How to Choose the Best Italian Restaurant in Chandigarh

With the overwhelming number of Italian restaurants in Chandigarh, it can be a bit time-consuming to find the right one for your precious palate.

Especially, if you’re new here or visiting for a once-in-a-lifetime experience as a tourist. Whatever the case, just like everywhere else, Italian cuisine is also a favorite go-to meal for Chandigarh foodies. And for all the good reasons.

Apart from some of the most famous world food chains, Chandigarh is home to world-class Italian chefs and restaurants that serve a variety of authentic Italian dishes that can leave you forever drooling.

To help you find the right place and stimulate your taste buds, here’s our full-on guide on how to choose the best Italian restaurant in Chandigarh.

Understanding What Makes a Great Italian Restaurant

Every Italian restaurant has a trademark when it comes to their cooking style, often based on traditional or contemporary Italian recipes.

Italian cuisine is known for its rich history and has undergone several modifications over the centuries before it reached our tables. What sets a great Italian restaurant apart is its commitment to using authentic ingredients, preserving traditional cooking methods, and delivering a genuine taste of Italy.

This dedication ensures that each dish, from pasta to pizza, is crafted to perfection, providing a memorable dining experience.

By focusing on these qualities, you can easily identify a standout Italian restaurant in Chandigarh that offers both exceptional food and a true Italian ambiance.

Common Italian Dishes to Look For

Some of the most popular Italian dishes that continue to please our palates are:

White Sauce Pasta

best white sauce pasta

White Sauce Pasta is a creamy and indulgent dish that cheese lovers adore. The sauce, made from a base of butter, flour, and milk, is enhanced with generous amounts of cheese, creating a rich and velvety texture.

Often flavored with garlic and a hint of nutmeg, this pasta dish is both comforting and decadent. The addition of vegetables like broccoli or mushrooms and proteins such as chicken or shrimp can elevate the dish further, making it a versatile favorite for any occasion.

 Red Sauce Pasta

best red sauce pasta

Red Sauce Pasta is a classic Italian dish known for its tangy and vibrant flavor profile, making it a favorite among tomato enthusiasts.

The sauce is typically made from ripe tomatoes, garlic, onions, and a blend of Italian herbs like basil and oregano, simmered to perfection.The addition of olive oil and a splash of red wine enhances the depth of the sauce.

This pasta dish is often garnished with fresh basil and grated Parmesan cheese, offering a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. 

Mix Sauce Pasta

Mix Sauce Pasta combines the creamy richness of white sauce with the tangy, robust flavors of red sauce, providing a unique and harmonious culinary experience.

This pasta dish is ideal for those who can’t choose between the two classic sauces. The white sauce adds a velvety texture and a mild, cheesy undertone, while the red sauce brings a vibrant, tomatoey zing.

Together, they create a perfectly balanced dish that’s both flavorful and satisfying.

Often accompanied by vegetables like bell peppers and spinach or proteins such as chicken and shrimp, Mix Sauce Pasta is a versatile and crowd-pleasing option for any meal.

Quality of Ingredients

Never compromise on the quality or hygiene surrounding the use of ingredients, especially when ordering your food from outside.

Make sure that the restaurant is clean and maintains the utmost quality of ingredients in the process of cooking.

High-quality ingredients are the foundation of any great Italian dish, from the freshest tomatoes and herbs to premium olive oil and authentic cheeses. These elements are essential for creating the rich, robust flavors that Italian cuisine is known for.

When dining out, prioritize restaurants that emphasize the use of fresh, locally sourced, and authentic Italian ingredients to ensure a superior culinary experience.

Variety of Menu Options

The more diverse the menu, the better. Chandigarh has no shortage of herbs, spices, and ingredients from around the world.

Take your time to go through the restaurant’s menu thoroughly to achieve that sweet spot when you just want to savor every bite until it melts in your mouth.

Look for a menu that offers a wide range of traditional Italian dishes, including various types of pasta, pizzas, and desserts.

A restaurant with a comprehensive menu is more likely to cater to different tastes and preferences, ensuring that every dining experience is unique and enjoyable.

Ambiance and Location

The atmosphere and aura of the restaurant set the mood and appetite for a great time with friends and family. Consider the distance of the restaurant from your home or delivery location. A restaurant with a pleasant

ambiance and convenient location can significantly enhance your dining experience. Whether you prefer a cozy, intimate setting or a lively, vibrant atmosphere, choose a restaurant that matches your preferences.

Additionally, a conveniently located restaurant ensures easy access and timely service, making it a perfect choice for both casual outings and special occasions.

Researching Nearby Italian Restaurants

Finding out the best or most recommended Italian restaurants in Chandigarh is a piece of cake in the modern digital era.

By leveraging digital connectivity, your quest to figure out the best Italian restaurant near you should end there too. 

