Weird Food Combinations We Don’t Approve Of!

What’s that one food combination that makes you feel yuck? Well, pineapple on pizza isn’t the weirdest combo as we have got a bunch of them to surprise you. Strange taste aficionados around the world appreciate bizarre food combinations that are shocking for most of us. 

How about knowing some of the most freaky food fusions? Here, we are sharing weirdest food combinations that we don’t approve of due to their sinful taste.


1. Nutella with Biryani

I feel like sanitizing my eyes! Well, we are not overreacting but you can’t mess up with the heavenly taste of Biryani. Nutella is the real happiness but mixing it with the soul-filling biryani is a straight no for us. In the times where elachi is troublesome in Biryani, how is even Nutella acceptable?


2. Popcorn with Ketchup

Suppose you are about to watch the most awaited movie ‘The Eternals’ with a large bucket of popcorn with coke and someone puts ketchup on it. We can feel your disappointment with this freaky fusion. People are trying out this weird food combination that is sickening and not justifiable to us.


3. Fruit Salad with Ketchup

Seems like ketchup is doing wrong to the world. Healthy fruits are also ruined by pairing them with ketchup. There are foodies who like to pair fresh fruits with ketchup to surprise their taste buds. Indeed, it seems disgusting and tastes horrific to us making it an intolerable pick to go along with.

4. Golgappe with Dahi and Chocolate Filling

Golgappe keeps life going smoothly but seems like living peacefully is a crime. Golgappe with chocolate and dahi filling is one of the disgusting food combinations that’s why it has made fourth place in our listing. Would you ever try this combination? We think you shouldn’t!

Peanut-Butter-Dill-Pickle combination

5. Peanut Butter with Dill Pickle

Peanut butter is a good and healthy option for clean eaters. To uplift the mood, foodies are trying it out with a dill pickle to relish the sweet and savory taste. Indeed, it fits weird combinations of food listing rightly due to the outrageous ingredients that are put together.


6. Vanilla Ice cream with Soya Sauce

The innocent vanilla ice cream is pooled with soya sauce that overshadows the ice-cream taste completely. The black soy sauce is strong enough to disrupt the sweetness of ice cream and make you question for trying this. It is better to keep different flavors different and avoid torturing your taste buds.

funny memes

7. Hot Chocolate with Salt Seasoning 

On cold winter nights, a hot chocolate mug brings the biggest smile to the face and evokes nostalgia. To flatten the taste, salt seasoning is an addition that weird food bingers go for with hot chocolate. The reason behind this weird food combo is to escalate the sweet and salty tastes to tingle your taste buds.


8. Waffle and Pasta Sauce


You must have enjoyed waffles with Nutella, whipped cream, or honey syrup but there is more weirdness to it – Pasta sauce. Pasta sauce with waffles is a fusion that most people appreciate due to the spices and herbs of pasta sauce that sits easily with waffles. It is good to enjoy your waffles with strawberries and whipped cream rather than going for this off-beat pairing.

pizza-nutella weird food

9. Nutella Pizza

First pineapple on pizza and now Nutella on pizza, seriously people need to calm down. Why can’t we enjoy the Italian masterpiece with its authenticity and great toppings of corn, onions, and lotttttt of cheese??? 

The Nutella pizza is again a fusion that we find insane to accept for the sake of trend. Instead, consider trying out BitesBee’s Spicy Paneer Pizza that feels like the ultimate bliss.


10. Toasted Bread with Mayonnaise & Pineapple

You must have heard about sandwich-mayo, chicken-mayo, salad-mayo but that’s all passe. Toasted bread with mayo & pineapple is what the strange food combinations list brings you to the table. We neither understand the taste nor reason behind this combo but if you are feeling gutsy this can be a chance for you. Nevertheless, it is the crazy fusion of good things where the result may not be good.


11. White Sauce Momos with Chocolate & Oreo filling 

Momos, famously known as Dumplings top the list of favorite foods across the nation. These are served with different fusions among experimental eaters however the authenticity of the taste is maintained pretty well. 

People are becoming experimental with eating habits by choosing white sauce momos with chocolate & Oreo filling. This peculiar food combination completely overshadows the authentic momos’ taste. 

The above-mentioned bizarre food combinations can make you feel go ‘ewww’ and we don’t approve of them too. Let us know about the food combinations that you find the craziest among all and you don’t even dare to try! 

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