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Types of Noodles That You Need to Try ASAP!

Among the plethora of cuisines available around the world, one dish that reigns supreme is noodles. Noodles are the ultimate dish that is comforting, satisfying, mood-changing, and endlessly adaptable. 

Whether you want to grab a quick bite or want a satisfying meal, the variety is as rich as its taste. Rising from the bustling markets of Asia, noodles are now savored across the globe. Despite the widespread popularity of noodles, very few are familiar with their vast noodle types and succulent recipes. 

In this blog, you are about to go on a noodle adventure. We’ll unravel different types of noodles, guiding you towards unforgettable dining experiences that go far beyond the ordinary. So, grab your chopsticks (or fork!) and let’s embark on a global noodle odyssey!

The Origin of OG Noodles

Noodles are savored for their rich taste, but they have a long and rich history too. It hails back from China, as archaeologists found 4-000-year-old millet noodles at the Lajia excavation. Even the written record of the Eastern Han Dynasty has traces of noodles.  

Written records from the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD) mention noodles. During this period, wheat flour became a popular ingredient, and noodles became a part of every kitchen. The development of alkaline noodles for easier storage and transportation also happened this time. 

There’s a long debate about whether noodles originated in other regions besides China. Do you know that noodles length is linked to long life in some Chinese traditions?

By the 9th century AD, they had reached Japan and, later, Korea. These Asian countries developed unique noodle dishes like ramen and japchae that have become really famous among young people due to their ease of preparation.

 Regardless of origin, noodles today are a global staple and comfort food.

5 Types of Noodles Dishes That Are Worth Trying!

By now we know noodles fall into Chinese cuisine, available in different fusions in different parts of the world. From the abundant variety, here are five must-haves in noodles that are appetizing and top noodles picks.

1. Chilli Garlic Noodles

Love spicy? Chilli Garlic Noodles is your go-to option. The fierce combination of chili and garlic is enticing and scrumptious. Noodles are tossed in a savory and spicy sauce. It is a quick one to prepare and perfectly fits a lazy Sunday routine. As the name suggests, the primary ingredients are chili flakes, chili garlic paste, vinegar, soy sauce, and noodles. Some people like to combine it with different types of veggies to add taste and color.  

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2. Veg Noodles

The classic OG noodles have to be these veggie noodles. The delicious vegetarian option is stir-fried noodles with vegetables, cooked in a sauce. People who find it hard to eat vegetables can surely give this recipe a try, where you can consume daily vegetables to your liking. However, there is not one recipe to make vegetarian noodles, as it varies according to preferences. The common remains are noodles and assorted vegetables minced into a simple sauce. It is readily available in most parts of the world, and it is a top choice among Indians.  

The flavorful yet humble veggie noodles can have any ingredient you like, from tofu for protein to bell peppers and corn for nutrition. No vegetable is too much vegetable in veggie noodles.

3. Chicken Noodles

It is a love affair for all the non-vegetarians looking for little good things in their noodles. In many parts of Asia, chicken noodle soup is a go-to dish for a hearty meal on a chilly day. It is a delicious, flavor-packed meal prepared with chicken, noodles, vegetables, and a variety of sauces. This offers an amalgamation of textures and flavors in each bite. The chicken noodle soup can make you feel warm when sick, and stir-fried noodles can entice your taste buds when you go hangry. 

4. Egg Noodles

The delicate strands of egg noodles have a delicate texture with a golden tint. With wheat flour and eggs becoming the main ingredients, egg noodles are slightly different and chewier than regular noodles. It is a global favorite and a must-have in the authenticity of European, Chinese, and Japanese. The versatility is astounding; relish them in salads, stir fries, and eat them hot or cold. To explore the magic, try them in iconic noodle dishes like Pad Thai, Chow Mein, Egg Soup, and similar recipes.

5. Hakka Noodles

Hakka noodles are an Indo-Chinese cuisine touted for their fineness. It is an evening snack with a lip-smacking taste and is a wonderful option to devour with your family and friends. Prepare them with a healthy combination of vegetables, tossed tofu, and piquant sauce to unravel the taste like never before.  