How to Research

Reading Online Reviews: Customer surveys and reviews provide firsthand testimonials of both happy and dissatisfied customers, helping you decide whether or not the restaurant is for you.

Asking for Recommendations: Fellow workers, friends, and neighbors can offer valuable insights if you’re new to Chandigarh.

Evaluating the Menu and Prices

Always pay close attention to the menu to get the best deal for your taste buds and your wallet.

With a wide range of toppings and ingredients available, choosing the right combination can be hectic.

Assessing the menu and pricing carefully can help you identify the best Italian restaurant that offers high-quality dishes at reasonable prices.

Look for transparency in pricing and ensure that the menu provides detailed descriptions of each dish. This allows you to make informed decisions and choose dishes that best suit your taste and budget.

Tips for Evaluating

Examining the Menu Online: This helps you pick your favorite dishes ahead of time, saving you time when you arrive or call to place an order.

Comparing Prices: Ensures your choices fit your budget.

Considering Convenience and Service

Whether you’re out for an in-house dining experience or celebrating at home, the proximity of the restaurant is integral.

Your taste buds won’t wait, so why should they? A restaurant with efficient delivery and takeout options can be a lifesaver when you’re short on time or prefer to dine at home.

Also, consider the quality of customer service, as friendly and attentive staff can significantly enhance your dining experience.

Good customer service includes everything from the ease of placing an order to the promptness of delivery and the overall hospitality of the restaurant.

Factors to Consider

Proximity to Your Location: Knowing the nearest quality Italian restaurant is always useful, especially when you’re short on time.

Delivery and Takeout Options: Ensure the restaurant offers reliable delivery services to enjoy your meal at home.

Customer Service: The mark of a good restaurant is its customer service. Friendly staff, hygienic practices, and appetizing food presentation are key factors.

Why BitesBee is the Best Choice for Italian Cuisine in Chandigarh

Located at the heart of Chandigarh, BitesBee is one-of-a-kind in every way. A vibrant atmosphere, comfortable seating, and most importantly, mouth-watering and delicious Italian dishes make it a top choice for diners.

BitesBee stands out for its commitment to quality and authenticity, using only the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking methods to create a genuine Italian dining experience.

Whether you’re craving a classic pasta dish or a signature pizza, BitesBee offers a diverse menu that caters to all tastes.

The friendly and professional staff ensure excellent customer service, making every visit a memorable one.

What Makes BitesBee Unique

Award-Winning Dishes: Known for our signature dishes including White Sauce Pasta, Red Sauce Pasta, and Mix Sauce Pasta, we are a talented lot of chefs who also excel in traditional Italian cooking.

Community Involvement: We adhere to the highest standards of cooking, practice safe and contactless deliveries, and continually contribute to the well-being of society.


Choosing an Italian restaurant is not just about finding the right taste, quality, and hygiene, but also about the variety and spirit of service.

When exploring best Italian restaurants in Chandigarh, pay attention to these factors. By considering the quality of ingredients, menu variety, ambiance, location, and customer service, you can ensure adelightful dining experience.

Remember, the closer the location, the faster and more convenient it will be for takeout or delivery to your preferred location.

Make informed decisions to enjoy the best Italian cuisine that Chandigarh has to offer.

Corporate Meals: A Combat To a Great Resignation in 2022

In today’s world, businesses and their employees are increasingly looking for a more contemporary work environment. They are entitled to clear, well-reasoned, and understandable culture.’ Between all this, “Corporate Dining” has been getting quite a bit of attention lately, as a consequence of the great resignation. Let’s find out more about this, but first, let’s find out what causes it to happen.

What is Great Resignation 2021 and its impact?

During the pandemic of 2021, fear and uncertainty prompted the resignation of many employees. A year later, the staff quit in record numbers, prompting some to call it the Great Resignation. According to the US Labour Department, 4.5 million employees left their jobs in November 2021 with 3% of the workforce quitting every month. In India, the situation is no less grave but still worrying.

The Great Resignation has been largely fueled by burnout, but other forces have also contributed, such as the shift to unhealthy work cultures and working from home. As a result of these resignations, employers have increased perks and pay.

Why Good Employees Leave, and how to keep Employees from Quitting?

Millions of individuals worldwide are reshaping their careers. Some are taking advantage of the present lack of employment opportunities to move up the corporate ladder, which is the main reason why good employees leave? Since the epidemic, the number of self-employed employees in the United States has increased by 500,000.

Some people transfer to different businesses or jobs that pay more or better correspond with their ideals. So how to stop the great resignation? A study has found that better work culture can improve employee retention. Creating a better workplace means open communication, corporate meals, fun activities, happy hours and other employee benefits.

In this article, we will focus on how corporate food programs can help achieve maximum results and become an integral part of your work culture.

What is a Corporate Meal?

