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Top 5 Indian Chicken Dishes that Every Non-vegetarian Approves Of!

No good meal is ever completed without a meaty affair. The luscious non-veg and the aromatic herbs are why people can’t resist the Indian Non-vegetarian delicacies. Indian cuisine is hailed for its authenticity and great flavors.

If you’re unfamiliar with the indulgences and delicious range of sumptuous foods of India, here’s an Indian chicken dishes list that is noteworthy. You can certainly try this while visiting an Indian restaurant and get amused with mouth-watering non-vegetarian dishes that everyone approves of.

Best Indian Chicken Dishes You Got to Try!

The hassle of finding the best chicken dishes can get real and hectic when you’ve had enough of the regular options. To banish the hassle of finding the best dish for lunch, here’s the list you can surely count on. Continue reading to unveil the delicacies you might have been missing out on:

Top Chicken Dishes that are a must-have for Everyone! 

For the Chicken lovers, we’ve put together a list of the Top Chicken Dishes that are worth it to try from Indian Cuisine. Read on to explore the amazing list.

1. Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a south-Indian dish that originated in Tamil Nadu and is now hailed worldwide for its unique blend of spices. Unlike other chicken dishes, it has succulent deep-fried pieces of chicken packed with flavor enhancers to perfection. The dish’s pungent aroma of spices like chilies, ginger, and garlic is quite evident, which is a treat to all your senses. It is a beloved among the best Indian chicken dishes you can have in any Indian restaurant serving non-veg.

2. Chicken Rara

When talking about chicken dishes, how can we miss out on Punjab’s amazing dish, Chicken Rara? This Punjabi dish has a rich texture and replete creaminess that one wouldn’t risk missing out on. It goes well with rice and a variety of bread and makes it tummy-filling. One thing that makes it exceptional is the authentic and aromatic flavors to tantalize your buds.

If you can’t stop drooling already, treat yourself to Chicken Rara from the main course Indian dishes menu at BitesBee and witness the real taste of Punjab.

3. Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is a world-famous chicken dish that is a classic choice for every non-vegetarian. Some also like to call it Chicken Makhani because of the oozing curry and tender chicken that stands out as an incredible delicacy. You gonna love the beautiful look, intense flavors, and buttery curry, which goes well with naan (or any other bread of your choice).

For those who can’t wait to unleash the experience of good taste, don’t keep yourself waiting; just order it from BitesBee.

4. Hyderabadi Biryani

While counting on the top Indian chicken dishes, we found one thing that was ubiquitous: Hyderabadi biryani or Hyderabadi dum biryani. The dish originates in Hyderabad and is a sumptuous preparation of Basmati rice with various ingredients. The authentic flavors in it make it an all-time favorite for family dinners and get-togethers. Not only is it easy to prepare but also fulfilling one that can be a hot topic of conversation at the dining table. Also, don’t forget to have Mirchi ka Salan to accentuate the taste; you can thank us later.

5. Laal Maas

Do you know what the best Indian chicken dish found in Rajasthan is? Our answer would be Laal Maas, as there’s nothing better than that.

Laal Maas is an appetizing delicacy from the hot regions of Rajasthan. As the name suggests, laal here represents the red chili in abundance in the dish paired with mutton pieces, which sums up a wholesome experience. The mutton curry goes best with bajra roti and plain rice that helps you enjoy its ultimate flavors while making you moreish with its enticing taste.


Goan Prawn Curry with Raw Mango

For all mango lovers, it is a win-win combination paired with prawns. The prawns are mildly cooked in coconut curry for a sour and spicy taste, and mango is added to the dish to help mango lovers enjoy the dish with great fervor. The dish is usually served with plain rice for the basic meal, but if you want to make an extravagant affair try pairing it with fried fish. For the people who don’t usually have seafood, this would be an ideal start to seafood. This prawn curry allows you to experiment with your food rather than always searching for the popular chicken dishes at restaurants. Be experimental and savor the magic of seafood.

