Popular Binge-watching Snacks of All Time!

OTT platforms have made binge-watching culture highly popular. Great internet connection, a worth-watching web series, comfy outfit, and most importantly binge-watching snacks can keep your weekend pretty sorted.

Whether it be Money Heist, Stranger Things, Games of Thrones, Sacred Games or Little Things – every series is accompanied by Popcorn, Pringles, Cheetos, potato chips, and some other usual Netflix foods. Here we bring you the best snacks for your next binge-watching session.

Binge-watching Snack Ideas for every binge!

Let’s catch a glimpse of mouth-watering snacks for your next favorite show binge.


1. Samosa chaat

Samosa is the best Indian snack to binge on while watching your favorite TV shows. This north-Indian cuisine is crunchy, tasty, and appealing to both eyes and tongue.
The spicy taste of samosa and thriller web series can be your best friends on boring weekends. Whether you are waiting for the new season of ‘Peaky Blinders’ or ‘Mirzapur’, samosa fits every scenario effortlessly.

Try out one of the best Indian cuisine – Samosa Chaat starting only @49

Masala Nachos with Cheese

2. Masala Nachos with Cheese

Nachos are the perfect binge-watching snack that matches the standard of every viewer. Whether you are watching ‘FRIENDS’ for the hundredth time or starting a new k-drama, nachos & cheese is a go-to snack. The spicy and smooth taste of the snack will undoubtedly keep you glued to the screen for hours (even we are guilty of it).
Give it a try! Order Masala Nachos with Cheese online at BitesBee


3. Maggi

Maggi is the OG snack that perfectly fights hunger pangs. Maggi may sound bland when eaten frequently. But, it is good to be experimental with hot piping Maggi using ingredients like cheese, veggies, eggs, sauces, and the list goes on & on.
To have an exemplary experience, try basic Maggi with hot brewed tea and thank us later.

paneer tikka

4. Paneer tikka

Paneer tikka is the ultimate snack that never disappoints and tastes paradisal regardless of the time & occasion. We need to normalize having paneer tikka on regular days. It is indeed an enticing dose of happiness that sate cravings in the best way possible.
Make your next binge-watching session elite with BitesBee’s most ordered dish.

breadsticks with dip

5. Breadsticks with dip

When looking for quick food options to snack on after work, breadsticks with dip can be the ideal choice. The good taste and great web series is the perfect way to make a hazy day better. The combo tastes heavenly, especially when enjoyed with salsa. Garlic bread is an ideal substitute when looking for something wholesome and delicious.


6. Bhelpuri

Want to binge on but don’t want to snack on foods that make you fat? Get started with bhel puri as it is a good alternative to unnecessary junk food (however, it can’t help you meet your body goals either). So, next time you want to snack on but want to gain less, you know what to have.
Starting munching Bhel Puri only @79, order online now!


7. Dabeli

Who called it Dabeli, not my binge-watching saheli?
Well, you can start considering it one now. The spicy and tangy taste feels like a splash of great flavors on the tongue. This Gujarati street food option is a must-try because of its spicy and sweet taste.
Furthermore, to elevate taste you can add tangy sauces or pair it up with refreshing lime soda. It is a popular Indian binge-watching snack and a great breakfast option too.

egg sub sandwich

8. Egg sub sandwich

The hot or cold serving of the sub sandwich feels ultimate with egg. When wondering what to eat while watching your favorite show? Egg sub sandwich is the answer.
It is an appetizing and fulfilling snack option that comes in handy for everyone. In addition, you can snack on an egg sub sandwich anywhere and anytime (even when you are finishing one season in one night).

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9. Donuts

If you are a hopeless romantic person and can’t help but watch ‘How I Met Your Mother’ then Donut can be your bae. Give your happy hormones a kick with the luscious donuts. The creamy and sweet donuts can be your mood booster and calm your sugar rush.
Order donuts online to your doorsteps with BitesBee in no time.

As you came till the end, you probably liked our binge-watching snacks list, didn’t you? Keep these snacks handy for your next Netflix binge for an eye pleasing tummy filling experience. Also, get your hands on the refreshing beverages from our exotic collection of mocktails, regular tea, coffee and so much more.