The ordering and serving of meals for your staff is corporate dining. Including food in the workplace might be a part of the daily routine. As a result, many firms have included food in their efforts to create a pleasant work environment. Complimentary lunches may boost productivity, morale, and even weight reduction in the workplace if done appropriately.

Even though a company’s eating offerings are comparable, they might seem significantly different from one to the next. Boxed lunches, might be ordered by a corporation for its workers, another option is to place an order with a nearby eatery.

Why Choose Corporate Meals for Office?/How corporate meals can boost the bottom line?

  1. Free food is a great way to keep employees happy

  2. Free lunch for your staff may result in a 67% job satisfaction rating, according to recent publications. They are showing their commitment to providing a positive work environment for their workers. Millennials in particular find it difficult to give up company-paid meals because of this.

  3. Sharing lunch strengthens a company’s sense of community

  4. It’s difficult to top a free lunch for getting your staff together. It’s also a simple approach to build strong social links among your employees, enabling them to engage with others outside of their departments and teams.

  5. Office lunch may have a tremendous impact

  6. It is possible for most businesses to provide their workers with free meals in the office, but not all of them can afford to do so on a regular basis. A once-a-week catered dinner would be welcomed by most employees. For example, holding weekly team meetings.

  7. Retain the best workforce

  8. High salaries and better perks aren’t always possible to offer a potential employee but offering on-site catering might be an advantage over the competition. A survey indicated that 28% of individuals would like nutritious free snacks at work. This helps in boosting employee morale and overall company culture.

  9. More profit

  10. Researchers discovered that workers who had an unhealthy diet were 66% more likely to report decreased productivity than those who frequently consumed fruits and vegetables. That’s a good enough incentive to provide your workers with nutritious meals. It’s not merely an employee perk for Companies that give free food or heavily subsidised meals at work but it also aids in the performance & other cost benefits for the employer.

Tips for Picking the Right Meal Service

Is it possible to tell which catering service is the finest among many? Here are some helpful hints for finding the ideal catering service for your requirements.

  1. Decide on Your Goals

  2. If you’re looking for a simple solution or a plethora of alternatives, it’s crucial to know what you’re looking for from a meal service provider. Deciding on your business needs or desires is the first step in finding the right service provider. Your staff will be more energetic and inspired to work if they access nutritious eating offerings. Determine how much money you can afford to spend by creating a budget.

  3. Set Preferences for Home Like Food

  4. A meal delivery service that caters to your specific dietary demands and preferences of home-like food is essential if you have any. Eating home-cooked meals is linked to improved mental health and greater energy levels, as well as a lower intake of sugar and processed foods, which may lead to a more positive outlook on life. Also, you should consider varieties on the menu that could serve low carb, low sodium, vegan and various cuisines catering to the different locations.

  5. On-Time Delivery

  6. On-time delivery can play a prominent role to choose your catering partner. It is important that healthy food is ready and delivered on time, as there are specific lunch hours in offices. Any delays might hamper the work productivity and lower the employee’s trust in the management. Furthermore, some providers like BitesBee have their own food delivery system that is directly linked to a POS system which will provide on-time delivery for corporate meals to the offices.

  7. Tasting

  8. Don’t pass up the chance to participate in a food-tasting event! Tasting is a chance for the firm to show you what they offer. However, that doesn’t imply their “best” is always to your taste. Once again, it is critical to identify what you want to evaluate for flavour. You can also take feedback from employees on that taste.


Corporate dining may be done in various ways, so you won’t have to worry about finding a solution that will work for your company. More importantly, presenting your employees with complimentary meals is a wonderful way to express your thanks for their efforts. Naturally, it is ideal for tailoring these activities to the specific needs of each individual, but there is no doubt that this strategy is effective.

After learning about the many advantages of receiving free meals from your employer, you may be tempted to take advantage of this perk. However, where can you get these meals? How to achieve high employee turnover? Well, BitesBee, — A Food Nest is your one-stop-shop solution for all corporate meal needs.

Relish Your Taste With These Top 12 Indian Dishes!

Makhani. Malai. Tikka masala, deep down, we all crave for desi curries. The never-ending desire for gravy embedded with traditional spices keeps us pulling towards Indian cuisine.

Known for its rich, buttery flavours with a long list of vegetarian and meat dishes, Indian cuisine has a uniqueness in its flavour and blissful taste. From sweet to spicy, they have it all. There is a lot of good Indian food offering tongue-tickling flavours that are hard to cover in a lifetime. Let alone at once!

Let’s make it easy for you by simplifying the diversified list of Indian dishes. Have a sneak peek through the list of 12 best Indian dishes to order when you are starving.

Top 12 famous Indian Dishes to order when you’re extremely hungry:

It’s time to get ready to experience an Indian culinary experience that’s spice-filled, flavour-filled, and fragrance-filled.