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What goes into making noodles?

Originally, regular noodles were prepared from flour, salt, and water. However, with new types of noodles originating, ingredients have changed over time, but flour, salt, and water remain constant. 

The process of making noodles involves unleavened dough rolled into a flat and cut into long strings. While there are many noodle recipes to experiment with, the ingredients can vary too.  

Noodles can be prepared from wheat, buckwheat, whole flour, and seaweed, showing the sweeping spectrum.  

These are available in a variety of shapes, similar to the extensive variety available for cooking pasta like fettuccine, farfalle, bucatini, penne, and more.


So, that’s all about noodles and their extensive types. From staple veggie noodles to succulent egg noodles, there’s a noodle world waiting to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you are a foodie or not, undertaking this noodle odyssey is nothing but culinary.  

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Motivational Food Quotes that are Worth Sharing!

Are the Monday blues hitting you hard? On lousy days, the best way to cheer up is to go through some motivational stuff. What can be better than gulping your favorite food while eyeing on quirky motivational food quotes? Food has a way out of everything and for everyone.

Here are some witty motivational food quotes that will lighten up your mood in no time. Without any delay, let’s get started with it-

Best Motivational food quotes

The best thing to move out of your hangry situation is to dig in the good food. Well, the food quotes mentioned below perfectly express the mutual feeling of every foodie.


1. The taste of Indian food is surreal, and this quote has said it all.

“Indian food is a luxury on tour.”

– Mahesh Bhupathi

2. Diet is good, but what can be better than steak? Our feelings are perfectly quoted below.

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”

– Julia Child

3. BitesBee aims to make everyone’s experience memorable, so we urge you to follow up this quote sincerely-

“Eat as nobody is watching. Enjoy food like that’s the only thing left in the world.”

– Nikita Dhudani

4. The taste of Indian food is surreal, and this quote has said it all.

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”

– Luciano Pavarotti


5 What you need is served at BitesBee with honey-coated love.

“Truly, love is delightful and pleasant food, supplying, as it does, rest to the weary, strength to the weak, and joy to the sorrowful. It, in fact, renders the yoke of truth easy and its burden light.”

– Saint Bernard

6. We are highly passionate about food also we inherit the identity of what we eat that’s why we say-

“Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving, and identity.”

– Jonathan Safran Foer

7. What runs the world? Well, food is the only answer we approve of.

“The belly rules the mind.”

– Spanish Proverb

8. “Actions determine the true intentions” is a common saying, and we believe it wholeheartedly-

“People who love to eat are always the best people.”

– Julia Child


9. Our food makers are no longer called chefs but doctors as they bring us heavenly medicine, which is better known as food. As perfectly said-

“Food is really and truly the most effective medicine.”

– Joel Fuhrman

10. What is your favorite thing to do? Here’s how you should answer this commonly asked question-

“Eating good food is my favorite thing in the world. Nothing is more blissful.”

– Justine Larbalestier

11. Eating healthy is a good practice to increase life expectancy but-

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.”

– Dough Larson

12. No matter how strong you are, but the strongest is the one who does this-

“Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands – and then eat just one of the pieces.”

– Judith Viorst


13. We all are one because of that universal feeling. Didn’t get it? Wait, we have a quote to explain it.

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”

–James Beard

14. There’s something else that you need apart from love, here’s what we are talking about-

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

–Charles M. Shulz

15. We want to be your friend, Visit BitesBee or Order Online because, as Cesar Chavez said-

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give their food give you their heart.”

– Cesar Chavez

16. To explain the unfailing love for our customers, BitesBee often use food as we believe-

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.”

– Alan d. Wolfelt


17. Do you know how to show your sincere love, just bring the food, because as it is said-

“There is no sincere love other than the love of food.”

– George bernard shaw

18. The best way to connect with people is to eat food together; read this quote-

“Nothing brings people together like food.”

