Popular Binge-watching Snacks of All Time!

OTT platforms have made binge-watching culture highly popular. Great internet connection, a worth-watching web series, comfy outfit, and most importantly binge-watching snacks can keep your weekend pretty sorted.

Whether it be Money Heist, Stranger Things, Games of Thrones, Sacred Games or Little Things – every series is accompanied by Popcorn, Pringles, Cheetos, potato chips, and some other usual Netflix foods. Here we bring you the best snacks for your next binge-watching session.

Binge-watching Snack Ideas for every binge!

Let’s catch a glimpse of mouth-watering snacks for your next favorite show binge.


1. Samosa chaat

Samosa is the best Indian snack to binge on while watching your favorite TV shows. This north-Indian cuisine is crunchy, tasty, and appealing to both eyes and tongue.
The spicy taste of samosa and thriller web series can be your best friends on boring weekends. Whether you are waiting for the new season of ‘Peaky Blinders’ or ‘Mirzapur’, samosa fits every scenario effortlessly.

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Masala Nachos with Cheese

2. Masala Nachos with Cheese

Nachos are the perfect binge-watching snack that matches the standard of every viewer. Whether you are watching ‘FRIENDS’ for the hundredth time or starting a new k-drama, nachos & cheese is a go-to snack. The spicy and smooth taste of the snack will undoubtedly keep you glued to the screen for hours (even we are guilty of it).
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3. Maggi

Maggi is the OG snack that perfectly fights hunger pangs. Maggi may sound bland when eaten frequently. But, it is good to be experimental with hot piping Maggi using ingredients like cheese, veggies, eggs, sauces, and the list goes on & on.
To have an exemplary experience, try basic Maggi with hot brewed tea and thank us later.

paneer tikka

4. Paneer tikka

Paneer tikka is the ultimate snack that never disappoints and tastes paradisal regardless of the time & occasion. We need to normalize having paneer tikka on regular days. It is indeed an enticing dose of happiness that sate cravings in the best way possible.
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breadsticks with dip

5. Breadsticks with dip

When looking for quick food options to snack on after work, breadsticks with dip can be the ideal choice. The good taste and great web series is the perfect way to make a hazy day better. The combo tastes heavenly, especially when enjoyed with salsa. Garlic bread is an ideal substitute when looking for something wholesome and delicious.


6. Bhelpuri

Want to binge on but don’t want to snack on foods that make you fat? Get started with bhel puri as it is a good alternative to unnecessary junk food (however, it can’t help you meet your body goals either). So, next time you want to snack on but want to gain less, you know what to have.
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7. Dabeli

Who called it Dabeli, not my binge-watching saheli?
Well, you can start considering it one now. The spicy and tangy taste feels like a splash of great flavors on the tongue. This Gujarati street food option is a must-try because of its spicy and sweet taste.
Furthermore, to elevate taste you can add tangy sauces or pair it up with refreshing lime soda. It is a popular Indian binge-watching snack and a great breakfast option too.

egg sub sandwich

8. Egg sub sandwich

The hot or cold serving of the sub sandwich feels ultimate with egg. When wondering what to eat while watching your favorite show? Egg sub sandwich is the answer.
It is an appetizing and fulfilling snack option that comes in handy for everyone. In addition, you can snack on an egg sub sandwich anywhere and anytime (even when you are finishing one season in one night).

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9. Donuts

If you are a hopeless romantic person and can’t help but watch ‘How I Met Your Mother’ then Donut can be your bae. Give your happy hormones a kick with the luscious donuts. The creamy and sweet donuts can be your mood booster and calm your sugar rush.
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As you came till the end, you probably liked our binge-watching snacks list, didn’t you? Keep these snacks handy for your next Netflix binge for an eye pleasing tummy filling experience. Also, get your hands on the refreshing beverages from our exotic collection of mocktails, regular tea, coffee and so much more.

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