1. Dal Makhani

There’s no better way to relish your hunger than ordering some Punjabi food. The creaminess and smoky flavour of dal makhani paired with ghee topped Roties could just be the answer to your hunger. Restaurant-style Dal makhani is one of the most famous authentic Punjabi foods that foodies crave. The cuisine made with lentils, commonly known as urad dal, is a must-try for all the crazy food lovers.


2. Paneer Tikka Butter Masala

Can veg food give the same mouth-watering taste? If there’s anything that can kill your cravings for chicken, it is the restaurant-style Paneer Tikka Butter Masala. It’s famous all around the world and would require an introduction. The mix of orange, creamy gravy topped with coriander slices is soul-satisfying. Each spice added to the recipe of the dish makes it even more delicious.


3. Matar Mushroom

There’s no way we would have left out our mushroom lovers. Matar Mushroom has topped the Indian dishes list for years and yet retains to rule the heart of our vegetarian readers. The white button mushroom, green peas, and amalgam of spices mixed for the preparation of this cuisine are delicious as well as filling. A plate of Matar Mushroom with butter naan is enough to soothe your hunger. But, if you haven’t tried the dish yet, you have missed it big time. So next time you hit the restaurant at your place, make sure to try out this fantastic dish.


4. Mix Veg

Simplicity at its best! The best part about this dish is that a little bit of this and a little bit of that veggie can do wonders with your taste bud when appropriately mixed with spices. The preparation is quite simple, yet, the dish is nutritious and ample when prepared with love and dedication by chefs.


5. Kadhai Paneer

The semi-dry restaurant-style version of this dish is tangy, vibrant, and deeply spiced that can be enjoyed any time of the year. Made in Kadai with India’s pantry staples like capsicum, onion, tomatoes, and spices, Kadai Paneer can make your mouth watery. It is one of the most popular vegetarian Indian dishes. One bite of this into your mouth, and you will forever come back to have it. Such is its power!


6. Butter Chicken

Had enough veg dishes, let’s have a look at some super delicious food for our chicken lovers. Also known as Murgh Makhani, Butter Chicken is one of the most popular dishes you must try as a non-vegetarian. The gravy preparation is similar to that of paneer butter masala, yet when put together and prepared with chicken, the taste is quite unique. The mesmerising dish can be your hunger killing partner anytime and anyplace.


7. Rara Chicken

Rara Chicken is a delicious Punjabi chicken dish. This chicken gravy served with paratha or rice can be the best treat for your stomach. A savoury chicken recipe is prepared in the form of thick curry with cardamom, yoghurt, and whole red chillies. Kids and teenagers alike, this protein-rich healthy Indian dish for lunch will make you lick your fingers at the end of your dining.


8. Chicken Gravy

Indian recipes are incomplete without spices. One such rich in spices recipe is the chicken gravy. South India’s most flavourful chicken dish made with fresh herbs and ground spices gives you an authentic taste of popular Indian dishes at their best. You might as well have grown up eating the homemade version of this dish every week. But, trust us, the restaurant version will just give you a unique array of tastes altogether.


9. Malai Kofta

Craving for some sweet and creamy dish? We have got nothing better to mention than the deep-fried balls served with the Creamy, rich and indulgent gravy. Yes, you got us; we were just stretching about Malai Kofta! It is among the best Indian dishes for dinner veg. It doesn’t matter if you were hungry before. Just the dish’s name is enough to make your stomach cry with hunger.


10. Paneer Tikka Malai

Every time we think of dining outside, there are a few dishes that ring the bell! One such dish on our main course Indian dishes list is the Paneer Tikka Malai. Paneer tikka is a delicious variety of paneer dishes with light flavours compared to regular tikkas. Cream, also referred to as malai, is the key ingredient in this divine dish. If you are hungry and planning to eat with your kids, there’s nothing more filling we could suggest.


11. Shahi Korma

If you are a die-hard fan of spicy Indian food, you are officially a true Indian food lover. Usually, Indian food is best left to the restaurants, especially if you are hungry AF. The heavenly Shahi Korma prepared by combining paneer, creamy, spicy sauce, cashews, chicken and some golden raisins is the most humble dish we could ever list. Sometimes humble dishes can be the most delicious ones, just like Indian Shahi Korma.


12. Rajma Rice

Hunger at its peak? We bet there are a lot of people whose tommies just can’t be calmed with roti and Sabji. So they got to have Chawal included in their meal. Rajma rice, also referred to as Rajma Chawal, is their lifesaver. The dish is prepared by mixing rice and rajma masala and giving it a good stir for anyone who is on a high protein diet. You can take Rajma Chawal without thinking twice. We can’t simply deny how comforting and filling it could be.