Mutton Korma

When we say Indian food is full of flavors, we really mean it. The mutton korma is a quintessential example of it. The dish is an astounding combination of luscious mutton and curry. The curry is prepared from regional spices such as ginger-garlic paste, cinnamon sticks, cardamom, and cloves, braised with curd. This wholesome mix of spices adds to the taste and uplifts the eating adventure. For an appetizing time, you can have it with bread or Indian pulao, whichever you prefer.

The final note

Well, we’ve covered the best Indian chicken dishes name list that every non-vegetarian will approve of, certainly. We hope that we have given you enough names to check out our list whenever you are looking for a meaty affair. Whether you’re a hot-chiliphile or a picky eater, there’s always something in the Indian cuisine that befits your palate while helping you with an epicurean experience.

And if you’re a vegetarian, check out vegetarian dishes for a satisfying lunch and get rid of what should I have for lunch?

For more fun information about good food, follow BitesBeeIndia, and to have a flavorful binge-eating session, visit BitesBee – A Food Nest! G016, Bestech Business Towers, Sector 66, Mohali, Punjab, 160066

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7 Family Combo Meals to Order for Family Get-together!

“Family that eats together stays together” is a famous saying that you must have heard several times. Celebrating family’s love over delicious food is an old tradition that Indian people follow. Family gatherings are all about meet and greet, chit-chat, and good food but deciding what to order for meals remains a hassle even today.  

Looking for family combo meal deals that will make you drool? We’ve dug deep into Indian food names a to z for you and shortlisted best indian food combos for indian families. The delicious veg and non-veg bites can sate your hunger in no time. What are you waiting for? Let’s jump into the flavorsome list!

Food Combinations that will make you drool!


1. Cheese Tomato, Kadhi, Aloo Gobhi with Raita, Jeera Rice & Butter Roti

Whether you are preparing lunch or dinner, decision-making for the main course remains a hassle for family get-togethers. Kadhi that has the yogurt gravy with crisp pakoras feels like heaven in the mouth. This is the reason why India is worldwide popular for curry.

Elevate the taste by combining it with cheese tomato that adds a tangy twist to the meal. To make the serving big and appetizing, go for aloo gobhi with raita. You can complete the serving with jeera rice/ butter roti/ naan/laccha parantha (whichever you may prefer).


2. Shahi Paneer, Mix Veg,  Dal Makhani with Butter Naan/ Stuffed Naan

To witness the splash of flavors, shahi paneer is a favored food combination of vegetarians. Shahi paneer when served with Dal Makhni is a great option when you want to have something incredible. Mix veg sabzi completes this family combo meal perfectly. Butter naan/ stuffed naan is an elite option to be added.

You can get the tasty food delivered to your doorsteps for making family get-togethers fun in no time with BitesBee, order now.



3. Chicken Rara + Jeera Rice & Butter Naan

If you are a hardcore non-vegetarian, it’s time for you to rock because there’s something for you too. For the meaty affair, sizzling rara chicken with the exotic taste of Indian flavors will surprise your friends and family on the get-together.

The stirring dish is usually served with jeera rice & butter naan. Don’t go in the hassle of making one, instead order from the best place for family dinner in Chandigarh – BitesBee.


4. Methi Malai Paneer, Aloo Jeera, Rajma with Rice & Butter Naan/Roti

When looking for family restaurants in Chandigarh, you have a bunch of great options to explore. It is good to order yummy methi malai paneer, aloo jeera with rajma for the main course that satisfies your soul and taste. Your guests will be left in confusion about what to eat because all of the options are so good.

Any family combo meal is incomplete without rice, butter naan/butter roti (whichever you like). To complete a gourmand meal, add hot gulab jamun with ice cream for dessert and thank us later.


5. Egg Curry, Kadhai Chicken with Stuffed Naan/ Chapati 

The nutritional-rich delicacy of egg curry is a tummy-filling option. To relish the taste of heaven, what can be better than kadhai chicken? Stuffed naan or chapati both go well with kadhai chicken that non-vegetarians will cherish, without a doubt. 

So, now you know what to order for your non-vegetarian family/friends on your next get-together. The flavorful food combination will get you drooling in no time.


