Types of Noodles That You Need to Try ASAP!

Among the plethora of cuisines available around the world, one dish that reigns supreme is noodles. Noodles are the ultimate dish that is comforting, satisfying, mood-changing, and endlessly adaptable. 

Whether you want to grab a quick bite or want a satisfying meal, the variety is as rich as its taste. Rising from the bustling markets of Asia, noodles are now savored across the globe. Despite the widespread popularity of noodles, very few are familiar with their vast noodle types and succulent recipes. 

In this blog, you are about to go on a noodle adventure. We’ll unravel different types of noodles, guiding you towards unforgettable dining experiences that go far beyond the ordinary. So, grab your chopsticks (or fork!) and let’s embark on a global noodle odyssey!

The Origin of OG Noodles

Noodles are savored for their rich taste, but they have a long and rich history too. It hails back from China, as archaeologists found 4-000-year-old millet noodles at the Lajia excavation. Even the written record of the Eastern Han Dynasty has traces of noodles.  

Written records from the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD) mention noodles. During this period, wheat flour became a popular ingredient, and noodles became a part of every kitchen. The development of alkaline noodles for easier storage and transportation also happened this time. 

There’s a long debate about whether noodles originated in other regions besides China. Do you know that noodles length is linked to long life in some Chinese traditions?

By the 9th century AD, they had reached Japan and, later, Korea. These Asian countries developed unique noodle dishes like ramen and japchae that have become really famous among young people due to their ease of preparation.

 Regardless of origin, noodles today are a global staple and comfort food.

5 Types of Noodles Dishes That Are Worth Trying!

By now we know noodles fall into Chinese cuisine, available in different fusions in different parts of the world. From the abundant variety, here are five must-haves in noodles that are appetizing and top noodles picks.

1. Chilli Garlic Noodles

Love spicy? Chilli Garlic Noodles is your go-to option. The fierce combination of chili and garlic is enticing and scrumptious. Noodles are tossed in a savory and spicy sauce. It is a quick one to prepare and perfectly fits a lazy Sunday routine. As the name suggests, the primary ingredients are chili flakes, chili garlic paste, vinegar, soy sauce, and noodles. Some people like to combine it with different types of veggies to add taste and color.  

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2. Veg Noodles

The classic OG noodles have to be these veggie noodles. The delicious vegetarian option is stir-fried noodles with vegetables, cooked in a sauce. People who find it hard to eat vegetables can surely give this recipe a try, where you can consume daily vegetables to your liking. However, there is not one recipe to make vegetarian noodles, as it varies according to preferences. The common remains are noodles and assorted vegetables minced into a simple sauce. It is readily available in most parts of the world, and it is a top choice among Indians.  

The flavorful yet humble veggie noodles can have any ingredient you like, from tofu for protein to bell peppers and corn for nutrition. No vegetable is too much vegetable in veggie noodles.

3. Chicken Noodles

It is a love affair for all the non-vegetarians looking for little good things in their noodles. In many parts of Asia, chicken noodle soup is a go-to dish for a hearty meal on a chilly day. It is a delicious, flavor-packed meal prepared with chicken, noodles, vegetables, and a variety of sauces. This offers an amalgamation of textures and flavors in each bite. The chicken noodle soup can make you feel warm when sick, and stir-fried noodles can entice your taste buds when you go hangry. 

4. Egg Noodles

The delicate strands of egg noodles have a delicate texture with a golden tint. With wheat flour and eggs becoming the main ingredients, egg noodles are slightly different and chewier than regular noodles. It is a global favorite and a must-have in the authenticity of European, Chinese, and Japanese. The versatility is astounding; relish them in salads, stir fries, and eat them hot or cold. To explore the magic, try them in iconic noodle dishes like Pad Thai, Chow Mein, Egg Soup, and similar recipes.

5. Hakka Noodles

Hakka noodles are an Indo-Chinese cuisine touted for their fineness. It is an evening snack with a lip-smacking taste and is a wonderful option to devour with your family and friends. Prepare them with a healthy combination of vegetables, tossed tofu, and piquant sauce to unravel the taste like never before.  

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What goes into making noodles?

Originally, regular noodles were prepared from flour, salt, and water. However, with new types of noodles originating, ingredients have changed over time, but flour, salt, and water remain constant. 

The process of making noodles involves unleavened dough rolled into a flat and cut into long strings. While there are many noodle recipes to experiment with, the ingredients can vary too.  

Noodles can be prepared from wheat, buckwheat, whole flour, and seaweed, showing the sweeping spectrum.  