Health Benefits of Eating Salad

The rise of social media has made people conscious of their physical appearance. Eating salad comes out as a ritual that most influencers have been following to maintain their physical health. The benefits of eating salad aren’t something we have never heard before, what’s wrong with recalling them once again, Let’s do it!

Health Benefits of Eating Salad

Salad is said to be having higher nutrition levels. However, apart from nutritional adequacy, there are some surreal health benefits of eating salad that everyone should know about.

1. High Source of fiber

Eating foods high in fiber is reported as good for weight loss as well as prevention against colon cancer. Raw veggies and leafy greens are popularly known as a natural source of fiber. With the consumption of foods high in fiber, you can enjoy multiple health benefits-

  • Helps control blood sugar
  • Aids with weight loss
  • Keeps unnecessary cravings in check
  • Prevents bowel diseases

2. Eat more gain less

Well, this sounds like everyone’s dream, right? Salads make this dream come true when eaten in the right way. Eating more salads in small intervals helps you feel fuller and you consume fewer calories than usual. Following up on this eating ritual can help you shed extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight surely. It is indeed a prime health benefit of eating the salad that maintains the body in good shape.

3. Keeps your brain young

Eating salad daily can keep your brain youthful and well-functioning. According to a study at Rush University, eating salad regularly can slow cognitive decline. The damage done by free radicals (harmful molecules) is easy to protect with antioxidants, present in raw vegetables. In addition, there is a lower tendency of having head and neck diseases in the case of regular salad eaters.

4. Improve skin health

Want to maintain good skin? Eat salads!
To maintain good skin, keeping up with hydration levels is important. Higher hydration levels found in leafy greens and raw veggies emphasize the importance of eating salad even more.

5. Safeguards your heart

A selective variety of leafy greens contain nutrients that safeguard the heart against stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Both fiber and folate are present in higher amounts within salads that furthermore reduce the risk of heart diseases. Henceforth, the benefit of eating salad prevails, it also promotes the longer living of an individual.

What is the Best Time to Eat Salad?

Eating salad is good as it has innumerable health benefits but here comes the question: what is the best time to eat salad? Well, considering the different cultures there are various guides that depict different times to eat salad. Having salad any time of the day (lunch or dinner) is good but there’s more to it. So, we have categorized it into three-

Salad before meal

Most Americans believe eating the salad before their meal is optimal for better digestion. Additionally, eating salad prior makes you feel fuller and prevents overeating.

Salad during the meal

A majority of people eat salad during their meal where you don’t have a two-course meal instead everything is served all at once. It is a good idea if you don’t want to skip your salad.

Salad after meal

In European countries, Italians and French prefer having salad after meals. It is believed that following the same eating pattern is good for the digestive system. It also heightens the curiosity of having desserts (however there are not any specific sources for digestion belief).

Can you lose weight by eating a salad?

Here comes an important question, can you lose weight by eating a salad? Well, usually people prefer a salad diet to lose weight but is it worth it?

The answer is yes (partially). Salad does help with calorie deficit however needful practices for weight loss are necessary too. Also, you need to be selective about the salad ingredients for the desired results. If you are having salads with different dressings containing fats, it wouldn’t help with calorie deficit but will set you back in your weight loss journey.

Henceforth, having salad can be a significant step in weight loss but alone it cannot help you achieve your ideal weight.

Best Salad Options at BitesBee

We have discovered that eating salad is indeed a good practice to keep the body in shape and enjoy innumerable health benefits. BitesBee- the finest food restaurant in Mohali, offers scrumptious healthy bites options that you can hop onto.


Fresh Green Salad

Fresh green salad made with leafy and tasty raw vegetables when served with food tastes surreal. Green salad is a good-to-go option for weight loss that is light on the pocket and soothes your stomach perfectly. 


Saute Vegetable Salad

Can’t go for raw veggies? Get started with a saute vegetable salad option at BitesBee. Salads sauteed in healthy oils, perfected seasoning and dressing is an ideal option for food gourmands.


Paneer Salad

Paneer or Indian cottage cheese when added to salad elevates the taste. The exotic salad option is appealing to both eyes and taste buds. Paneer salad is highly nutritional and serves a tasty palate to foodies. The healthy fats of paneer are easily digestive making the dish a suitable option to fit into your diet plan.


Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is a highly nutritious and healthy option. With wholesomeness of veggies and luscious chicken, this combination is made in heaven. The amazing salad option is not only appetizing but also fulfilling, so dig in without ado at BitesBee.


Scrambled Eggs with Veggies

To get started with the habit of having green and clean, you must try out scrambled eggs with veggies. The ultimate taste of the cuisine leaves everyone spellbound and marveling for the taste.


Grilled Chicken with Veggies

Grilled chicken with veggies is a lip-smacking dish at BitesBee. Chicken is rich in protein that aids with weight management and also prevents heart diseases. The amino acid tryptophan is present in chicken that helps with releasing serotonin (the feel-good hormone). Surely, you’ll cherish the taste along with enjoying multiple benefits.

So, here we come to the end of our salad discussion. Do explore the great health benefits of eating salad on your own at one stop for all your cravings – BitesBee. You can order online or visit us whenever you feel hangry to evoke a mind-blowing sensory experience.

Jaw-dropping Fun Food Facts You Barely Know!

If you think you know your food, we bet you don’t. Here are a bunch of fun food facts that you hardly know about.

Keep reading to know interesting food facts and use them in the future to sound cooler in your squad. 

Fun Food Facts You Never Knew Earlier!

image 20

1. Cashew grows on a fruit

This was a shocking yet fun food fact, right? We don’t want to admit it but it was shocking to us as well. Cashew is grown in a shell attached to a cashew apple on the tree’s branch. When harvesting cashew the whole thing along with the branch is taken down and further process is done by hand.


2. Sandwich is a Gambling Addict’s Invention

The sandwich you love to eat is the invention done on the demand of gambler ‘Montagu’. He had a habit of gambling relentlessly and during a long binge, he didn’t want to put cards down so he requested the chef to give something to eat that can be eaten easily. That’s how the sandwich was made. It is also known as the 4th Earl of Sandwich in London.


3. Cheese is the most stolen food around the world

Cheese, the highly favorable dairy product, is also the most stolen food around the world. According to reports, 4% of cheese produced in a year ends up being stolen due to its lucrativeness. The black market of this delicious snack is evident to show the likability around the world. It is a shocking yet fun food fact to get familiar with.


4. Sandwich was smugged to Space

Did you know this interesting fact about food? If not, let us tell you that sandwich traveled to space. It’s funny but true how someone can be so in love with their sandwich that they took it along in space. Also, it’s a pity to know that most of us couldn’t make it to space but a sandwich did. Astronaut John Young smuggled a hefty corned beef sandwich into space in 1965.
Craving for a Sandwich? Order your snack from BitesBee


5. It takes 2-3 years for a pineapple to grow

The process of bearing pineapple is not only tiresome but also time-consuming. People putting pineapple on pizza should understand that it takes 2-3 years for the fruit to grow so it should be eaten and enjoyed thoroughly. Isn’t it an interesting food fact and worth sharing in your squad?

image 19

6. Banana is a berry however strawberries are NOT

Bananas are berries whereas strawberries are not, which makes our whole life feel like a lie. Banana belongs to the category of kiwis and cucumbers which are berries. If wondering why? Banana fulfills the requirements of botanical berries as being grown with one single ovary. It may be hard to accept but your favorite banana is a berry.


7. 25% of hazelnuts of the world are used for Nutella

Nutella preparation takes around 25% of the total supply done around the world. The number is more than 100,000 tons that are consumed for the production of beloved Nutella. The lush spread becomes tastier with the largest quantity consumption of hazelnuts.

image 22

8. Food taste changes when you have it while flying

The taste and smell of food are what makes them interesting but at higher altitudes, your smell and taste senses don’t work as usual. When you have your meal at 30000ft above the ground, you tend to lose your sense of smell. You mainly lose the taste senses for salty and sweet foods but sour, bitter and other tastes are almost unaffected.
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9. Human has 60% same DNA as Banana

The beautiful creation, the earth belongs to humans because we have unique building blocks but you can wait to believe so. 60% of genes humans possess are identical to that of bananas and the rest of the 40% make human beings what they are. Basically, we are 60% Banana
hectic day.