Wrapping it up:

We bet, if you are scrolling through this post on an empty stomach, you can not wait anymore. Just the name of the dishes would have made it difficult to focus on any other work. Haven’t you yet got to your nearest restaurant? If you are confused with the restaurant to pick, here’s what we have in mind. BiteBee can be the answer to your starvation. Pick up any one dish from the list of their best Indian Lunch Ideas, and you won’t be disappointed. The food here is divine as true Punjabi food taste relishes after every bite.

Best Affordable Restaurants in Chandigarh You Need to Check-out!

Do you wanna go on a nice dinner, but the tight budget is ticking off the good options on your list? We feel you, but first, let’s be clear of one thing – cheap is not always bad. Chandigarh has outlets that serve lip-smacking rich food for every pocket. Be it street-side food or fine-dine.

So, whether you are a student bored of cafeteria food or tired of spending lavishly on restaurants, don’t you worry. We have curated this list for anyone looking to binge on food at economical rates. Check out our top 10 picks of affordable restaurants in Chandigarh right here.

Top 10 Best Affordable restaurants in Chandigarh:

1. Garlic And Greens

Have you ever been told, being a vegetarian, you have to give up the tasty dishes? For all the vegetarians out there who want to refresh their taste with unique cuisine, your search ends here! Garlic and Greens is one of the best vegetarian cheap places to eat in Chandigarh. Its antique interior design and the European-style kitchen make you fall in love with the place itself. It is one of the top Italian restaurants in Chandigarh.

Average Meal For Two: INR 1000
Location: 178-178A, Purv Marg, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002

Garlic And Greens

2. Laziz Rasoi

Are you looking for cheap North Indian Food restaurants in Chandigarh? Of course, we have got that covered in our list as well. The second most popular restaurant serving Punjabi food is the Laziz Rasoi. True to its name, the dining experience here is filling and, at the same time, low on your pockets. Wanna know our favourite? We would recommend trying some Dal Makhani or Tandoori Platter.

Average Meal For Two: INR 400
Location: SCF 12, Phase 2, Sector 54, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Chandigarh 160055


3. BitesBee

Have you got dining plans with your close friends? Your hunt ends here. BiteBee offers the best service with its courteous staff and creative chef. From Chinese, Italian to North Indian, this restaurant will serve all. With its spectacular ambiance, this place could be one of the best street food restaurants in Chandigarh for birthday parties. With its diversified menu, mouth_watering food, and great ambiance, the restaurant has gained popularity ever since it opened up!

Average Meal For Two: INR 500
Location: G-016, Ground Floor, Bestech Business Tower, Tower A, Sector 67, Mohali


4. Uncle Jack’s

Popularity aside, Uncle Jack’s innovative desserts, food, and snacks will catch your eye at the very first glance. They have their own twist on the local food of Chandigarh. So head to sector 8 market and have some filling snacks and beverages on your way home from the office. Or you can simply get it packed for your whole family.

Average Meal For Two: INR 600
Location: Booth 11, 8B, Sector 8, Chandigarh, 160022

Uncle Jack_s

5. Ghazal Restaurant

We had to put this on our list. You can find Italian and Chinese restaurants everywhere, but what if we have cravings for some local food? Holding to the legacy of rich food culture, the Gazelle restaurant located at Sector 17 market of Chandigarh serves amazing local cuisine. Elegant interior, excellent staff, and mouth-watering Punjabi food bought by this restaurant can’t be simply ignored.

Average Meal For Two: INR 900
Location: SCO 189-190-191, Road, near Bridge, 17C, Sector 17, Chandigarh, 160017


6. Shangri La

Here’s another lip-smacking & amongst the best Chinese cheap restaurants in Chandigarh. The culinary artist of Shangri La thrives to serve a couple of dishes which makes them one of the famous restaurants in town.The restaurant has a fairly large capacity for you and your whole family to dine here!

Average Meal For Two: INR 900 (tax excluded)
Location: SCO-324, Near Maya Hotel, Sector 35B, Chandigarh


7. Cafe JC’s

Up for some Chinese cuisine? Well, drive down to the Cafe JC’s to end your starving. Not just the cuisine, the sophisticated interior, and the lighting won’t let you stay away for long. Cafe JC’s is one of the best affordable places to visit once in your stay at Chandigarh. The perfect environment and open dining opportunity are best to relax in the evening with friends and family.

Average Meal For Two: INR 1,000
Location: Coal Depot Complex, Shop No. 2 & 3, Azaadi Rte, 10D, Sector 10, Chandigarh, 160011


8. Amigo’s Cafe

Juicy burgers, pizzas, shakes, and drinks all under one roof! Wanna give yourself a treat and spend quality time alone? Then, head straight to Amigo’s Cafe. The service of this restaurant is terrific with the applaudable patience of the staff. So order some kickass cuisine on their list and enjoy!

