curd.


B for Biryani

Biryani, without a doubt, is a classic choice of every Indian household served on special occasions. This world-famous food item satiates hunger pangs in no time and tastes so surreal that you won’t get bored of it ever.


C for Chole Bhature

Another Punjab’s origin platter poured with a plethora of flavors is Chole Bhature. The tempting taste of the snack makes you marvel at the delicacy like there’s nothing else so good. Don’t believe us? Try it on your own. Order now from BitesBee.


D for Dhokla

This Gujarati famous dish is renowned for its ‘khatta-meetha’ taste. The main ingredient of the dish is gram flour. The enticing taste of dhokla can easily make up for a bad day in no time. Gujarati folks enjoy dhokla alongside fried chili that has a moreish taste.


E for Egg Curry 

Egg curry is a delicious and flavorsome meal to add to your lunch/dinner menu. No matter how simple it may sound, preparing the perfect egg curry takes a good amount of time and practice. Skip the hassle and order online from BitesBee- A Food Nest – the finest Indian restaurant in Mohali.


F for Falooda

The eye-appealing frozen dessert has a special place on the menu of every Indian restaurant. You can enjoy this easy-to-prepare dessert in endless varieties. Falooda has several layers of vermicelli and is topped with nuts, ice cream, cherries, and a lot more.


G for Gol Gappe

The toothsome treat of gol gappas is popular with different names around the world such as gol gappe, pani puri, pani ke batashe, puchka, and more. To enjoy gol gappe thoroughly, take one large bite of a fried ball filled with flavored water.


H for Halwa

Halwa – the authentic sweetened dish is the perfect Indian dessert to delight in to celebrate happy moments. Halwa can be prepared in an extensive variety such as suji ka halwa, moong dal halwa, gajar ka halwa, and the list goes on and on.


I for Idli Sambhar

Idli sambar is a south-Indian breakfast option consisting of savory and steamed rice cake. These round idlis are served with hot-piping sambar and coconut chutney that enable you to enjoy the blissful taste.


J for Jalebi

Jalebi is a sweetened cuisine enjoyed with fafda and rabri further garnished with kesar. Jalebi has a crisp yet soft texture that melts in the mouth in no time. The hot jalebis covered with sugar syrup feels like an indulgent fragrant treat.


K for Kachori

The delish and famous street snack goes well with tamarind side sauces and soul-soothing chai. This flaky snack is easy to get in every nook and corner across the northern region of India. Almost every Indian restaurant has this snack added to their menu that you can relish with ease.


L for Lachha Tokri

Lachha tokri is a crunchy and savory flavored basket loaded with tangy chaat that feeds your cravings perfectly. The varied chutneys paired with yogurt, sev, and pomegranate taste heavenly for topping. It is a great choice for people to try it when craving for something chatpata from Indian street bites.


M for Mushroom Matar

The matar mushroom is the legit way to fix your winter protein and maintain good health. It is one of the famous vegetarian Indian dishes that Indian households prepare on special occasions. The dish is indeed worthy to be counted on in the a-z list of Indian food.


N for Navratan Korma

Indian food is renowned for its royal taste and lavish ingredients. Navratan Korma is another dish from the royal platter that has an assortment of veggies and nuts. If you like to go light on spicy food, Navratan Korma can become your go-to dish having a mild sweet taste.


O for Obbattu

Obbattu is a Maharashtra and southern Indian-originated sweet dish. It is traditionally served with a dollop of desi ghee. It is a sattvic recipe that is most probably prepared on auspicious occasions. Obbattu is a moreish delicacy that fits the Indian food a to z list effortlessly.


P for Paneer Do Pyaza

Paneer do pyaza is one of the best Indian dishes that’ll make you drool even when you are full. Onion is an ingredient that is used in relatively higher quantities in the dish. If you love Indian cuisines especially Punjabi then “mate paneer do pyaza is your ultimate food fate.” :p

Quinoa Pulao

Q for Quinoa Pulao

As we are at the alphabet ‘Q’, Quinoa Pulao is the delish thing to relish. It is the most nutritious dish with ingredients like quinoa, a bunch of veggies, and herbs. Quinoa Pulao is a seed but used popularly as grain and has become a significant part of multiple healthy dishes. You can combine it with raita to enjoy the mild salty and savory taste.


R for Rajma

Kidney beans are popularly known as Rajma in India. The delicacy is often paired with rice and roti. In spite of being cooked very often the heavenly taste of the dish tastes surreal every time. Rajma is undoubtedly one of our favorite childhood dishes that brings back nostalgic memories. If you haven’t tried it once, give it a try at BitesBee.


S for Samosa

Samosa is a marvelous snack with crunchy covering and masala potato and peas filling inside. The triangle-shaped street bite is paired with varied chutneys and paradisical taste can be enjoyed any time of the day. However, the snack is prepared with basic ingredients. To enjoy the variety of regional flavors many restaurants experiment with the snack.


T for Tandoori Chicken

When talking about something exotic and crazy, good smoky tandoori chicken is the first one to strike our mind. The authentic chicken is prepared traditionally by grilling or roasting and prior chicken is marinated in yogurt, lime juice, and side spices. The lip-smacking taste makes the appetizer the most favored dish for every hard-core non-vegetarian.


U for Upma

Upma is cooked as thick porridge which is prepared from semolina. It is a healthy and satisfying dish that gets your water buds watery in no time. You can have it for breakfast or light snacks (whichever you prefer). If you get hungry very often in a day try having upma for breakfast as it is healthy and fulfilling.


V for Vada Pav

Vada pav is a famous Maharashtrian snack that runs the whole of Mumbai. With a vast variety of pav, you can explore a whole range of soul-feeding snacks. This savory roll filled with potato and deep-fried green chili is a great option for quick evening bites.


W for Warqi Samosa

It’s indeed difficult to name dishes according to alphabetical order but trust us, we got this. Well, if you are wondering what warqi samosa is, then let me tell you it is a samosa typically having multiple layers. The dish is prepared in both savory and sweet tastes. You can try the warqi samosa when craving something unique and crunchy.


X for Xacuti Chicken

To spice up your taste buds, go for xacuti chicken from the most favored vacation spot of many (the trip that has been canceled more than anything). Yes, you have guessed it right we are talking about Goa. Xacuti Chicken is a must-try for folks who are in love with spicy food.


Y for Yellow Moong Dal

Yellow moong dal needs no introduction to anyone reading here as it is the most common dinner in Indian households. Nonetheless, being so common yet yellow moong dal holds a special place in Indian food names a to z. The simple but tasty dish can be found easily on the menu of every regular restaurant.


Z for Zarda

Zarda is a sweet dish better known as meethe chawal. It is a scrumptious dish with elite ingredients like basmati rice, sugar, nuts, cashew, kewra water, saffron, and most importantly ghee. It is a surreal dish that brings up real happiness with the sweetened taste.

Though you may have heard about some of these dishes before, we are assuming it was a fun and interesting a-z food list for you. One needs no reason to enjoy the tasty food, so celebrate your love for food by ordering online from BitesBee.

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