– Unknown

Witty Food Quotes

Food quotes are never completed without some wittiness. Catch a glimpse of funny food quotes that will bring a sweet smile to your face.


19. “Eat Clean. Stay fit. And have a burger to stay sane.”

20. “Keep a fork with you at all times, just in case cake happens.”

21. “Be a beautiful cupcake in the world of muffins.”

22. “Life is about exploring pasta-bilities.”

23. “Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree that makes it a plant. Chocolate is Salastd.”

24. “Today’s good mood is sponsored by coffee.”

25. “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

26. “A party without cake is really just a meeting.”

27.  “I’m egg-cited.”

28. “Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Small, large, circle, square, thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, extra toppings. ”

29. “Count the memories, not the calories.”

30. “Cheese is the glue that holds my life together.”

31. “A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.”

Here we come to the end of good food quotes that can keep your frowny mood at bay, surely. These cutesy motivational food quotes are worth sharing with your squad, and ask them to have a meal together ASAP!

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Thanks for reading!

Epic Food Memes Every Foodie Will Relate To ft. Hera Pheri!

Sharing memes with your squad has become a cult for social media users. You can find constellations of funny memes about food on social media.

Bollywood-inspired memes are hilarious, when talking about Bollywood you cannot skip Hera Pheri. Priyadarshan’s classic comedy remains unparalleled in Bollywood even after 21 years of release due to clean comedy and perfect dialogue delivery. 

The witty dialogues of the characters cover slapstick humor and even today people use it unhesitantly. BitesBee has curated a list of funny memes about food ft. Hera Pheri that every foodie will relate to and you’ll be like ‘’Kya mast joke mara re’’ 😛

Hilarious Food Memes ft. Hera Pheri

1. Don’t tell us, you weren’t this happy!


2. This is funny AF! Vegetarian folks can relate to it, surely.


3. This is us, most of the time. We aren’t even guilty of it.


4. We all know, there’s no settlement after that ;P


5. Hahaha! We are not sorry for spoiling our customers with the fast delivery of their favorite bites. It is indeed one of the crazy food delivery memes that we have come across so far.


6. You shouldn’t eat food meant for someone else, instead order one for yourself from BitesBee- A Food Nest!


7. It’s just sibling things, say no to violence and order one extra pizza from BitesBee.

memes 4

8. We respect everyone’s opinions but still momos are love and you cannot disrespect it.


9. Guys, please stop it! It’s embarrassing.


10. What can we say? But we do have some great offers and big discounts on your favorite meals.


11. Chai is ishq, share it with a chai lover and ask him to order one kulhad chai from bitesbee for you too.


12. Trust me, there isn’t anything more lethal as chole bhature and lassi, even babu bhaiya can’t handle the hangover.


13. Don’t share your mocktail with anyone until they are ready to do so.


14. Be a dev manus, give your friends all the pending parties from the wide selection of BitesBee’s menu.


15. The pressure is real! Order without any hesitation from BitesBee, where your heart bee-long.


16. Being broke at the end of the month? We totally get it, to get keep you going here are energizing coffee starting @ 69 only.


17. Keep your money handy, pay to your friends timely (“iss baar tu dede main tujhe baad mein de dunga,” remains constant)!


18. This is true happiness!


19. Don’t share your eating plans with your overexcited friends.


20. We can feel your disappointment.


21. Don’t try this trick on your Indian mom.


Well, no one can get enough of the Hera Pheri memes. The funny food memes are epic and make you laugh till your stomach hurts. 


There’s more to it. Keep reading there’s much more goofiness ahead.


We can’t stop laughing. If you also like these funny food memes, do share them with your squad. Also, comment below which one was your favorite meme from the above listed. 

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Popular Binge-watching Snacks of All Time!

OTT platforms have made binge-watching culture highly popular. Great internet connection, a worth-watching web series, comfy outfit, and most importantly binge-watching snacks can keep your weekend pretty sorted.