These are available in a variety of shapes, similar to the extensive variety available for cooking pasta like fettuccine, farfalle, bucatini, penne, and more.


So, that’s all about noodles and their extensive types. From staple veggie noodles to succulent egg noodles, there’s a noodle world waiting to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you are a foodie or not, undertaking this noodle odyssey is nothing but culinary.  

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Try Various Flavors at A Multi Cuisine Restaurant— BitesBee

Do you also love to treat your taste buds to different types of cuisine? If yes, you are a culinary enthusiast! Exploring the exquisite cuisines and their exotic flavors from across the globe is an exciting thing to do.  

Dishes like pizza from Italian cuisine, tacos from Mexican cuisine, and butter chicken from Indian cuisine are just the tip of the iceberg. The global cuisines are vast in terms of ingredients, taste, and culture, waiting for your exploration. 

But does that mean traveling all the way to Italy or different parts of the world? Not really; BitesBee is a foodie’s heaven, bringing incredible flavors to your plate in the lanes of Mohali, Punjab. 

Let’s talk about various cuisines and their top dishes that you can devour at BitesBee, the best multi-cuisine restaurant in Tricity.

Must-have Cuisines and Their Famous Dishes:

Every cuisine uniquely represents their culture. Some cultures see food as an emotion, while some see it as pride, and some as a sense of joy. Every food has a history and uniquely resembles a specific culture. Culture and their cuisines may differ, but the love for food remains the same.  

Some of the top cuisines from across the globe and their famous dishes:

Italian Delights 


Rich, tasty, and known for its simplicity, Italian cuisine is a timeless choice. It is famous for its succulent dishes like pasta and pizza prepared using tomato, cheddar cheese, and olive oil, primarily. However, different sauces are used, like Northern Risottos and Southern Spicy Sauces. Italian cuisine is a perfect blend of high-quality ingredients and rich taste, which also resembles their culture. When feeling low and hunger hits you hard, a bowl of pasta or fresh pizza can uplift your mood in no time.  

Must-have dishes: White Sauce Pasta and Farm House Pizza 

Chinese Cuisine

Be it street-style noodles or a tempting bowl of fried rice and manchurian, Chinese food is everyone’s favorite. Chinese cuisine, known for its particular taste and cooking method, is one of the most prominent cuisines across the globe. 

However, different versions of the exotic recipe in every neighborhood and state have been modified for local tastes.

The authentic Chinese foods include Cantonese dim sum, Sichuan spicy foods, and Shandong seafood. Subsisting foods include rice and noodles, as well as tofu. Essential taste harmonizes between sugar-sour, salty, bitter, and savory, utilizing methods such as stir-frying and steaming.  

Must-have dishes: Hakka Noodles and Gravy Manchurian 

Indian Spices

India has a diverse culture touted for vast beliefs, language, and cultural variation. The cuisine here focuses on spices and the use of curry and breads. It is primarily divided into two main types: one is North Indian food, which is rich with creamy sauces, and the other is South Indian food, which mostly includes rice preparations and coconut chutneys. 

There is a probability of tasting rather spicy dishes like biryani, tandoori chicken, dosas, and many others. Bear in mind the combination of tastes and textures here.  

Anyone looking for a delectable experience of both South Indian dosa and North Indian butter chicken should visit BiteBee, the multi-cuisine restaurant in Mohali. With the finest culinary expertise and delectable dishes, it is a must-visit stop for every foodie.  

Must-have dishes: Paneer Tikka and Butter Chicken with Naan 

Mediterranean Cuisines 

Want to eat a vibrant meal with a lot of nutrition? Mediterranean cuisine is a classic one to consider. The cuisine is renowned for its health benefits, hearty meals, and burst of flavors. With core ingredients like whole vegetables, fruits, quinoa, bulgur, and supreme olive oil, the cuisine is a powerhouse of taste and nutrition. Vegan eaters really enjoy the goodness of plants and delightful dishes like bulgur bowl, lentil soup, cucumber and tomato salad, and more.  

Must-have dishes: Mediterranean Sandwich and Saute Veg Salad

5 Customer Favorites at BitesBee, a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant!

Can’t stop drooling? We get it.  

BitesBee tops the list of multi-cuisine restaurants in Chandigarh; it is nestled in the heart of Mohali, serving a culinary experience. We offer dine-in, delivery, and takeout services to help you satisfy your cravings. Check out our customer favorites that are worth a try.  

  • Pasta 

The Italian pasta in the piquant sauces is a delight to indulge in. Not many know how to cook the authentic pasta sauce, but BitesBee has perfected the recipe. It is a chef special that never fails to satiate hunger while pleasing the palate. Pasta is simmered in creamy sauce, prepared fresh, and served with bread as a side dish. 