6. Dal Tadka, Paneer Do Pyaza, Mix Veg with Garlic Naan/ Butter Roti

Dal tadka remains a prime option in Indian households due to its authentic taste. Paneer do pyaza, a royal delicacy with the great taste of onions and grilled paneer, fits everyone’s taste. To sum up a whole meal mix veg with garlic naan/butter roti helps you to enjoy an appetizing meal option for Indian foodies.

If you are not willing to step out of your home and neither interested in cooking, get a family combo meal deal online from BitesBee.


7. Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan

Butter chicken needs no introduction to any non-vegetarian, in fact, even foreigners are in love with it. The distinctive taste and blend of spicy and savory herbs make it taste perfect. You cannot resist but lick your fingertips after finishing the whole plate of butter chicken. Furthermore, if you want your guests to enjoy the same experience of food, just order it with garlic naan. You can thank us later.

When it comes to the yummy family meal combinations, we can go on and on. With a vast variety of meal options, BitesBee has much more than usual.  If you were scrolling through the family combos empty stomach, hunger must-have taken over you by now. To feed your hunger, try out the list of affordable restaurants in Chandigarh to enjoy eating large with less spending.  You are just one tap away from ordering the best meals from the best place for family dinner in Chandigarh – BitesBee. 


Health Benefits of Eating Salad

The rise of social media has made people conscious of their physical appearance. Eating salad comes out as a ritual that most influencers have been following to maintain their physical health. The benefits of eating salad aren’t something we have never heard before, what’s wrong with recalling them once again, Let’s do it!

Health Benefits of Eating Salad

Salad is said to be having higher nutrition levels. However, apart from nutritional adequacy, there are some surreal health benefits of eating salad that everyone should know about.

1. High Source of fiber

Eating foods high in fiber is reported as good for weight loss as well as prevention against colon cancer. Raw veggies and leafy greens are popularly known as a natural source of fiber. With the consumption of foods high in fiber, you can enjoy multiple health benefits-

  • Helps control blood sugar
  • Aids with weight loss
  • Keeps unnecessary cravings in check
  • Prevents bowel diseases

2. Eat more gain less

Well, this sounds like everyone’s dream, right? Salads make this dream come true when eaten in the right way. Eating more salads in small intervals helps you feel fuller and you consume fewer calories than usual. Following up on this eating ritual can help you shed extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight surely. It is indeed a prime health benefit of eating the salad that maintains the body in good shape.

3. Keeps your brain young

Eating salad daily can keep your brain youthful and well-functioning. According to a study at Rush University, eating salad regularly can slow cognitive decline. The damage done by free radicals (harmful molecules) is easy to protect with antioxidants, present in raw vegetables. In addition, there is a lower tendency of having head and neck diseases in the case of regular salad eaters.

4. Improve skin health

Want to maintain good skin? Eat salads!
To maintain good skin, keeping up with hydration levels is important. Higher hydration levels found in leafy greens and raw veggies emphasize the importance of eating salad even more.

5. Safeguards your heart

A selective variety of leafy greens contain nutrients that safeguard the heart against stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Both fiber and folate are present in higher amounts within salads that furthermore reduce the risk of heart diseases. Henceforth, the benefit of eating salad prevails, it also promotes the longer living of an individual.

What is the Best Time to Eat Salad?

Eating salad is good as it has innumerable health benefits but here comes the question: what is the best time to eat salad? Well, considering the different cultures there are various guides that depict different times to eat salad. Having salad any time of the day (lunch or dinner) is good but there’s more to it. So, we have categorized it into three-

Salad before meal

Most Americans believe eating the salad before their meal is optimal for better digestion. Additionally, eating salad prior makes you feel fuller and prevents overeating.

Salad during the meal

A majority of people eat salad during their meal where you don’t have a two-course meal instead everything is served all at once. It is a good idea if you don’t want to skip your salad.

Salad after meal

In European countries, Italians and French prefer having salad after meals. It is believed that following the same eating pattern is good for the digestive system. It also heightens the curiosity of having desserts (however there are not any specific sources for digestion belief).

Can you lose weight by eating a salad?

Here comes an important question, can you lose weight by eating a salad? Well, usually people prefer a salad diet to lose weight but is it worth it?