10. Ketchup was used for medicinal purposes

People who are fond of ketchup would drop their jaw after knowing that ketchup was used for medicinal purposes. In the 1800s, tomatoes were assumed to have medicinal traits. Ketchup was even used for the recipe that was furthermore consumed as the pill used to treat diarrhea and indigestion. Will you try this crazy food fact to cure your indigestion? Do let us know how it went!

chocolate currency

11. Chocolate was used as currency in ancient times in Mexico

The Maya civilization loved cocoa beans and used to collect them as taxes. Due to the scarcity of cocoa beans, Mayans used cocoa beans for the barter system. The chocolate you enjoy today could have had hefty value during the Maya civilization.


12. Mountain Dew has Orange Juice in it

Wait, what?? This is surely a surprising food fact for us. The ‘Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai’ drink holds goodsome popularity among youth which mainly tastes like lime soda. Orange juice is one of the main ingredients of Mountain Dew alongside carbonated water, citric acid, and high fructose corn syrup. So, don’t judge a drink by its color.


13. Peppers is a richer source of Vitamin C than Oranges

Today we are here to share some ground-breaking realities, we ain’t sorry for it. We’ve always been told that Oranges are the rich source of Vitamin C but hey, peppers have turned out to be richer. The varied color of pepper has different concentrations of Vitamin C in them but more than two.


14. It is impossible to Overcook Mushrooms

If you are bad at cooking, try cooking mushrooms first. Okay no kidding, but you can’t overcook mushrooms thanks to their remarkably forgiving nature. The reason is a polymer that is present in cell walls better known as chitin. Chitin is resilient to heat. So you can certainly try your cooking sessions with mushrooms.


15. Potato, Onion, and Chilli were brought to India by the Portuguese

The staple ingredients of most Indian dishes – potato, onion, and chili aren’t actually from India. Potato, Onion, and chili were actually brought to India by the Portuguese. India undoubtedly shares endless food variety so this is just the tip of the iceberg as for Indian food facts.


16. Jelly and Jam are almost the same

Even after the same ingredients being used for jelly and jam, they are still identified differently. The only difference maker is the form of fruit that is used for the preparation. Jelly is made from fruit juice whereas jam is made from both fruit pulp and juice.
So whenever you can’t find jam for bread you may go for the jelly (at your own risk).


17. Potatoes are 80% of water

Do you drink or eat a potato? Well, this interesting food fact will make you think that you actually drink potatoes. Potato, the king of vegetables that manages to fit in every dish is actually 80% water. The freshly harvested potatoes are actually proven to be 80% water and 20% dry matter. Starch is present in potatoes up to 60% to 80% in the dry matter.


18. Loud Music makes you drink more beverage

Do you often spend too much in the clubs for drinks and are guilty of it? Well, you are not solely responsible for it because loud music is also at fault. A certain kind of music makes you drink faster so if want to keep a check on your drinking, look for a place that has a soothing music playlist like BitesBee – A Food Nest.


19. Nutmeg can make you feel high

How about getting high without eating anything absurd? Well, it may sound funny but nutmeg is the one we are talking about. This common spice has more to offer other than a warm and sweet taste in your favorite dishes. Nutmeg somewhat makes you feel high due to its hallucinogenic drugs (if consumed more than usual).
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image 21

20. Making obnoxious noises while eating can influence its taste

 You may find making obnoxious noises gross while eating. However, making these noises assists you to enjoy the taste of food thoroughly. According to researches, psychological reason plays a vital role in it. So, start making obnoxious noises and enjoy food to the fullest.


21. Cheese from Donkey Milk costs between $600- $1000

Sounds strange? In Serbia, ‘Pule’ cheese is made from Balkan donkey‘s milk which is fetched at a price of $600-$1000. Wondering why it is so expensive? The answer lies in its rarity and exceptional health benefits.


22. India is the largest exporter of Chillies in the world

Do you enjoy spicy food? Who doesn’t? Our native country, India is the largest exporter of red chilies around the world. Over the years, India has managed to keep up with a steady supply.


23. With the Amount of Nutella sold every year, you can paint ‘the Great Wall of China’ 8 times

The rich chocolate spread, Nutella is irresistible for people around the world. Nevertheless, you will be in shock to know the ridiculous amount of Nutella sold every year. The annual sales number is so crazy that you can paint the entire Great Wall of China with Nutella eight times.


