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Try Various Flavors at A Multi Cuisine Restaurant— BitesBee

Do you also love to treat your taste buds to different types of cuisine? If yes, you are a culinary enthusiast! Exploring the exquisite cuisines and their exotic flavors from across the globe is an exciting thing to do.  

Dishes like pizza from Italian cuisine, tacos from Mexican cuisine, and butter chicken from Indian cuisine are just the tip of the iceberg. The global cuisines are vast in terms of ingredients, taste, and culture, waiting for your exploration. 

But does that mean traveling all the way to Italy or different parts of the world? Not really; BitesBee is a foodie’s heaven, bringing incredible flavors to your plate in the lanes of Mohali, Punjab. 

Let’s talk about various cuisines and their top dishes that you can devour at BitesBee, the best multi-cuisine restaurant in Tricity.

Must-have Cuisines and Their Famous Dishes:

Every cuisine uniquely represents their culture. Some cultures see food as an emotion, while some see it as pride, and some as a sense of joy. Every food has a history and uniquely resembles a specific culture. Culture and their cuisines may differ, but the love for food remains the same.  

Some of the top cuisines from across the globe and their famous dishes:

Italian Delights 


Rich, tasty, and known for its simplicity, Italian cuisine is a timeless choice. It is famous for its succulent dishes like pasta and pizza prepared using tomato, cheddar cheese, and olive oil, primarily. However, different sauces are used, like Northern Risottos and Southern Spicy Sauces. Italian cuisine is a perfect blend of high-quality ingredients and rich taste, which also resembles their culture. When feeling low and hunger hits you hard, a bowl of pasta or fresh pizza can uplift your mood in no time.  

Must-have dishes: White Sauce Pasta and Farm House Pizza 

Chinese Cuisine

Be it street-style noodles or a tempting bowl of fried rice and manchurian, Chinese food is everyone’s favorite. Chinese cuisine, known for its particular taste and cooking method, is one of the most prominent cuisines across the globe. 

However, different versions of the exotic recipe in every neighborhood and state have been modified for local tastes.

The authentic Chinese foods include Cantonese dim sum, Sichuan spicy foods, and Shandong seafood. Subsisting foods include rice and noodles, as well as tofu. Essential taste harmonizes between sugar-sour, salty, bitter, and savory, utilizing methods such as stir-frying and steaming.  

Must-have dishes: Hakka Noodles and Gravy Manchurian 

Indian Spices

India has a diverse culture touted for vast beliefs, language, and cultural variation. The cuisine here focuses on spices and the use of curry and breads. It is primarily divided into two main types: one is North Indian food, which is rich with creamy sauces, and the other is South Indian food, which mostly includes rice preparations and coconut chutneys. 

There is a probability of tasting rather spicy dishes like biryani, tandoori chicken, dosas, and many others. Bear in mind the combination of tastes and textures here.  

Anyone looking for a delectable experience of both South Indian dosa and North Indian butter chicken should visit BiteBee, the multi-cuisine restaurant in Mohali. With the finest culinary expertise and delectable dishes, it is a must-visit stop for every foodie.  

Must-have dishes: Paneer Tikka and Butter Chicken with Naan 

Mediterranean Cuisines 

Want to eat a vibrant meal with a lot of nutrition? Mediterranean cuisine is a classic one to consider. The cuisine is renowned for its health benefits, hearty meals, and burst of flavors. With core ingredients like whole vegetables, fruits, quinoa, bulgur, and supreme olive oil, the cuisine is a powerhouse of taste and nutrition. Vegan eaters really enjoy the goodness of plants and delightful dishes like bulgur bowl, lentil soup, cucumber and tomato salad, and more.  

Must-have dishes: Mediterranean Sandwich and Saute Veg Salad

5 Customer Favorites at BitesBee, a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant!

Can’t stop drooling? We get it.  

BitesBee tops the list of multi-cuisine restaurants in Chandigarh; it is nestled in the heart of Mohali, serving a culinary experience. We offer dine-in, delivery, and takeout services to help you satisfy your cravings. Check out our customer favorites that are worth a try.  

  • Pasta 

The Italian pasta in the piquant sauces is a delight to indulge in. Not many know how to cook the authentic pasta sauce, but BitesBee has perfected the recipe. It is a chef special that never fails to satiate hunger while pleasing the palate. Pasta is simmered in creamy sauce, prepared fresh, and served with bread as a side dish. 

  • Fried rice and manchurian 

World-famous fried rice with manchurian is always on hand when you have no idea what to eat. Tantalizing your buds becomes easy with BitesBee’s fried rice with manchurian. When you are craving a gourmet meal but don’t commit to pizza or some fancy delicacies, you can’t go wrong with this combo. Visit or order online from BitesBee’s extensive menu.  

  • Chicken Salad

Salad looks bland until you add a tasty dressing and succulent chicken to it. No more eating boring salads to maintain good health; dig in the tasty chicken salad at BitesBee, which is a customer favorite for all the yum and health. Whether you are a gym enthusiast or a foodie, a hearty meal like this is a must-try for everyone.  

  • Rajma Rice 

Who doesn’t like a scrumptious bowl of rajma rice? Some eat it for nostalgia, and some for comfort. But the right ingredients and recipe are what make it a hit. Our home-style cooked rajma rice bowl is budget-friendly, chef’s best, and full of flavor.  

  • Chilli Garlic Noodles 

For all spice lovers, our fiery chili garlic noodles are a must-have for a gastronomic experience. The chili and garlic are an enticing duo that enhances flavors and elevates taste. Noodles are tossed in savory sauce, vinegar, and soy sauce and cooked to perfection. BitesBee has different types of noodles and can be customized to one’s liking for a fine dining adventure. 