The answer is yes (partially). Salad does help with calorie deficit however needful practices for weight loss are necessary too. Also, you need to be selective about the salad ingredients for the desired results. If you are having salads with different dressings containing fats, it wouldn’t help with calorie deficit but will set you back in your weight loss journey.

Henceforth, having salad can be a significant step in weight loss but alone it cannot help you achieve your ideal weight.

Best Salad Options at BitesBee

We have discovered that eating salad is indeed a good practice to keep the body in shape and enjoy innumerable health benefits. BitesBee- the finest food restaurant in Mohali, offers scrumptious healthy bites options that you can hop onto.


Fresh Green Salad

Fresh green salad made with leafy and tasty raw vegetables when served with food tastes surreal. Green salad is a good-to-go option for weight loss that is light on the pocket and soothes your stomach perfectly. 


Saute Vegetable Salad

Can’t go for raw veggies? Get started with a saute vegetable salad option at BitesBee. Salads sauteed in healthy oils, perfected seasoning and dressing is an ideal option for food gourmands.


Paneer Salad

Paneer or Indian cottage cheese when added to salad elevates the taste. The exotic salad option is appealing to both eyes and taste buds. Paneer salad is highly nutritional and serves a tasty palate to foodies. The healthy fats of paneer are easily digestive making the dish a suitable option to fit into your diet plan.


Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is a highly nutritious and healthy option. With wholesomeness of veggies and luscious chicken, this combination is made in heaven. The amazing salad option is not only appetizing but also fulfilling, so dig in without ado at BitesBee.


Scrambled Eggs with Veggies

To get started with the habit of having green and clean, you must try out scrambled eggs with veggies. The ultimate taste of the cuisine leaves everyone spellbound and marveling for the taste.


Grilled Chicken with Veggies

Grilled chicken with veggies is a lip-smacking dish at BitesBee. Chicken is rich in protein that aids with weight management and also prevents heart diseases. The amino acid tryptophan is present in chicken that helps with releasing serotonin (the feel-good hormone). Surely, you’ll cherish the taste along with enjoying multiple benefits.

So, here we come to the end of our salad discussion. Do explore the great health benefits of eating salad on your own at one stop for all your cravings – BitesBee. You can order online or visit us whenever you feel hangry to evoke a mind-blowing sensory experience.

Best Breakfast Ideas Under ₹ 99 at BitesBee!

Without a doubt, the best thing about the morning is breakfast. Wait wait, let me correct, the best thing about morning is eating breakfast, preparing one remains a hassle surely. BitesBee wants to make your morning bright and happy so we are taking away the hassle of making breakfast for you. 

We are not fooling around but presenting 27 Tasty Breakfast ideas under ₹ 99 from BitesBee. Let’s look closer into the BitesBee menu to know the exciting deals all under your budget. 

27 Affordable Breakfast Options at BitesBee!

BitesBee- A Food Nest, located at the finest location of Bestech Business Towers, is a well-known place for breakfast in Mohali that provides a variety of breakfast options all under your budget. 


1. Idli Sambhar 

Start your morning fresh with some flavorsome south-Indian cuisines for breakfast. Idli Sambhar is a tasty cuisine that is tummy filling and energizes you for the entire day. You can also enjoy sambhar with vada for an appetizing experience. 

Serving starts from ₹79


2. Dosa

This south Indian authentic delicacy with savory taste is light and fulfilling at the same time. Dosa is a perfect breakfast option that you can enjoy at a minimalist price with fresh coconut chutneys. 

Serving starts from ₹79


3. Dabeli

How about something exciting and delicious for breakfast? BiteBee aims to fulfill all your cravings in time. Dabeli, a tangy and spicy bun stuffed with potatoes tastes heavenly that fits pocket and tummy both.  

Serving starts from ₹ 79


4. Chole Bhature

North Indians’ favorite balloon-shaped bhature with chole is true happiness that feels like a royal feast served on the platter. You can enjoy savory flavors with spicy chole bhature paired with pickled onions for the breakfast. 

Serving starts from ₹ 99


5. Paranthas 

Whenever asked, “What to have for breakfast?”, Parantha is usually the answer. Being Indian, the love for paranthas is deep-rooted in our hearts. 