Whether it be Money Heist, Stranger Things, Games of Thrones, Sacred Games or Little Things – every series is accompanied by Popcorn, Pringles, Cheetos, potato chips, and some other usual Netflix foods. Here we bring you the best snacks for your next binge-watching session.

Binge-watching Snack Ideas for every binge!

Let’s catch a glimpse of mouth-watering snacks for your next favorite show binge.


1. Samosa chaat

Samosa is the best Indian snack to binge on while watching your favorite TV shows. This north-Indian cuisine is crunchy, tasty, and appealing to both eyes and tongue.
The spicy taste of samosa and thriller web series can be your best friends on boring weekends. Whether you are waiting for the new season of ‘Peaky Blinders’ or ‘Mirzapur’, samosa fits every scenario effortlessly.

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Masala Nachos with Cheese

2. Masala Nachos with Cheese

Nachos are the perfect binge-watching snack that matches the standard of every viewer. Whether you are watching ‘FRIENDS’ for the hundredth time or starting a new k-drama, nachos & cheese is a go-to snack. The spicy and smooth taste of the snack will undoubtedly keep you glued to the screen for hours (even we are guilty of it).
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3. Maggi

Maggi is the OG snack that perfectly fights hunger pangs. Maggi may sound bland when eaten frequently. But, it is good to be experimental with hot piping Maggi using ingredients like cheese, veggies, eggs, sauces, and the list goes on & on.
To have an exemplary experience, try basic Maggi with hot brewed tea and thank us later.

paneer tikka

4. Paneer tikka

Paneer tikka is the ultimate snack that never disappoints and tastes paradisal regardless of the time & occasion. We need to normalize having paneer tikka on regular days. It is indeed an enticing dose of happiness that sate cravings in the best way possible.
Make your next binge-watching session elite with BitesBee’s most ordered dish.

breadsticks with dip

5. Breadsticks with dip

When looking for quick food options to snack on after work, breadsticks with dip can be the ideal choice. The good taste and great web series is the perfect way to make a hazy day better. The combo tastes heavenly, especially when enjoyed with salsa. Garlic bread is an ideal substitute when looking for something wholesome and delicious.


6. Bhelpuri

Want to binge on but don’t want to snack on foods that make you fat? Get started with bhel puri as it is a good alternative to unnecessary junk food (however, it can’t help you meet your body goals either). So, next time you want to snack on but want to gain less, you know what to have.
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7. Dabeli

Who called it Dabeli, not my binge-watching saheli?
Well, you can start considering it one now. The spicy and tangy taste feels like a splash of great flavors on the tongue. This Gujarati street food option is a must-try because of its spicy and sweet taste.
Furthermore, to elevate taste you can add tangy sauces or pair it up with refreshing lime soda. It is a popular Indian binge-watching snack and a great breakfast option too.

egg sub sandwich

8. Egg sub sandwich

The hot or cold serving of the sub sandwich feels ultimate with egg. When wondering what to eat while watching your favorite show? Egg sub sandwich is the answer.
It is an appetizing and fulfilling snack option that comes in handy for everyone. In addition, you can snack on an egg sub sandwich anywhere and anytime (even when you are finishing one season in one night).

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9. Donuts

If you are a hopeless romantic person and can’t help but watch ‘How I Met Your Mother’ then Donut can be your bae. Give your happy hormones a kick with the luscious donuts. The creamy and sweet donuts can be your mood booster and calm your sugar rush.
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As you came till the end, you probably liked our binge-watching snacks list, didn’t you? Keep these snacks handy for your next Netflix binge for an eye pleasing tummy filling experience. Also, get your hands on the refreshing beverages from our exotic collection of mocktails, regular tea, coffee and so much more.

Jaw-dropping Fun Food Facts You Barely Know!

If you think you know your food, we bet you don’t. Here are a bunch of fun food facts that you hardly know about.

Keep reading to know interesting food facts and use them in the future to sound cooler in your squad. 

