15 Tea Time Snacks You Must Try with Your Chai!

Do you know chai is the second most consumed beverage around the globe? Well, we aren’t really surprised to know the fact because chai is the only soulmate we believe in.

The day seems incomplete without a perfectly brewed cup of chai, but do you know what makes it even better? The mouth-watering tea time snacks sate your hunger and help you relax even on a hectic day.

However, finding the best snacks with tea is an exercise of trial and error. Worry no more about what snacks to serve with chai? Because we got you. Here we present our top 15 tea time snacks that are appetizing and taste great with chai. Let’s dive in.


1. Samosa

Samosaaa! The snack needs no introduction as it is a go-to snack for every chai lover that fits the chit-chat sessions effortlessly. This deep-fried, triangle-shaped north-Indian snack, when served with fresh chutney over a cup of chai, tastes like a warm hug after a hectic day.


2. Vada pav

Whether you are a 90s kid or Gen Z, warm and fresh vada, when served with chai, is an enticing dose of happiness that de-stress all your worries in no time. Vada pav is the most loved Mumbaikars snack that is consumed every day with the unfailing love of tea.


3. Paneer Pakoda

Can’t deal with hunger? Paneer pakoda & masala chai is all you need that sate your cravings right. Crunchy outside and soft inside, this Punjabi snack is popularly loved at BitesBee – the Best tea restaurant in Mohali. Paneer pakodas are the best tea party snacks that cut small talk with the scrumptious blend of flavors.



4. Biscuits 

Undoubtedly, chai and biscuits is a magical duo for all chai lovers. Though we all are guilty of leaving our biscuit too long in the cup of chai that it ends up drowning, but still, it fits the gossip table well. The classic sweet and salty flavored biscuits delight everyone over a freshly brewed cup of chai.


5. Bun Maska

Bun Maska is another tasty treat best enjoyed with tea. The classic bun tastes slightly sweet and surreal when dipped in hot tea. Introduced by Iranians, the light and mouth-watering chai party snack is relished whole-heartedly by tea lovers in Chandigarh and across the country.


6. Poha

Poha is a usual breakfast served in most middle-class Indian households due to minimal preparation time. Combine the flavorsome poha with piping hot tea to appease hunger when you feel like having something simple yet delicious. BitesBee is a chai spot in Mohali that dishes out the snack with varied fusions.


7. Kachori 

Crispy, flaky outside with chatpati fillings inside, kachori fits Indian tea snacks listing pretty well. When served with sweet-spicy chutney over a steaming cup of tea, Kachori will surely make you go like, ‘ahhhh.’ Bhojpuri people originated this crispy chai snack idea which is now served across India with different twists and pairs.


8. Dabeli

Enormously popular for its rich flavors, Dabeli is a worthy choice to have in your tea time. It resembles a bun (pav) heated on Tava and stuffed with potato mixture, sweet sauce, and additional toppings of pomegranate. This tummy-filling tea time snack originated from Kutch, Gujarat is now one of the hot-selling items at BitesBee, a cafe offering tea in Chandigarh.


9. Butter Toast

Pondering what snack goes good with tea? The crispy and lively combination of butter toast tastes surprisingly refreshing and goes well with tea. Butter Toast is one of the most popular foods to eat while binge-watching at 3AM and out of all food options. Set your mood right with piping hot ginger tea and whip off the Monday blues at BitesBee.


10. Bread Omelette 

Omelette is a french dish that has been modernized and experimented with different ingredients around the world. Bread omelet is hunger appeasing street food in India that is no less than a whole meal when served with tea that keeps you full for a good time.


11. Upma

Avoiding fried snacks? Upma is the healthiest tea-time snack to dig in with your cup of chai. The satisfying Indian dish, when mixed with varied veggies and spices, prepares a scrumptious chai time snack. Consider witnessing the wonder of south Indian flavors with north-Indian twists over a relaxing tea session.


12. Potato Wedges

Feeling bored of the same snacks? Try out finger-licking potato wedges for your tea session to have a fulfilling feeling. This US-originated dish perfectly fits the menu of the best tea spots in Mohali with tons of variation. The lip-smacking seasoning on potato wedges with freshly brewed tea feels like the ‘sukoon’ you need after a tiring day.


13. Bedmi Puri

Pooled with ingredients and spices, Bedmi puri is the right addition to your chai. Rajasthan is the origin-region of the rich delicacy, which is also quite popular among Delhiites. Bedmi Puri is a unique chai time snack option that not only tastes good but appeases hunger well too.


14. Aloo Parantha 

Aloo parantha, butter, and tea – there’s no better combo than this. When you crave good food that sets your mood, just hop onto tea and aloo parantha. The flavorsome Punjabi dish is easily available in the best restaurants of Mohali at fair prices. Combining the snack with the best tandoori chai of Chandigarh tastes like heaven.


15. Chilla

Besan chilla is a healthy yet delicious snack choice for your tea. The north-Indian delicacy is a lip-smacking and healthy choice to opt for your tea time. When cooked with little oil, lots of vegetables, and scoops of gram flour, the dish looks tempting and tastes delicious.

Did we help you find your perfect soul-snack that goes just right with your cup of tea? Order online or visit BitesBee – one of the top restaurants in Mohali, with your squad to capture the moments of life over a chit-chat session!

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