Just like the melting butter on parantha, paranthas’ taste will melt your heart at a pocket-friendly price. Here you can try out different paranthas such as aalo parantha, mix parantha, egg parantha, paneer parantha, and many more. 

Serving starts from ₹19 


6. Burgers

How about sinking your teeth into the juicy, crispy, and fresh burgers for the breakfast? The word tempting depicts BitesBee’s burgers where you explore goodsome of tangy and enliven flavors. You can order from a wide range of burgers such as Veg Burger, Aloo Tikki Burger, Egg Burger, Chicken Tikka Burger, and Paneer Tikki Burger. 

Serving starts from ₹ 59


7. French Fries

The search for the perfect side dish ends at french fries but the delicious menu of BitesBee has more to it. Cheesy fries with salsa sauce and fries with peri-peri masala turn out to be the best breakfast deal under ₹99 for millennials. 

Serving starts from ₹79 


8. Paneer Pakoda

The Indian cottage cheese fritters aka paneer pakodas go perfectly with morning tea. With the chat masala sprinkled over it, soft inside and crunchy outside fritters is an apt option at BitesBee for Breakfast. 

Serving starts from ₹99 (10 Pieces)


9. Chole Puri

Tangy chickpea also called chana when served with round puri delights everyone with its taste. Chole puri is a north-Indian breakfast idea that can perfectly sate your hunger and morning moodiness. The pleasing taste of sabzi blends effortlessly with fresh puri combining flavors all at once. 

Serving starts from ₹ 99


10. Pao Bhaji

The soft bun toasted with butter is paired with spicy mashed vegetables that taste surreal. Pao Bhaji serving is wholesome and appetizing enough to relish your taste buds. This Maharashtra-originated dish is platted with authentic taste at BitesBee – the best place for breakfast in Chandigarh. 

Serving starts from ₹79


11. Kachori Sabzi

The flaky and crispy outside, kachori is relished with aalo sabzi that fades away from your Monday blues easily. You shall get full but not enough of the paradisiacal taste of the cuisine for breakfast. 

Serving starts from ₹79


12. Bun Maska

Every restaurant’s menu is incomplete without bun maska on it, so how can BitesBee be held back? BitesBee brings you the bonafide taste of Irani’s dish in the breakfast under 99 that makes your morning sound. 

Serving at a price of ₹39


13. Butter Toast

The ultra-comforting breakfast option of butter toast can’t be forgotten when talking about the delicious Indian breakfast options. Toasted bread when enjoyed with fresh butter is as good as a ray of sunshine in chilly winters. 

Serving starts from ₹39 


14. Aata Kulcha with Matar

The aata kulcha with matar sabzi is a highly favored street food breakfast option that BitesBee brings you with utmost quality and hygiene. Head to tantalize your taste buds with the mind-blowing taste of Indian cuisine. 

Serving starts from ₹79


15. Sandwich

The classic breakfast option of the sandwich is an appetizing meal to grab and bite when confused about what to eat for breakfast? Different sauces and veggies awesomely blend together making breakfast goodsome. Be experimental with endless varieties of sandwiches such as Veg Grilled Sandwich, Egg Grilled Sandwich, Paneer Tikka Grilled Sandwich, Mushroom & Corn Sandwich, and many others. 

Serving starts from ₹89


16. Wraps

The luscious wraps make their place on BitesBee’s breakfast menu under ₹99. A wide range of wraps falls under 99 price that tickles your taste buds. Consider trying out the best Veg Grilled Wrap, Egg Grilled Wrap, Paneer Tikka Grilled Wrap, and Chicken Tikka Grilled Wrap at BitesBee. 

Serving starts from ₹79


17. Scrambled Eggs with Veggies

Looking for something healthy in breakfast to cut those extra inches? Okay, here we go with scrambled eggs with veggies. The juicy vegetables with scrambled eggs taste heavenly and have a lower calorie intake as well. 

To get a taste of the healthiest breakfast option, Order Now from BitesBee. 

Serving starts from ₹99


18. Maggi 

When talking about the real love of childhood, no one has ever escaped the love of maggi. From the basic to tadke vali, everything tastes so much better when it comes to maggi. Maggi is a fantastic and yum breakfast to choose from when looking for something appetizing. 