The Ending Note 

From the rich spices of Indian cuisine to the delicate artistry of Mediterranean dishes, each culinary tradition offers a unique glimpse into the soul of its people. Through food, we connect, celebrate diversity, and embrace the beauty of cultural exchange. So let’s savor the richness of global cuisines, for in every bite lies a story, a history, and a shared moment of joy.

At BitesBee, a multi-cuisine restaurant, we serve a range of delicacies to our customers afresh. Visit us today and start on a delicious adventure around the world. Let us delight your palate and broaden your cultural horizons, one flavorful bite at a time.

What Should I Eat for Lunch? Indian Palate Ft. Vegetarian Edition!

Are you often stuck on What should I eat for lunch? Deciding what to eat for lunch is a common confusion that most of us have been through every once in a while.

Howbeit, finding the right answer to it isn’t that easy.

Lunch is a necessary meal and a major part of your daily routine due to which looking for something exciting is natural. BitesBee is here to answer the most asked question: what should I eat for lunch (Vegetarian edition), with multiple options of appetizers for lunch breaks.

Let’s dive into the listicle of mouth-watering vegetarian lunch ideas that can break through your regular palate.

What to Have for Lunch? Vegetarian Edition!

Lunch Break is the longest break of the day and also the time when your metabolism is at its peak. Vegetarian folks are often teased for eating similar kinds of meals but we got your back. So, here we present exciting options for your lunch.


1. Rajma Chawal 

We are starting the list with our most favorite dish for lunch, that’s rajma chawal of course. The homemade rajma chawal is a scrumptious and healthy lunch option

From Corporate meals to midday meal, it is a classic lunch option for Indian who love to live nostalgia. It is a beloved dish in northern region due to easy preparation. You can also have it with flatbread that tastes equally surreal. The good quality of carbohydrates and proteins makes it ideal for fitness freaks too.


2. Soya Malai Chaap

The soya chunks are healthy food containing a higher amount of protein such as minerals and B vitamins. Lunch is an important meal so Soya Malai Chaap is a delightful dish to pack as it is both healthy and tasty.

Thee lively and soothing taste of malai chaap is an incredible option to eat for lunch. However, not everyone is a fan of regular soya chaap, so trying it out with some malai fusion is a good choice though. Give it a try at BitesBee- A Food Nest where good taste is served. 


3. Matar Mushroom with Butter Naan

Looking for something healthy but don’t want to chew raw veggies? Well,   consider trying out Matar Mushroom with Butter Naan prepared with goodsome of healthiness and taste. The main ingredients are green peas, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes & spices. 

The yummy dish is beloved at BitesBee also it is one of the chef’s specialties. 

You can enjoy mild spicy matar mushroom with chapati, naan, or plain rice whichever you prefer. 


4. Cheese Tomato

To keep you going for the rest of the day, lunch has to be somewhat exciting. So, cheese tomato is a gourmet meal that can tingle your senses and the succulent option to flaunt at your workplace.

It is one of the finest vegetarian delicacies for lunch at work that even a lazy cooker can prepare. Having this tasty dish on a platter would be great for lunch (probably the one good thing about a tiring day). Don’t want to cook? Order online via BitesBee


5. Paneer Tikka Butter Masala

Paneeeeeeeeeeeeer is flavorsome Indian food that is tempting, creamy, and utterly delicious. Its preparation involves grilling paneer and enhancing taste by simmering paneer in the tasteful gravy. 

Paneer Tikka Butter Masala is not only tasteful to the tongue but also tempting for your eyes. If you haven’t had a proper breakfast, paneer tikka butter masala will perfectly satisfy your hunger. 


6. Veg Biryani with Raita 

Biryani needs no introduction. This aromatic rice dish is a favored choice that also enjoys good popularity among Indian gourmands. 

Veg Biryani is a celebratory dish in Indian households due to its varied flavors. In addition, it is the one-stop solution for all your midday cravings with wholesome varied veggies. This one-pot dish is a healthy lunch idea with a high source of manganese and dietary fiber.


7. Paneer Do Pyaza

Among various Indian main course vegetarian dishes, Paneer do Pyaza is our favorite one. Prepared with a larger quantity of onions, tomato puree, and enriching masalas, the dish is a tummy-pleaser. 

The savory and creamy taste of paneer do pyaza tastes heavenly with garlic naan. It’s authentic taste is palatable for vegetarians and an apt fit for every occasion. To get familiar with the divine taste, visit or order online from BitesBee– best lunch restaurant in Chandigarh. 


8. Cheese Naan with Gravy

If you are looking for quick lunch ideas, cheese naan with gravy is the premium choice to go for.

Cheese stuffed within maida bread when served with hot gravy offers a lip-smacking taste. BitesBee’s chef adds a secret ingredient to the gravy that enhances taste incredibly. Lunchtime becomes awesome with cheese naan and gravy that uplifts even your regular afternoon. 


9. Dadi Maa ki Khichdi with Curd 

We are not asking to bother your granny to answer your what should I eat for lunch? Instead, consider choosing BitesBee’s Special Dadi Maa ki khichdi with curd when you want to have something simple and light for lunch. 

Khichdi is made using moong dal and rice with Desi Ghee that aces it on the healthiness scale. To augment the taste, mild spices are added which are subtle but good enough to notice.

BitesBee hopes this listicle comes in handy for you when choosing lunch break options to get rid of the confusion. Get your lunch sorted at BitesBee where you get to explore wholesome options of lunch. 

Visit Us or Order Online to relish your taste buds with our tantalizing Indian dishes options. We do offer corporate meal options too.