Relish Your Taste With These Top 12 Indian Dishes!

Makhani. Malai. Tikka masala, deep down, we all crave for desi curries. The never-ending desire for gravy embedded with traditional spices keeps us pulling towards Indian cuisine.

Known for its rich, buttery flavours with a long list of vegetarian and meat dishes, Indian cuisine has a uniqueness in its flavour and blissful taste. From sweet to spicy, they have it all. There is a lot of good Indian food offering tongue-tickling flavours that are hard to cover in a lifetime. Let alone at once!

Let’s make it easy for you by simplifying the diversified list of Indian dishes. Have a sneak peek through the list of 12 best Indian dishes to order when you are starving.

Top 12 famous Indian Dishes to order when you’re extremely hungry:

It’s time to get ready to experience an Indian culinary experience that’s spice-filled, flavour-filled, and fragrance-filled.

1. Dal Makhani

There’s no better way to relish your hunger than ordering some Punjabi food. The creaminess and smoky flavour of dal makhani paired with ghee topped Roties could just be the answer to your hunger. Restaurant-style Dal makhani is one of the most famous authentic Punjabi foods that foodies crave. The cuisine made with lentils, commonly known as urad dal, is a must-try for all the crazy food lovers.


2. Paneer Tikka Butter Masala

Can veg food give the same mouth-watering taste? If there’s anything that can kill your cravings for chicken, it is the restaurant-style Paneer Tikka Butter Masala. It’s famous all around the world and would require an introduction. The mix of orange, creamy gravy topped with coriander slices is soul-satisfying. Each spice added to the recipe of the dish makes it even more delicious.


3. Matar Mushroom

There’s no way we would have left out our mushroom lovers. Matar Mushroom has topped the Indian dishes list for years and yet retains to rule the heart of our vegetarian readers. The white button mushroom, green peas, and amalgam of spices mixed for the preparation of this cuisine are delicious as well as filling. A plate of Matar Mushroom with butter naan is enough to soothe your hunger. But, if you haven’t tried the dish yet, you have missed it big time. So next time you hit the restaurant at your place, make sure to try out this fantastic dish.


4. Mix Veg

Simplicity at its best! The best part about this dish is that a little bit of this and a little bit of that veggie can do wonders with your taste bud when appropriately mixed with spices. The preparation is quite simple, yet, the dish is nutritious and ample when prepared with love and dedication by chefs.


5. Kadhai Paneer

The semi-dry restaurant-style version of this dish is tangy, vibrant, and deeply spiced that can be enjoyed any time of the year. Made in Kadai with India’s pantry staples like capsicum, onion, tomatoes, and spices, Kadai Paneer can make your mouth watery. It is one of the most popular vegetarian Indian dishes. One bite of this into your mouth, and you will forever come back to have it. Such is its power!


6. Butter Chicken

Had enough veg dishes, let’s have a look at some super delicious food for our chicken lovers. Also known as Murgh Makhani, Butter Chicken is one of the most popular dishes you must try as a non-vegetarian. The gravy preparation is similar to that of paneer butter masala, yet when put together and prepared with chicken, the taste is quite unique. The mesmerising dish can be your hunger killing partner anytime and anyplace.


7. Rara Chicken

Rara Chicken is a delicious Punjabi chicken dish. This chicken gravy served with paratha or rice can be the best treat for your stomach. A savoury chicken recipe is prepared in the form of thick curry with cardamom, yoghurt, and whole red chillies. Kids and teenagers alike, this protein-rich healthy Indian dish for lunch will make you lick your fingers at the end of your dining.


8. Chicken Gravy

Indian recipes are incomplete without spices. One such rich in spices recipe is the chicken gravy. South India’s most flavourful chicken dish made with fresh herbs and ground spices gives you an authentic taste of popular Indian dishes at their best. You might as well have grown up eating the homemade version of this dish every week. But, trust us, the restaurant version will just give you a unique array of tastes altogether.


9. Malai Kofta

Craving for some sweet and creamy dish? We have got nothing better to mention than the deep-fried balls served with the Creamy, rich and indulgent gravy. Yes, you got us; we were just stretching about Malai Kofta! It is among the best Indian dishes for dinner veg. It doesn’t matter if you were hungry before. Just the dish’s name is enough to make your stomach cry with hunger.


10. Paneer Tikka Malai

Every time we think of dining outside, there are a few dishes that ring the bell! One such dish on our main course Indian dishes list is the Paneer Tikka Malai. Paneer tikka is a delicious variety of paneer dishes with light flavours compared to regular tikkas. Cream, also referred to as malai, is the key ingredient in this divine dish. If you are hungry and planning to eat with your kids, there’s nothing more filling we could suggest.


11. Shahi Korma

If you are a die-hard fan of spicy Indian food, you are officially a true Indian food lover. Usually, Indian food is best left to the restaurants, especially if you are hungry AF. The heavenly Shahi Korma prepared by combining paneer, creamy, spicy sauce, cashews, chicken and some golden raisins is the most humble dish we could ever list. Sometimes humble dishes can be the most delicious ones, just like Indian Shahi Korma.


12. Rajma Rice

Hunger at its peak? We bet there are a lot of people whose tommies just can’t be calmed with roti and Sabji. So they got to have Chawal included in their meal. Rajma rice, also referred to as Rajma Chawal, is their lifesaver. The dish is prepared by mixing rice and rajma masala and giving it a good stir for anyone who is on a high protein diet. You can take Rajma Chawal without thinking twice. We can’t simply deny how comforting and filling it could be.


Wrapping it up:

We bet, if you are scrolling through this post on an empty stomach, you can not wait anymore. Just the name of the dishes would have made it difficult to focus on any other work. Haven’t you yet got to your nearest restaurant? If you are confused with the restaurant to pick, here’s what we have in mind. BiteBee can be the answer to your starvation. Pick up any one dish from the list of their best Indian Lunch Ideas, and you won’t be disappointed. The food here is divine as true Punjabi food taste relishes after every bite.