Average Meal For Two: INR 500
Location: ay Shop 132, Phase 3B-2, Sector 60, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar

9. Sam’s Pizza

How could we forget the pizza lovers? Here’s the best visually stunning and classy pizzeria in town. Sam’s Pizza offers pizzas, brownies, soups, salads, and much more. The place is known for its authentic Italian pizzas at an affordable price. But, the craziest part is their pizza buffet serving unlimited pizzas. You got to visit this restaurant if you haven’t already.

Average Meal For Two: INR 300
Location: Amar Food Plaza Showroom – 11, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019


10. Deluxe Dhaba

This place is quite different from what its name suggests. It’s clean, spacious, simple with savoury cuisine and dedicated staff. The restaurant serves all varieties of food, but mostly you will find people preferring the home-like dish. This restaurant can be the best place where you can feel connected to the locals while enjoying your meal.

Average Meal For Two: INR 600
Location: SCO No. 14 & 15, Sector 28 C, Sector 28, Chandigarh, 160002


Tips to Choose the Best Cheap Restaurants in Chandigarh:

  • Location is one of the most important factors to decide your restaurant whether you want it to celebrate your birthday party or a romantic evening with your wife.
  • You must find a perfect balance between price and quality.
  • We all get confused as there are so many favorite cuisines on our list, and all of them are mouthwatering. Well, why not decide what to settle for ahead of time?
  • Find a restaurant with the best servicing by looking into online reviews.

Wrapping it up:

We are sure that we have covered your query for the ‘best restaurants near me with low price’. From street foods to fine dining, this culture-rich city has it all. We hope our curated collection has brought you a balance between the two where neither you got to compromise the quality nor lighten your wallet. So visit any of the restaurants mentioned above and nibble off their delicious cuisine one by one! So, we hope you search for the finest family restaurants in Mohali ends here. 

Refreshing Healthy Summer Drinks to Beat the Summer of 2022!

Summer is heating up! High temperatures in summer can leave everyone exhausted and sweaty. Thus it is crucial to maintain good health and stay hydrated as excessive perspiration accelerates the loss of water from your body. Are you looking for a cool drink to quench your thirst this summer? How about healthy and delicious summer drinks? There are a variety of healthy summer drinks that not only relieve your thirst but also keep your body cool too. Check out our amazing collection of top 10 non-alcoholic refreshing summer drinks.

Top 12 Healthy Summer Mocktails of 2022!

1. Green Apple Mojito

Do you long for cool summer drinks mocktails? Here is a mocktail recipe that is sure to amaze your tastebuds. It’s a refreshing cocktail for a hot summer’s day, and it’s made with green apple syrup, lemon juice, soda, and mint leaves. Adding green apple tinch with mint to the recipe enhances the drink’s flavor and makes it more appealing to the palate. The flavors in this drink make this the perfect summer drink with its heat-resistant properties.

Green Apple Mojito

2. Virgin Mojito

In the blazing heat, this water-based beverage not only keeps you hydrated but also soothes your taste senses; ginger ale or a lemon-lime flavored soda can also be used in lieu of sparkling water. The use of fresh lime juice makes this drink bright and flavorful; in addition, it’s got a nice and cooling flavor from the mint leaves. The tangy lime flavor combined with the sweetness from the sugar syrup and the freshness of the mint is the ultimate game-changer.

Virgin Mojito

3. Sparkling Blue Mojito

This refreshing blue mocktail will come in handy no matter what the summer calls for! When you offer this drink instead of a soda or fizzy drink at a party, your visitors and relatives will be amazed by the novelty and flavor of the beverage. A mix of white grape juice and blue fruit punch makes this amazing summer mocktail delightful to drink. This blue mocktail is not only delicious, but it’s also visually appealing.

Sparkling Blue Mojito

4. Peach Crushed Lemonade

When the sun is bright, nothing beats a glass of cool, fruity Peach Lemonade. Combines the health benefits of Peaches with the refreshing taste of ice-cold Lemonade for an all-in-one beverage. Peach Lemonade is a simple and quick summer drink mocktails to whip together. When peaches are in season, this lemonade is at its finest. If you’re using ripe peaches, you’ll also need to use less sugar.

Peach Crushed Lemonade

5. Cucumber Mojito

The best way to enjoy the sunlight is with an icy cold beverage in hand! This refreshing Cucumber Mojito is perfect for Spring and Summer get-togethers. At any time of the day, this simple drink is ideal. These Cucumber Mojitos goes well with breakfast, happy hour, or a light supper in the warmer months. This mocktail is vegan, low-carb, and keto-friendly that everyone will love on hot days.

Cucumber Mojito

6. Roy Rogers

The Roy Rogers cocktail is a traditional cola and grenadine concoction beloved by many. This sweet, carbonated mocktail is a hit with both kids and adults. Cola, grenadine syrup, and a maraschino cherry top off this refreshing drink. A perfect party drink for the crowd in the holidays for entertaining.