Serving starts from ₹39


19. Soup

Soup is another light option that warms you up and puts a smile on your face. This hearty breakfast option never goes out of style at BitesBee thanks to varied options such as Veg Manchow Soup, Sweet Corn Soup, and Chicken Manchow Soup. 

Serving starts from ₹79


20. Samosa & Chai

Samosa has managed to fit the hearts of Indian folks pretty well. Munching on samosa and chai can be the best decision of the morning for you. It is a good way to kickstart your morning with the delicious Indian cuisine from BitesBee. 

Serving starts from ₹15 (Per Piece)


21. Poha

Recommended from nutritionists due to higher nutritional value, Poha is one of the healthy breakfast ideas that you can spoon on. Consider trying it out in the traditional way at BitesBee and relish the thrilling taste of the nutritious breakfast. 

Serving starts from ₹79


22. Upma

The beloved south-Indian breakfast option of Upma is scrumptious and also good for health. The goodsome Ghee cooked Upma as breakfast boosts your energy and keeps your hunger at bay. If craving for one, order now from BitesBee – The Breakfast Restaurants in Mohali!

Serving  starts from ₹79


23. Potato Wedges

The love of the crispy potato wedges is something no one can ever get rid of. Enjoy the classic taste of potato wedges for your healthy and tasty breakfast time without straining your pocket, only at BitesBee – A Food Nest. 

Serving  starts from ₹89


24. Bedmi Puri with Bhaji

This utterly delicious cuisine from Uttar Pradesh is an apt way to start your morning. The hot and flaky Bedmi Puri is served with sabzi and pickle that perfects your very first meal of the day. 

Serving starts from ₹89


25. Omelette

If you are looking for a healthy breakfast option, omelette is what we recommend. Fully packed with the goodness of omega-3, needful proteins, and antioxidants, the omelette is the deluxe breakfast option to go for. The fluffy and tasty omelet is a premium option to opt for under the mere price of ₹99. 

Serving starts from ₹59


26. Daadi Maa ki Khichdi 

People detest khichdi and suppose it to be food reserved for sickness. However, BitesBee manages to put an end to this belief with the incredible taste of khichdi cooked in desi ghee, making it the right breakfast option. 

Serving starts from ₹89 


27. Chilla Moong Dal 

The savory pancakes prepared from mung beak aka moong dal tastes surreal with a hot piping cup of chai/coffee (whichever you may prefer).  Paired with different species and veggies, Chilla Moong Dal is a great option to end our listing here of the best breakfast options under 99 at BitesBee. 

Serving starts from ₹99

Craving for quick bites of breakfast? Our Chefs are even more curious to serve you our best delicacies at unbelievable prices. Dig into the delicious food at BitesBee- the Best restaurant for breakfast in Chandigarh, Mohali. We’ve got your breakfast ideas sorted. Have a look into these luscious Indian lunch ideas to know what to have for lunch too? 

Visit Us or Order Online at BitesBee and explore the excellent cuisines of the exciting place.

15 Tea Time Snacks You Must Try with Your Chai!

Do you know chai is the second most consumed beverage around the globe? Well, we aren’t really surprised to know the fact because chai is the only soulmate we believe in.

The day seems incomplete without a perfectly brewed cup of chai, but do you know what makes it even better? The mouth-watering tea time snacks sate your hunger and help you relax even on a hectic day.

However, finding the best snacks with tea is an exercise of trial and error. Worry no more about what snacks to serve with chai? Because we got you. Here we present our top 15 tea time snacks that are appetizing and taste great with chai. Let’s dive in.


1. Samosa

Samosaaa! The snack needs no introduction as it is a go-to snack for every chai lover that fits the chit-chat sessions effortlessly. This deep-fried, triangle-shaped north-Indian snack, when served with fresh chutney over a cup of chai, tastes like a warm hug after a hectic day.


2. Vada pav

Whether you are a 90s kid or Gen Z, warm and fresh vada, when served with chai, is an enticing dose of happiness that de-stress all your worries in no time. Vada pav is the most loved Mumbaikars snack that is consumed every day with the unfailing love of tea.


