Types of Maggi Every Maggi Lover Should Try!

Let’s talk about our childhood love, Maggi. The staple food of every Indian household which holds a special place in everyone’s heart. This quintessential 3 am snack serves you right when you crave something appetizing that can be made within two minutes. 

Wondering, what are some tasty maggi recipes? Well, everyone has their own taste, so there are endless ways to experiment with Maggi.

However, we have the top 12 types of Maggi that every Maggi lover must try.

12 Types of Maggi for Every Maggi Lover!


1. Plain Maggi

The classic Maggi is the finest variation of maggi due to its balanced taste and easy preparation.  Add Maggi in the boiling water, sprinkle taste enhancer and wait for the water to vanish to get a taste of heaven. 

The hot Maggi is the ultimate happiness that can easily better your gloomy mood. It is an inevitable part of typical Indian hostel life with uncountable memories. 

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2. Punjab di Maggi

Thinking about how to spice up maggi? Punjabi tadka is all it needs. If you prefer spicy food, BitesBee’s Punjab di Maggi is a perfect snack choice for you. 

The regular taste of maggi becomes enriching with exotic spiciness when mixed with varied herbs and spices. This comforting food fusion evokes a nostalgic taste from your mom’s kitchen. 

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3. Egg Maggi 

Egg Maggi, a variation that is worth a try for every Maggi lover. The tantalizing taste of Maggi perfectly sits with eggs when added to Maggi in the making.

All you need to do is prepare the usual Maggi, add eggs in making and mix it vigorously.

Voila, the delicious Maggi is ready for you. The surreal taste of Maggi feeds you wholesomely. 

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4. Cheese Maggi Toast

The cheeseeeee, Maggi, and toast that’s what we call a combination made in heaven.  This amazing brunch option requires two toasted bread slices and Maggi prepared with loads of cheese. Put Maggi in the middle and enjoy the paradisiacal taste. 

You can also add chili flakes and oregano to amplify the taste of Maggi. It is an appetizing breakfast option that can sate your hunger perfectly.


5. Veg Masala Maggi

In the northern region, no cuisine is complete without masalas. How can we miss masalas for apni favorite maggi? Try out the epic taste of veg masala maggi prepared with veggies and lots of masalas. 

With a little effort, you can make a tummy-filling Maggi serving that feels like wholesome love served in a bowl.  However, if you want to relish the dish thoroughly, try it out at BitesBee the best place to eat maggi noodles in Chandigarh, Mohali.


6. Crunchy Maggi Fritters

In the monsoon season, when rain drizzles without any notice, sipping a hot piping cup of tea with Maggi fritters is true bliss. The goodsome taste of maggi and tea makes you forget all your worries for the time being. 

When you want to try fritters with a twist, Maggi fritter is a perfect recipe to experiment with. Dip the boiled Maggi in the gram flour batter, fry out crunchy fritters, and season it with masalas. Will you try this fun and tempting Maggi variation?


7. Chicken Maggi

For the gourmands, chicken Maggi is the best choice to hold onto. Chicken Maggi is not only tasty but also a fulfilling meal option. The preparation of chicken Maggi is tedious for a lazy cook so getting a helping hand would be great. 

It can easily suffice the servings of chicken when you want to spend less but try the best food. Adding Maggi to small portions is a smart practice.

Egg Burji Maggi

8. Egg Bhurji Maggi

Egg bhurji is a prevalent option for Indian households that gym addicts also prefer as a post-workout meal. Consider trying out the egg bhurji Maggi to tickle your taste buds. 

Its preparation is simple, start by making a simple egg bhurji and further mix it with apni favorite Maggi. 


9. Soupy Maggi

Among endless variations of Maggi, soupy Maggi is one of the most favorable ones. Nevertheless, soupy Maggi is a bit tiresome job to perform to get that needed consistency of soup. 

The best part about soupy Maggi is the choice to add an endless number of veggies to it. You can be experimental with Maggi masalas to enjoy taste just the way you like. 

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10. Corn Capsicum Maggi

The corn and capsicum Maggi is worth a try for everyone who likes a flavorsome palate but with balanced spiciness. The juicy corn and fresh capsicum when sautéing in butter taste toothsome. 

We don’t mind adding this balanced variation of Maggi into our apni favorite Maggi listicle. A handful of corn and one capsicum would suffice to add a magical blend to your regular Maggi. It can be a simple yet classic appetizer for a fun get-together. 


11. Tomato Maggi 

It may seem like a simple Maggi but the lip-smacking taste makes you go ‘mmmhhh’.  It is all about the sweet and savory taste of Maggi that stays for long due to finely diced tomatoes. 

The tomato concassé can be a good substitute for roughly chopped tomatoes which gives the needful tangy taste to your Maggi. The mouth-watering taste of the cuisine melts in your mouth and can make up for a bad effortlessly. 


12. Salsa Maggi

Last but not the least, salsa Maggi can blow your mind with simple ingredients only. The finely diced tomatoes, coriander, onion, and cucumber reminiscence the exotic taste of a Mexican palate. 

Add crushed black pepper, salt, and lemon juice for an enriching taste.  You can adjust the spice level as per your preference from mild to Maggi fusian for a hearty taste.

“How do you like your Maggi?”

Well, you can now answer this question pretty well now as we have shared the epic Maggi variations to fit your snack list. 

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