7. Sweet Sunrise

If you remove the tequila, you’ll get lovely dawn instead (also called the virgin sunrise). But, of course, you may have it any time of the day, and the recipe is so simple that it’s almost foolproof. It just calls for two ordinary ingredients, both of which you probably already have in your kitchen. Simply adding grenadine to a tall glass of orange juice enhances the flavor: the tartness of the citrus is countered by the sweetness of the syrup. Over ice, it becomes even more refreshing and invigorating.

Sweet Sunrise

8. Watermelon Mojito

Watermelon Mojito is a pleasant and easy-to-make drink made with fresh watermelon juice, mint leaves, sugar, lime juice, and club soda. The watermelon sweetness, lime tanginess, and club soda fizz make this a refreshing drink. To my taste, this is a great summer drink to offer during brunches, potlucks, or languid summer days by the pool.

Watermelon Mojito

9. Raspberry Honey Mojito

There is nothing like a refreshing, berry-lime-fresh delight blended with honey syrup and garnished with fresh mint from the garden. Using multiple honey varietals may even display and improve the distinct taste qualities of different kinds of honey by using them together, e.g., the dark cherry highlights found in buckwheat honey for your Classic Old Fashioned.

Raspberry Honey Mojito

10. Aam Panna

Mango is the king of fruits in Aam Panna, a mouthwatering concoction famous in Maharashtra. It’s a delicious drink for the hot summer months, made with mango pulp, cumin, jeera, and mint. It’s refreshing and energizing at the same time, making it classic for hot days. Serve this drink with an ice cube when your guests arrive, and you are good to go.

Aam Panna

11. Pineapple Strawberry Lemonade

For all who love pineapple and strawberries, here we have a drink for you that is a sweet, tangy, tasty, of course, and refreshing drink to serve. Just some fresh pineapples, strawberries, lime, and mint to quench your thrust on a hot summer day. It’s so tasty, delicious, and makes you feel fantastic on these hot days.

Pineapple Strawberry Lemonade

12. Papaya Lemonade

Do you love papaya? Or have you ever tried a papaya-based summer drink? Then, Papaya Lemonade might be just for you. It is fresh, juicy, mildly fruity, and absolutely perfect for the summer. This drink is made with simple ingredients, mix papaya syrup with lemon juice and water. On hot days, for refreshment, this drink will make you feel cool and relaxed.

Papaya Lemonade


All of these are healthy summer drinks are both tasty and good for one’s health at the same time, making them an excellent choice. In addition, these drinks are easy to prepare due to the widely accessible ingredients in each of them.

It’s good to eliminate all aerated and sugar-laden drinks as soon as possible since they are detrimental to your overall health. Are you looking for an easy way to consume healthy and refreshing coolants? It’s time to consider quick and easy Indian summer drinks and recollect those childhood memories. India is rich in spices and herbs, and each region has its unique fruits. Most of the Indian refreshments mix and match fresh produce and spices together to make delicious and refreshing drinks. It’s time to reminisce about these iconic drinks in the flaying breezes of summer!

Late-night Restaurants in Chandigarh- A Perfect Fit for Modern folks!

Hunger has no bounds; it may strike at any given moment, regardless of time or place. Midnight cravings are no longer a random occurrence due to the changes in our way of life. Over the last five years, the number of all-night restaurants has increased significantly. Furthermore, the delivery start-ups boosted late-night food delivery businesses by offering delivery and placing them in its directory, as they addressed their problems. One such city is Chandigarh.

Chandigarh’s nightlife is so vibrant because of the city’s strong party culture that it really comes alive after dark. It also has some of the best late-night food deliveries restaurants. So if you’re looking for late-night food restaurants in Chandigarh, go no further than our comprehensive nightlife guide.

The Easier Access to Good Food

We’ve all experienced a late-night snacking compulsion at one point or another. The urge to order delicious food from the best street food restaurants in Chandigarh is irresistable. 

To keep your cravings sorted, nowadays multiple delivery start-ups boosted late-night food delivery businesses are offering delivery. The popular delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, the restaurants even have their personal online delivery options for best late-night restaurants. Let’s watch out for the top 10 late Night Food Delivery Restaurants in Chandigarh that can feed your cruel craving monster! 

And if you can’t wait for delivery then take your keys, and drive around Chandigarh while we guide you to some amazing places where you can relax and chat for hours, but also gorge on some delectable food 😀

Best Late-Night Restaurants in Chandigarh, Mohali (Tricity)

To the rescue come late-night eating establishments. With a wide range of cuisines to choose from, we’ve put together a list of the top late-night restaurants in the city.