  • Fried rice and manchurian 

World-famous fried rice with manchurian is always on hand when you have no idea what to eat. Tantalizing your buds becomes easy with BitesBee’s fried rice with manchurian. When you are craving a gourmet meal but don’t commit to pizza or some fancy delicacies, you can’t go wrong with this combo. Visit or order online from BitesBee’s extensive menu.  

  • Chicken Salad

Salad looks bland until you add a tasty dressing and succulent chicken to it. No more eating boring salads to maintain good health; dig in the tasty chicken salad at BitesBee, which is a customer favorite for all the yum and health. Whether you are a gym enthusiast or a foodie, a hearty meal like this is a must-try for everyone.  

  • Rajma Rice 

Who doesn’t like a scrumptious bowl of rajma rice? Some eat it for nostalgia, and some for comfort. But the right ingredients and recipe are what make it a hit. Our home-style cooked rajma rice bowl is budget-friendly, chef’s best, and full of flavor.  

  • Chilli Garlic Noodles 

For all spice lovers, our fiery chili garlic noodles are a must-have for a gastronomic experience. The chili and garlic are an enticing duo that enhances flavors and elevates taste. Noodles are tossed in savory sauce, vinegar, and soy sauce and cooked to perfection. BitesBee has different types of noodles and can be customized to one’s liking for a fine dining adventure. 

The Ending Note 

From the rich spices of Indian cuisine to the delicate artistry of Mediterranean dishes, each culinary tradition offers a unique glimpse into the soul of its people. Through food, we connect, celebrate diversity, and embrace the beauty of cultural exchange. So let’s savor the richness of global cuisines, for in every bite lies a story, a history, and a shared moment of joy.

At BitesBee, a multi-cuisine restaurant, we serve a range of delicacies to our customers afresh. Visit us today and start on a delicious adventure around the world. Let us delight your palate and broaden your cultural horizons, one flavorful bite at a time.

How Can Expert Catering Make Your Corporate Event Successful?

Networking and celebrating your people are the core of corporate events, mostly. These events are a great way to collaborate and strengthen a company’s relationship with clients, employees, investors, and other businesses. 

Corporate events bring a great deal of responsibility and pressure to make them a success. In an effort to execute a successful corporate event, food plays a major role. Corporate catering is increasingly becoming popular among corporate companies for outstanding event planning.  

We are here to share how expert catering can add to the success of your corporate event and the steps to take for its fruition.

Why does corporate catering matter?

In corporate catering, food isn’t the highlight but leaves your guests with a bitter memory if it’s not of high quality and served well. Therefore, corporate catering matters a lot, and here are some reasons to consider it. 

Provides high-quality food

The biggest pitfall of ordering food online and setting a buffet on your own is the uncertainty of food freshness and the quality of ingredients. Corporate caterers take pride in using fresh and quality ingredients in the preparation of food. From sourcing ingredients to delivering an exceptional culinary experience, a good corporate caterer can take care of it single-handedly. The refined recipes ensure a delicious taste and a refined experience for each attendee.  

It saves time and effort

Managing food and service at a corporate event is a task. It seems petty, but it can turn any successful event into a blunder in no time if not done rightly. Professional catering services have expertise in planning, cooking, service, and cleaning up, which can be overwhelming when done alone. A professional catering service helps you save time and effort that you can devote to other aspects of the event. 

Finesse culinary experience 

Hiring a corporate catering service is an incredible way to enjoy your event. You can entrust professional caterers with appetizing and appealing gourmet experiences with their trained team of chefs and service. Professional caterers have experience with portion size, guest list size, different dietary preferences, and events. Hence, they can do a great job of organizing while leaving a lasting impression on your guests.  

Consistency of service 

Service is a primary factor in shaping the experience of people attending the event. A professional caterer offers consistency of service, with their trained staff treating each attendee with equal respect and making them feel valuable. Good service boosts networking and collaboration at an event, which can later become the talk of the town. Professional caterers can understand your unique needs for prestige clients and investors and strive to deliver a wholesome experience for each one of them. The personalized experience can appease your potential clients while taking loads off your chest. 

Things to consider for a successful corporate ev

Start early

Finalizing the catering can become a never-ending discussion. It is important to start planning better and earlier so that everyone’s on the same page. The choice of appetizers, beverages, and other snacks can make or break the culinary and overall experience of the guests attending the event. Try not to keep things for the end, as it can create mayhem and mental distress for the host.  

