7 Family Combo Meals to Order for Family Get-together!

“Family that eats together stays together” is a famous saying that you must have heard several times. Celebrating family’s love over delicious food is an old tradition that Indian people follow. Family gatherings are all about meet and greet, chit-chat, and good food but deciding what to order for meals remains a hassle even today.  

Looking for family combo meal deals that will make you drool? We’ve dug deep into Indian food names a to z for you and shortlisted best indian food combos for indian families. The delicious veg and non-veg bites can sate your hunger in no time. What are you waiting for? Let’s jump into the flavorsome list!

Food Combinations that will make you drool!


1. Cheese Tomato, Kadhi, Aloo Gobhi with Raita, Jeera Rice & Butter Roti

Whether you are preparing lunch or dinner, decision-making for the main course remains a hassle for family get-togethers. Kadhi that has the yogurt gravy with crisp pakoras feels like heaven in the mouth. This is the reason why India is worldwide popular for curry.

Elevate the taste by combining it with cheese tomato that adds a tangy twist to the meal. To make the serving big and appetizing, go for aloo gobhi with raita. You can complete the serving with jeera rice/ butter roti/ naan/laccha parantha (whichever you may prefer).


2. Shahi Paneer, Mix Veg,  Dal Makhani with Butter Naan/ Stuffed Naan

To witness the splash of flavors, shahi paneer is a favored food combination of vegetarians. Shahi paneer when served with Dal Makhni is a great option when you want to have something incredible. Mix veg sabzi completes this family combo meal perfectly. Butter naan/ stuffed naan is an elite option to be added.

You can get the tasty food delivered to your doorsteps for making family get-togethers fun in no time with BitesBee, order now.



3. Chicken Rara + Jeera Rice & Butter Naan

If you are a hardcore non-vegetarian, it’s time for you to rock because there’s something for you too. For the meaty affair, sizzling rara chicken with the exotic taste of Indian flavors will surprise your friends and family on the get-together.

The stirring dish is usually served with jeera rice & butter naan. Don’t go in the hassle of making one, instead order from the best place for family dinner in Chandigarh – BitesBee.


4. Methi Malai Paneer, Aloo Jeera, Rajma with Rice & Butter Naan/Roti

When looking for family restaurants in Chandigarh, you have a bunch of great options to explore. It is good to order yummy methi malai paneer, aloo jeera with rajma for the main course that satisfies your soul and taste. Your guests will be left in confusion about what to eat because all of the options are so good.

Any family combo meal is incomplete without rice, butter naan/butter roti (whichever you like). To complete a gourmand meal, add hot gulab jamun with ice cream for dessert and thank us later.


5. Egg Curry, Kadhai Chicken with Stuffed Naan/ Chapati 

The nutritional-rich delicacy of egg curry is a tummy-filling option. To relish the taste of heaven, what can be better than kadhai chicken? Stuffed naan or chapati both go well with kadhai chicken that non-vegetarians will cherish, without a doubt. 

So, now you know what to order for your non-vegetarian family/friends on your next get-together. The flavorful food combination will get you drooling in no time.


6. Dal Tadka, Paneer Do Pyaza, Mix Veg with Garlic Naan/ Butter Roti

Dal tadka remains a prime option in Indian households due to its authentic taste. Paneer do pyaza, a royal delicacy with the great taste of onions and grilled paneer, fits everyone’s taste. To sum up a whole meal mix veg with garlic naan/butter roti helps you to enjoy an appetizing meal option for Indian foodies.

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7. Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan

Butter chicken needs no introduction to any non-vegetarian, in fact, even foreigners are in love with it. The distinctive taste and blend of spicy and savory herbs make it taste perfect. You cannot resist but lick your fingertips after finishing the whole plate of butter chicken. Furthermore, if you want your guests to enjoy the same experience of food, just order it with garlic naan. You can thank us later.

When it comes to the yummy family meal combinations, we can go on and on. With a vast variety of meal options, BitesBee has much more than usual.  If you were scrolling through the family combos empty stomach, hunger must-have taken over you by now. To feed your hunger, try out the list of affordable restaurants in Chandigarh to enjoy eating large with less spending.  You are just one tap away from ordering the best meals from the best place for family dinner in Chandigarh – BitesBee. 


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