1. BitesBee

Are you in the mood for anything to eat? Speak No More! Whether you’re in the mood for a Chinese dish, Italian dish, American dish, North Indian dish, or South Indian dish, we’ve got it all covered. Natural honey is used to enhance the flavor and health benefits of the food by combining it with carefully selected components. If you are too lazy to cook daily, or have a huge family gathering, quickly check out their delicious range of family combo with veg and non-veg options. They serve home-like meals that are mouth-watering, healthy, and pocket friendly.

Price for two: Rs 500
Opens till: 3 a.m


2. Whistling Duck

A night out with your loved ones at Whistling Duck is sure to be a memorable one. Some of the benefits of dining at Whistling Duck include DJ nights on Fridays and live music on Saturdays. If you are looking for a good nightclub in Chandigarh Sector 26, go no further than this establishment.

Price for two: Rs 1,700/-
Open till: Until Midnight


3. Aroma

To be honest, we’ve all experienced a case of the hangover munchies (aka the drunchies). After a night of drinking, Aroma is the place to go when you’re so hungry you’re nearly crawling out of the pub. Weekends are often crowded in this part of town. From Nik Bakers to Quiznos to Wrapville to Yo! China to McDonald’s to Giani Ice Creams to Lahore Chowk to Kashmir For You, there are a variety of restaurants to choose from.

Price for two: Rs 1,000. (approx)
Open till: 4 am


4. Hops n Grains

Hops n Grains, one of Chandigarh’s brightest nightlife stars, is a top choice for the city’s night owls. Chandigarh’s first and best microbrewery is located here. Hops n Grains is a must-visit restaurant in Chandigarh if you want to get the most out of your vacation to Chandigarh.

Price for two: Rs 2,000.
Open till: Until Midnight


5. Night Factory

The Night Factory understands the need for comfort food on such evenings. Tandoori Chicken, fresh pasta, and pizza are all on this Indian, Italian, and Chinese restaurant. It’s not only the food on the menu for the Night Factory crew; they’ve also received the midnight possible best party options.

Price for two: Rs 700
Open till: 3 a.m.


6. Hotel Mountview

If you’re seeking some of the city’s most exclusive dining and lodging options, go no farther than Hotel Mountview which is the best 24 hours food delivery in Chandigarh with a wide array of cuisines and international spirits. Chandigarh already has a busy nightlife, and this new venue further enhances it. As the name suggested, this place comes with the backdrop of Shivalik Hills, and is beautifully surrounded by sprawling green lawns.

Price for two: Rs 1500
Open till: 24 hours


7. Serenade

Chandigarh’s nightlife has something for everyone. All ages and genders are welcome, regardless of age or gender identity. Serenade at WelcomHotel Bella Vista is the place to go if you’re looking for an unforgettable buffet experience which is one of the best 24/7 restaurants in Chandigarh. Make a night to remember with a candlelit dinner for you and your favorite people. Also, don’t miss out on their delicious brownies.

Price for two: Rs 1,200
Opens till: Open 24 hours a day


8. Grapevine

Feeling peckish after a night of binge drinking? Grapevine in Chandigarh’s sector 22 is a must-see for everyone. Weekends might be hectic, but the wait is well worth it. Patrons in Chandigarh have few options when it comes to finding a place to unwind, other than the city’s party clubs. Even if you’re not intoxicated, you should make an effort to visit this fascinating location. By the way, it’s also great for sober people.

Price for two: Rs 1,000/-
Opens till: Until 4 AM


9. The Back Room

One of the top nightclubs in Chandigarh, The Back Room is a must for music lovers. Enjoy a glass of wine while listening to relaxing acoustic music. One of the most important venues for fostering new talent is The Back Room. Every night, a new band will take the stage and leave their stamp on the hearts of the audience.

Price for two: 1,600/-
Opens till: Until Midnight


10. Swagath Restaurant and Bar

As another late-night delivery bar in Chandigarh’s thriving entertainment scene, Swagath Restaurant and Bar has an extensive liquor selection and a menu of delectable North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. You owe yourself to make at least one trip to this restaurant and bar.

Price for two: 1,600/-
Opens till: Until Midnight



When our cravings hit, there are high chances that our blood sugar level might go out of balance. Thus when you find yourself in the middle of late-night cravings and the urge to have something tasty without ever compromising on hunger then visiting restaurants is your rescue. It is critical for your mental and physical well-being that you maintain a healthy work-life balance, so the next time you are feeling overwhelmed at work put on some comfortable clothing and a warm sweater and go to one of the greatest restaurants around! You’ll like the feeling of being renewed and radiant.

Try from our personal best the BitesBee, it offers clean and well-sanitized food for your benefit. The greatest flavour in nutritious deliciousness will be delivered to your home fresh and without touch by one of the top 24 hours food delivery in Chandigarh.