Set a guest list beforehand 

Corporate events are more of a celebration and display of a company’s success. Such corporate events becomes a hot topic of discussion among business circles. To ensure your guests have a fantastic experience, set a guest list beforehand and send the invitation. If any potential prospects, clients, investors, and media people are attending, they can plan their schedule accordingly and attend your event.  

Check dietary preferences

One main thing most corporate hosts overlook is considering their guests’ dietary preferences. As people become more health-conscious, setting the food menu has become more complex. Therefore, insist on checking dietary preferences so that every guest feels entertained and can have a delectable experience.  

Keep it simple

When finding a corporate caterer, don’t fall for the fancy words and dishes. Go for the simplest and most basic options that do not require experimentation with taste and palette. Food is part of the corporate event, not the highlight itself. Opt for corporate caterers who are professional and have experience with corporate meals, like BitesBee Corporate Catering. BitesBee serves an extensive range of corporate clients and meets their food requirements with finesse.  

Pick the right beverages

Beverages are the mood and vibe of any happening event. Give special consideration to the beverages you pick for the event. Wine and mocktails are a popular pick for corporate events; be event-specific and don’t put everything on the menu. 

Hire a professional corporate caterer

Once you are aligned on everything, hire a professional corporate catering company. You may want to do it all on your own, but it can get overwhelming and nerve-wracking before you even realize it. Corporate catering companies have the experience and expertise to handle the event, food, hygiene, and service. 

BitesBee Corporate Service is one stop for all corporate catering requirements. With top-rated chefs, out-of-the world taste, and world-class service, BitesBee makes your event talk out of town for all the good reasons. Corporate catering is time-saving, painless, and the finest choice for any corporate gathering or event. 

How do I find the right corporate catering service in Tricity?

Web Search

Start searching for the best corporate meals in Tricity on the web. This is a perfect way to reach out to the best corporate caterers in Tricity. You can reach out to blogs on the best corporate meals and corporate event services in Tricity, where you can get an in-depth guide on which one to consider and find the one that aligns best with your requirements.  

Ask for recommendations

Seek help from corporate folks who’ve been executing such events on a regular basis, or get corporate lunch boxes. Corporate meal providers often offer event catering as a service; try getting in touch with them. Recommendations can save you from the embarrassment of a bland event experience. Start early to find the right fit for your corporate event.  

Leverage social media

Social media is a fine way to find a good corporate caterer in less time with authentic reviews. Leverage social media channels like Meta and Instagram. Here, you can get the business details while taking a sneak peek at their service on their social media. 


All in all, finding the right corporate meal provider for corporate events can be a daunting task. However, with the right steps and pre-planning, you can find a reliable caterer who can help you indulge in a stress-free and scrumptious food affair. The above-mentioned guide will assist you in setting clear expectations for corporate meal providers and making a great choice for your event.  

BitesBee is a leading corporate meal provider in Tricity with a 4.7 rating on Google. It is a trusted catering service serving top clients like Reliance, Bosch, Quark, and more. BitesBee is a pioneer in the corporate meal space, touted for its high-quality food, pleasing taste, and professional services. Its corporate services are available in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula. For more details, visit BitesBee Corporate Meals and fill in your query to get in touch with experts. 

How to Foster a Positive Work Environment in 2024? Tips Recruiters Need to Know.

Is your workplace healthy and positive? If you are unsure of the answer, you should definitely give this blog a read until the end. Employees spend an average of one-third of their lifetime at work. The work environment plays an important role in their mental health and well-being. Badly managed workplaces can lead to poor employee performance and productivity. A positive workplace sets a strong foundation for a high-performing team and commercial results. 

Employees should feel good about their workplace and feel free to collaborate. Human resources is the catalyst of a workplace and can build a culture in the workplace by focusing on the employer-employee relationship. 

We need to understand that the company’s environment is a crucial tool to ensure employers and employees are aligned with the company’s vision. This work guide may help recruiters build a collaborative work environment.

The Characteristics of A Positive Work Environment.

A positive workplace is one where employees feel motivated, happy, and productive. The increasing challenges at the workplace have led organizations to zero in on fostering a strong culture and maintaining a healthy work environment. Following are the main characteristics of a positive work environment:. 


Trust is a frugal component in the foundation of a profitable and leading business. This ensures employees perform at their best and maximize YOY growth. To achieve high performance, create an environment where people are open to communication and thrive as a team. It is not something that can be built overnight but requires efforts from both employees and management, from entry-level to top management.  