Fun Food Facts You Never Knew Earlier!

image 20

1. Cashew grows on a fruit

This was a shocking yet fun food fact, right? We don’t want to admit it but it was shocking to us as well. Cashew is grown in a shell attached to a cashew apple on the tree’s branch. When harvesting cashew the whole thing along with the branch is taken down and further process is done by hand.


2. Sandwich is a Gambling Addict’s Invention

The sandwich you love to eat is the invention done on the demand of gambler ‘Montagu’. He had a habit of gambling relentlessly and during a long binge, he didn’t want to put cards down so he requested the chef to give something to eat that can be eaten easily. That’s how the sandwich was made. It is also known as the 4th Earl of Sandwich in London.


3. Cheese is the most stolen food around the world

Cheese, the highly favorable dairy product, is also the most stolen food around the world. According to reports, 4% of cheese produced in a year ends up being stolen due to its lucrativeness. The black market of this delicious snack is evident to show the likability around the world. It is a shocking yet fun food fact to get familiar with.


4. Sandwich was smugged to Space

Did you know this interesting fact about food? If not, let us tell you that sandwich traveled to space. It’s funny but true how someone can be so in love with their sandwich that they took it along in space. Also, it’s a pity to know that most of us couldn’t make it to space but a sandwich did. Astronaut John Young smuggled a hefty corned beef sandwich into space in 1965.
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5. It takes 2-3 years for a pineapple to grow

The process of bearing pineapple is not only tiresome but also time-consuming. People putting pineapple on pizza should understand that it takes 2-3 years for the fruit to grow so it should be eaten and enjoyed thoroughly. Isn’t it an interesting food fact and worth sharing in your squad?

image 19

6. Banana is a berry however strawberries are NOT

Bananas are berries whereas strawberries are not, which makes our whole life feel like a lie. Banana belongs to the category of kiwis and cucumbers which are berries. If wondering why? Banana fulfills the requirements of botanical berries as being grown with one single ovary. It may be hard to accept but your favorite banana is a berry.


7. 25% of hazelnuts of the world are used for Nutella

Nutella preparation takes around 25% of the total supply done around the world. The number is more than 100,000 tons that are consumed for the production of beloved Nutella. The lush spread becomes tastier with the largest quantity consumption of hazelnuts.

image 22

8. Food taste changes when you have it while flying

The taste and smell of food are what makes them interesting but at higher altitudes, your smell and taste senses don’t work as usual. When you have your meal at 30000ft above the ground, you tend to lose your sense of smell. You mainly lose the taste senses for salty and sweet foods but sour, bitter and other tastes are almost unaffected.
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9. Human has 60% same DNA as Banana

The beautiful creation, the earth belongs to humans because we have unique building blocks but you can wait to believe so. 60% of genes humans possess are identical to that of bananas and the rest of the 40% make human beings what they are. Basically, we are 60% Banana
hectic day.


10. Ketchup was used for medicinal purposes

People who are fond of ketchup would drop their jaw after knowing that ketchup was used for medicinal purposes. In the 1800s, tomatoes were assumed to have medicinal traits. Ketchup was even used for the recipe that was furthermore consumed as the pill used to treat diarrhea and indigestion. Will you try this crazy food fact to cure your indigestion? Do let us know how it went!

chocolate currency

11. Chocolate was used as currency in ancient times in Mexico

The Maya civilization loved cocoa beans and used to collect them as taxes. Due to the scarcity of cocoa beans, Mayans used cocoa beans for the barter system. The chocolate you enjoy today could have had hefty value during the Maya civilization.


12. Mountain Dew has Orange Juice in it

Wait, what?? This is surely a surprising food fact for us. The ‘Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai’ drink holds goodsome popularity among youth which mainly tastes like lime soda. Orange juice is one of the main ingredients of Mountain Dew alongside carbonated water, citric acid, and high fructose corn syrup. So, don’t judge a drink by its color.


13. Peppers is a richer source of Vitamin C than Oranges

Today we are here to share some ground-breaking realities, we ain’t sorry for it. We’ve always been told that Oranges are the rich source of Vitamin C but hey, peppers have turned out to be richer. The varied color of pepper has different concentrations of Vitamin C in them but more than two.


