Guide to Indian Flatbreads: We Bet You’ve Not Tried Half of Them!

Traditional Indian flatbreads are a real Indian cuisine served on a daily basis. If you do not suffer from a sensitivity to gluten, then these flatbreads are the ideal accompaniment to any curry dish you serve for supper. 

You could also simply wrap it up with some sauces and vegetables and take it with you for lunch or give it to your child to take to school.  You can consume flatbreads with the main course, in the breakfast, or in the snacks, depending upon your preference. So, let’s have a look at some of the Indian Flatbreads that you must try.

Everything You Need to Know about these 13 Indian Flatbreads!

Flatbread is a staple of traditional Indian cuisine. Here is a list of sorts of Indian bread that are fairly popular throughout the whole Indian subcontinent.

1. Dosa

In India, Dosa is popularly consumed for breakfast. It has a flavor that is buttery, toasted, rich and has a texture that is foamy. Dosa is a one-of-a-kind of flatbread that is produced with crushed mung beans and batter, and its preparation is both quick and straightforward. There are different kinds of dosas available, like plain dosa, paneer dosa, masala dosa, rawa dosa, onion butter masala dosa, spring roll dosa, and mushroom dosa.

2. Naan

The traditional Indian flatbread known as naan has a chewy consistency and was first created in India. Tandoori cookery utilizes white flour, a yeast combination, eggs, milk, salt, and sugar. The drooping of the dough during baking in a tandoor oven results in the tear-drop shape that is characteristic of Tandoori cuisine.

The majority of the flavor comes from the yogurt that is used in the preparation. The butter garlic naan goes particularly well with a variety of Indian cuisines, including curries, butter chicken, dal makhani, malai kofta, and shahi paneer, amongst others. 

Look out for these popular Indian curries that you can enjoy with other types of naan like butter and garlic naan.

3. Kulcha

Kulcha is a kind of flatbread prepared from wheat flour and is often consumed with chickpea curry. The bread is cooked in a tandoor, and after it is ready, it is presented to the customer piping hot with ghee on the side. Because it is chewy and soft at the same time, it is a meal that is quite popular in Northern India. It may be prepared by cooking it on a traditional tawa, which makes it more accessible. Aata kulcha with matar is loved by most of the individuals because of its distinct taste.

4. Lachha Paratha

In India, breakfast often consists of lachha paratha, a kind of bread that is flaky, golden brown in color, layered, and crispy. It consists of some basic common ingredients like wheat flour, salt, ghee, and oil. In addition to these, you may come across yogurt, pickles, chutney produced from scratch, or a number of different kinds of curries.

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5. Thepla

In traditional Gujarati fashion, gluten-free thepla is prepared using either wheat, gram, or millet flour, along with other spices. Although fenugreek leaves and bottle gourd make for tasty additions to it, their presence is not strictly necessary. In this particular recipe, the vegetables are not wrapped up inside the parathas; rather, they are mixed in with the dough, and after being rolled out, they are lightly roasted

6. Roti

The traditional flatbread that goes with any vegetable or curry is called roti. It is prepared by combining wheat flour, water, and salt, then rolling the mixture into a spherical form before cooking it over medium-high heat. There is flexibility in the mix regarding the kind of wheat flour that is used; options range from multigrain to whole wheat. There are various kinds of rotis available like Tawa roti, butter roti, and tandoori roti to pair it up with different cuisines.

7. Bhature

Another kind of leavened Indian bread is called bhatura. It is meant to be thick and is similar to naan in that it is kneaded rather than rolled out. The surface of a bhatura is allowed to get crisp in oil, while the inside is allowed to remain fluffy and soft. Typically, chana masala is served with it, and the whole dish in itself is mouth-watering!

8. Puri

Puri is a kind of roti that is puffier than traditional roti and is smaller and circular which is popular all over India. It is often consumed with foods such as chole, aloo bhaji, veg kurma, or during the Ganpati festivities in Maharashtra, with a sweet yogurt-based dish called shrikhand or basundi.

9. Papadum

In India, a common choice for a snack is papadum, which is either a wafer or a crispy flatbread. There are other names for the same meal, but they are always referred to as papad, papadum, or appalam. Papadum, in contrast to other types of flatbread of India, may only be consumed as an accompaniment to other foods. Cooking papadum often entails either deep-frying in oil at a high temperature or roasting it over an open flame. It is a vital component of the traditional Indian supper dish known as a thali.

10. Sheermal

Sheermal, an Awadhi flatbread flavored with saffron and moderately sweet, is heavily inspired by Mughlai and Persian cuisines. As the main meal, as a dessert with fresh cream or yogurt, or simply as a simple snack with tea or coffee, this adaptable Indian flatbread types has a light, creamy texture.

11. Khakhra

Khakhra is an Indian flatbread that is traditionally made in the state of Gujarat in the subcontinent. Crackers are often consumed for breakfast and are excellent when served with chutneys or curries. Wheat flour, mat bean, and oil are the three ingredients that are used to produce the crisp. Khakra is a good option to take with you as a snack during traveling or enjoying Netflix.

12. Parotta

Parotta, a popular kind of street food in southern India, is traditionally made using all-purpose flour. Incredible to see is the process by which these chefs stack the parotta dough after it has been prepared. This flaky and delicious bread is a must whether served with meat-based gravies or Indian dishes, as it pairs particularly well with both.

13. Taftan

It is an Awadhi royal flatbread that is flakier and lighter than regular naan. Flatbread flavored with cardamom, saffron, and poppy seeds and cooked in a tandoor or clay oven. It goes well with stew or soup, as well as spicy side dishes. In order to enhance the flavor, saffron and cardamom are sometimes added to it.


It is just as vital to choose the appropriate traditional flatbread to accompany the dishes as it is to infuse the dish itself with the ideal flavor. Traditional Indian cuisine has a special role for the flatbreads that are baked in traditional ovens. You can refer to this list the next time you feel like sampling something new from India’s bread basket.

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