Inclusivity is evident in the day-to-day operations of an organization, like decision-making. Day-to-day practices tell a lot about a company. If an employee doesn’t feel included in a conversation that’s important at every level, a positive work environment is far away from that organization. Build an inclusive work culture where everyone gets a chance to share their opinion and feels valued. This enables an organization to tap into the great potential of employees working at every level. 


If people are always irked and frustrated, the fall of the business is closer than you can imagine. Cooperation plays a big role in shaping a business and making it profitable. Making mistakes is a part of work life, so in such situations, cooperation is one such quality that allows people to respond rather than react. Therefore, human resources should pay additional heed to developing the quality of cooperation in the organization to achieve milestones together. 

Risk-taking support 

The ability to take risks and challenge the usual norms is what gets you ahead of your competition. A positive work environment gives their employees the required risk-taking support to create something big and innovative. This is also interrelated with trust. More trust means more risk-taking ability in employees, which results in pioneering industry trends while also adding to their learning.  


Not micromanaging directly translates to ownership. A good workplace has people with a sense of ownership regarding their roles and responsibilities. Everything does not involve everyone. Therefore, zeroing in on maximizing ownership can make the workplace positive and get away with petty arguments and delayed functions.  

The above mentioned characteristics are not definite but common among successful businesses. Human resources should identify the gaps in the organization and bridge them with strategic decisions while reflecting on these characteristics. 

6 Tips to Foster a Positive Work Environment

A study revealed happy employees’ performance increases by 12% at a positive workplace. 

Developing a positive work environment and ensuring your employees work at their best can be the best corporate strategy for companies at all levels. Here are some tips that can come in handy for building a positive and healthy work environment. 

Organize Outdoor Fun Activities: We are familiar with fun Fridays and activities in the workplace to encourage team collaboration. However, most of them are just serving corporate solemnity. Invest in employee-centric fun activities, especially the outdoor ones where they break out of formality and rejuvenate thoroughly. Henceforth, opt for outdoor fun activities where the team can feel refreshed and promote team collaboration at its core. 

Encourage Honest Communication: Open communication is the key factor in understanding whether everyone is singing the same song or not. Town halls, sessions, and collaborative conferences can help with open and honest communication. Addressing and resolving the concerns and conflicts gives the employees a deep sense of belonging. Keeping communication clear helps boost a positive workplace.  

Promote Work-life Balance- Work-life balance is a widely talked about topic, but with little or no implication in reality. Promote work-life balance by providing flexibility and remote work options. Encourage leaves and vacations among employees, maintain healthy work boundaries, and not send emails during off-hours. This allows employees to manage their personal and professional lives well and become less distracted.  

Companies like Deloitte are focusing on flexibility to improve the wellbeing of their workforce. 

Give Appreciation- Starting with recognition, decent increments, and appreciation are a few ways to promote employee satisfaction and validate their work. Furthermore, programs such as employee of the month, customized goodies, and food gift vouchers like BitesBee Corporate Meals can be a good motivator to rely on.  

Organize Wellness Programs- Stress and work pressure are increasing rapidly in the corporate sector. Consider arranging more wellness programs where employees feel safe to open up about their struggles and wellbeing. Yoga classes, stress management sessions, and zumba at the office are a few to name. Such programs assist in relieving stress and may prevent employees from developing chronic health problems. 


Food at Workplace- This one can be a real game-changer. Food boosts employee morale and improves performance quite directly, regardless of the type of organization. The modern workforce truly delights in food and counts it as a lucrative perk for the workplace. Start investing in corporate meals at your organization. BitesBee Corporate Meals has helped major corporate giants reap the benefits of meals at the workplace with professional catering services.

BitesBee Corporate Meals

A corporate meal is a common practice of getting food at workplaces that caters to different needs and serves multiple purposes. BitesBee corporate meals are available in Tricity- Chandigarh, Mohali, Panckula, and a few related areas. We strive to focus on giving quality food with an array of options to corporations to satisfy their workforce.  

We have Tricity’s top 1% of companies as our clientele, who trust us for our quality and seamless operations and have been with us since our inception.

Let’s discuss your corporate meal plan. Get Started. 


All in all, fostering a positive environment is not an overnight thing but a consistent and rigorous endeavor. With our inside-out guide to a healthy environment, you can leverage the practices mentioned above and start executing one thing at a time. The highlight of this guide remains offering corporate meals at the workplace to boost employee morale, promote healthy habits, improve employee retention, and overall create a positive work environment. 

Nevertheless, fostering a healthy environment requires a collective effort by people at all levels. Creating a harmonious workplace and building a healthy ambiance can offer benefits that go beyond increased performance and team collaboration.