14. It is impossible to Overcook Mushrooms

If you are bad at cooking, try cooking mushrooms first. Okay no kidding, but you can’t overcook mushrooms thanks to their remarkably forgiving nature. The reason is a polymer that is present in cell walls better known as chitin. Chitin is resilient to heat. So you can certainly try your cooking sessions with mushrooms.


15. Potato, Onion, and Chilli were brought to India by the Portuguese

The staple ingredients of most Indian dishes – potato, onion, and chili aren’t actually from India. Potato, Onion, and chili were actually brought to India by the Portuguese. India undoubtedly shares endless food variety so this is just the tip of the iceberg as for Indian food facts.


16. Jelly and Jam are almost the same

Even after the same ingredients being used for jelly and jam, they are still identified differently. The only difference maker is the form of fruit that is used for the preparation. Jelly is made from fruit juice whereas jam is made from both fruit pulp and juice.
So whenever you can’t find jam for bread you may go for the jelly (at your own risk).


17. Potatoes are 80% of water

Do you drink or eat a potato? Well, this interesting food fact will make you think that you actually drink potatoes. Potato, the king of vegetables that manages to fit in every dish is actually 80% water. The freshly harvested potatoes are actually proven to be 80% water and 20% dry matter. Starch is present in potatoes up to 60% to 80% in the dry matter.


18. Loud Music makes you drink more beverage

Do you often spend too much in the clubs for drinks and are guilty of it? Well, you are not solely responsible for it because loud music is also at fault. A certain kind of music makes you drink faster so if want to keep a check on your drinking, look for a place that has a soothing music playlist like BitesBee – A Food Nest.


19. Nutmeg can make you feel high

How about getting high without eating anything absurd? Well, it may sound funny but nutmeg is the one we are talking about. This common spice has more to offer other than a warm and sweet taste in your favorite dishes. Nutmeg somewhat makes you feel high due to its hallucinogenic drugs (if consumed more than usual).
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image 21

20. Making obnoxious noises while eating can influence its taste

 You may find making obnoxious noises gross while eating. However, making these noises assists you to enjoy the taste of food thoroughly. According to researches, psychological reason plays a vital role in it. So, start making obnoxious noises and enjoy food to the fullest.


21. Cheese from Donkey Milk costs between $600- $1000

Sounds strange? In Serbia, ‘Pule’ cheese is made from Balkan donkey‘s milk which is fetched at a price of $600-$1000. Wondering why it is so expensive? The answer lies in its rarity and exceptional health benefits.


22. India is the largest exporter of Chillies in the world

Do you enjoy spicy food? Who doesn’t? Our native country, India is the largest exporter of red chilies around the world. Over the years, India has managed to keep up with a steady supply.


23. With the Amount of Nutella sold every year, you can paint ‘the Great Wall of China’ 8 times

The rich chocolate spread, Nutella is irresistible for people around the world. Nevertheless, you will be in shock to know the ridiculous amount of Nutella sold every year. The annual sales number is so crazy that you can paint the entire Great Wall of China with Nutella eight times.


24. Until 2011, Beer was considered a soft drink in Europe

There is a saying, “Happiness can’t be bought” but we don’t agree with it till the time beer can be bought. Russians used to treat this enticing dose of happiness the same as soft drinks until 2011. There was no need for special occasions to go drinking but only good food and mood was more than enough.

These fun food facts must have left you hungering for some delicious food. BitesBee got your back. Order online or Visit Us.
Also, Now that you know so many fun food facts, go flaunt them to sound cooler in your squad while munching on the tasty delicacies.

Weird Food Combinations We Don’t Approve Of!

What’s that one food combination that makes you feel yuck? Well, pineapple on pizza isn’t the weirdest combo as we have got a bunch of them to surprise you. Strange taste aficionados around the world appreciate bizarre food combinations that are shocking for most of us. 

How about knowing some of the most freaky food fusions? Here, we are sharing weirdest food combinations that we don’t approve of due to their sinful taste.