3. Paneer Pakoda

Can’t deal with hunger? Paneer pakoda & masala chai is all you need that sate your cravings right. Crunchy outside and soft inside, this Punjabi snack is popularly loved at BitesBee – the Best tea restaurant in Mohali. Paneer pakodas are the best tea party snacks that cut small talk with the scrumptious blend of flavors.



4. Biscuits 

Undoubtedly, chai and biscuits is a magical duo for all chai lovers. Though we all are guilty of leaving our biscuit too long in the cup of chai that it ends up drowning, but still, it fits the gossip table well. The classic sweet and salty flavored biscuits delight everyone over a freshly brewed cup of chai.


5. Bun Maska

Bun Maska is another tasty treat best enjoyed with tea. The classic bun tastes slightly sweet and surreal when dipped in hot tea. Introduced by Iranians, the light and mouth-watering chai party snack is relished whole-heartedly by tea lovers in Chandigarh and across the country.


6. Poha

Poha is a usual breakfast served in most middle-class Indian households due to minimal preparation time. Combine the flavorsome poha with piping hot tea to appease hunger when you feel like having something simple yet delicious. BitesBee is a chai spot in Mohali that dishes out the snack with varied fusions.


7. Kachori 

Crispy, flaky outside with chatpati fillings inside, kachori fits Indian tea snacks listing pretty well. When served with sweet-spicy chutney over a steaming cup of tea, Kachori will surely make you go like, ‘ahhhh.’ Bhojpuri people originated this crispy chai snack idea which is now served across India with different twists and pairs.


8. Dabeli

Enormously popular for its rich flavors, Dabeli is a worthy choice to have in your tea time. It resembles a bun (pav) heated on Tava and stuffed with potato mixture, sweet sauce, and additional toppings of pomegranate. This tummy-filling tea time snack originated from Kutch, Gujarat is now one of the hot-selling items at BitesBee, a cafe offering tea in Chandigarh.


9. Butter Toast

Pondering what snack goes good with tea? The crispy and lively combination of butter toast tastes surprisingly refreshing and goes well with tea. Butter Toast is one of the most popular foods to eat while binge-watching at 3AM and out of all food options. Set your mood right with piping hot ginger tea and whip off the Monday blues at BitesBee.


10. Bread Omelette 

Omelette is a french dish that has been modernized and experimented with different ingredients around the world. Bread omelet is hunger appeasing street food in India that is no less than a whole meal when served with tea that keeps you full for a good time.


11. Upma

Avoiding fried snacks? Upma is the healthiest tea-time snack to dig in with your cup of chai. The satisfying Indian dish, when mixed with varied veggies and spices, prepares a scrumptious chai time snack. Consider witnessing the wonder of south Indian flavors with north-Indian twists over a relaxing tea session.


12. Potato Wedges

Feeling bored of the same snacks? Try out finger-licking potato wedges for your tea session to have a fulfilling feeling. This US-originated dish perfectly fits the menu of the best tea spots in Mohali with tons of variation. The lip-smacking seasoning on potato wedges with freshly brewed tea feels like the ‘sukoon’ you need after a tiring day.


13. Bedmi Puri

Pooled with ingredients and spices, Bedmi puri is the right addition to your chai. Rajasthan is the origin-region of the rich delicacy, which is also quite popular among Delhiites. Bedmi Puri is a unique chai time snack option that not only tastes good but appeases hunger well too.


14. Aloo Parantha 

Aloo parantha, butter, and tea – there’s no better combo than this. When you crave good food that sets your mood, just hop onto tea and aloo parantha. The flavorsome Punjabi dish is easily available in the best restaurants of Mohali at fair prices. Combining the snack with the best tandoori chai of Chandigarh tastes like heaven.


15. Chilla

Besan chilla is a healthy yet delicious snack choice for your tea. The north-Indian delicacy is a lip-smacking and healthy choice to opt for your tea time. When cooked with little oil, lots of vegetables, and scoops of gram flour, the dish looks tempting and tastes delicious.

Did we help you find your perfect soul-snack that goes just right with your cup of tea? Order online or visit BitesBee – one of the top restaurants in Mohali, with your squad to capture the moments of life over a chit-chat session!