1. Nutella with Biryani

I feel like sanitizing my eyes! Well, we are not overreacting but you can’t mess up with the heavenly taste of Biryani. Nutella is the real happiness but mixing it with the soul-filling biryani is a straight no for us. In the times where elachi is troublesome in Biryani, how is even Nutella acceptable?


2. Popcorn with Ketchup

Suppose you are about to watch the most awaited movie ‘The Eternals’ with a large bucket of popcorn with coke and someone puts ketchup on it. We can feel your disappointment with this freaky fusion. People are trying out this weird food combination that is sickening and not justifiable to us.


3. Fruit Salad with Ketchup

Seems like ketchup is doing wrong to the world. Healthy fruits are also ruined by pairing them with ketchup. There are foodies who like to pair fresh fruits with ketchup to surprise their taste buds. Indeed, it seems disgusting and tastes horrific to us making it an intolerable pick to go along with.

4. Golgappe with Dahi and Chocolate Filling

Golgappe keeps life going smoothly but seems like living peacefully is a crime. Golgappe with chocolate and dahi filling is one of the disgusting food combinations that’s why it has made fourth place in our listing. Would you ever try this combination? We think you shouldn’t!

Peanut-Butter-Dill-Pickle combination

5. Peanut Butter with Dill Pickle

Peanut butter is a good and healthy option for clean eaters. To uplift the mood, foodies are trying it out with a dill pickle to relish the sweet and savory taste. Indeed, it fits weird combinations of food listing rightly due to the outrageous ingredients that are put together.


6. Vanilla Ice cream with Soya Sauce

The innocent vanilla ice cream is pooled with soya sauce that overshadows the ice-cream taste completely. The black soy sauce is strong enough to disrupt the sweetness of ice cream and make you question for trying this. It is better to keep different flavors different and avoid torturing your taste buds.

funny memes

7. Hot Chocolate with Salt Seasoning 

On cold winter nights, a hot chocolate mug brings the biggest smile to the face and evokes nostalgia. To flatten the taste, salt seasoning is an addition that weird food bingers go for with hot chocolate. The reason behind this weird food combo is to escalate the sweet and salty tastes to tingle your taste buds.


8. Waffle and Pasta Sauce


You must have enjoyed waffles with Nutella, whipped cream, or honey syrup but there is more weirdness to it – Pasta sauce. Pasta sauce with waffles is a fusion that most people appreciate due to the spices and herbs of pasta sauce that sits easily with waffles. It is good to enjoy your waffles with strawberries and whipped cream rather than going for this off-beat pairing.

pizza-nutella weird food

9. Nutella Pizza

First pineapple on pizza and now Nutella on pizza, seriously people need to calm down. Why can’t we enjoy the Italian masterpiece with its authenticity and great toppings of corn, onions, and lotttttt of cheese??? 

The Nutella pizza is again a fusion that we find insane to accept for the sake of trend. Instead, consider trying out BitesBee’s Spicy Paneer Pizza that feels like the ultimate bliss.


10. Toasted Bread with Mayonnaise & Pineapple

You must have heard about sandwich-mayo, chicken-mayo, salad-mayo but that’s all passe. Toasted bread with mayo & pineapple is what the strange food combinations list brings you to the table. We neither understand the taste nor reason behind this combo but if you are feeling gutsy this can be a chance for you. Nevertheless, it is the crazy fusion of good things where the result may not be good.


11. White Sauce Momos with Chocolate & Oreo filling 

Momos, famously known as Dumplings top the list of favorite foods across the nation. These are served with different fusions among experimental eaters however the authenticity of the taste is maintained pretty well. 

People are becoming experimental with eating habits by choosing white sauce momos with chocolate & Oreo filling. This peculiar food combination completely overshadows the authentic momos’ taste. 

The above-mentioned bizarre food combinations can make you feel go ‘ewww’ and we don’t approve of them too. Let us know about the food combinations that you find the craziest among all and you don’t even dare to try! 

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