24. Until 2011, Beer was considered a soft drink in Europe

There is a saying, “Happiness can’t be bought” but we don’t agree with it till the time beer can be bought. Russians used to treat this enticing dose of happiness the same as soft drinks until 2011. There was no need for special occasions to go drinking but only good food and mood was more than enough.

These fun food facts must have left you hungering for some delicious food. BitesBee got your back. Order online or Visit Us.
Also, Now that you know so many fun food facts, go flaunt them to sound cooler in your squad while munching on the tasty delicacies.

Best Breakfast Ideas Under ₹ 99 at BitesBee!

Without a doubt, the best thing about the morning is breakfast. Wait wait, let me correct, the best thing about morning is eating breakfast, preparing one remains a hassle surely. BitesBee wants to make your morning bright and happy so we are taking away the hassle of making breakfast for you. 

We are not fooling around but presenting 27 Tasty Breakfast ideas under ₹ 99 from BitesBee. Let’s look closer into the BitesBee menu to know the exciting deals all under your budget. 

27 Affordable Breakfast Options at BitesBee!

BitesBee- A Food Nest, located at the finest location of Bestech Business Towers, is a well-known place for breakfast in Mohali that provides a variety of breakfast options all under your budget. 


1. Idli Sambhar 

Start your morning fresh with some flavorsome south-Indian cuisines for breakfast. Idli Sambhar is a tasty cuisine that is tummy filling and energizes you for the entire day. You can also enjoy sambhar with vada for an appetizing experience. 

Serving starts from ₹79


2. Dosa

This south Indian authentic delicacy with savory taste is light and fulfilling at the same time. Dosa is a perfect breakfast option that you can enjoy at a minimalist price with fresh coconut chutneys. 

Serving starts from ₹79


3. Dabeli

How about something exciting and delicious for breakfast? BiteBee aims to fulfill all your cravings in time. Dabeli, a tangy and spicy bun stuffed with potatoes tastes heavenly that fits pocket and tummy both.  

Serving starts from ₹ 79


4. Chole Bhature

North Indians’ favorite balloon-shaped bhature with chole is true happiness that feels like a royal feast served on the platter. You can enjoy savory flavors with spicy chole bhature paired with pickled onions for the breakfast. 

Serving starts from ₹ 99


5. Paranthas 

Whenever asked, “What to have for breakfast?”, Parantha is usually the answer. Being Indian, the love for paranthas is deep-rooted in our hearts. 

Just like the melting butter on parantha, paranthas’ taste will melt your heart at a pocket-friendly price. Here you can try out different paranthas such as aalo parantha, mix parantha, egg parantha, paneer parantha, and many more. 

Serving starts from ₹19 


6. Burgers

How about sinking your teeth into the juicy, crispy, and fresh burgers for the breakfast? The word tempting depicts BitesBee’s burgers where you explore goodsome of tangy and enliven flavors. You can order from a wide range of burgers such as Veg Burger, Aloo Tikki Burger, Egg Burger, Chicken Tikka Burger, and Paneer Tikki Burger. 

Serving starts from ₹ 59


7. French Fries

The search for the perfect side dish ends at french fries but the delicious menu of BitesBee has more to it. Cheesy fries with salsa sauce and fries with peri-peri masala turn out to be the best breakfast deal under ₹99 for millennials. 

Serving starts from ₹79 


8. Paneer Pakoda

The Indian cottage cheese fritters aka paneer pakodas go perfectly with morning tea. With the chat masala sprinkled over it, soft inside and crunchy outside fritters is an apt option at BitesBee for Breakfast. 

Serving starts from ₹99 (10 Pieces)


9. Chole Puri

Tangy chickpea also called chana when served with round puri delights everyone with its taste. Chole puri is a north-Indian breakfast idea that can perfectly sate your hunger and morning moodiness. The pleasing taste of sabzi blends effortlessly with fresh puri combining flavors all at once. 

Serving starts from ₹ 99


10. Pao Bhaji

The soft bun toasted with butter is paired with spicy mashed vegetables that taste surreal. Pao Bhaji serving is wholesome and appetizing enough to relish your taste buds. This Maharashtra-originated dish is platted with authentic taste at BitesBee – the best place for breakfast in Chandigarh. 

Serving starts from ₹79


11. Kachori Sabzi

The flaky and crispy outside, kachori is relished with aalo sabzi that fades away from your Monday blues easily. You shall get full but not enough of the paradisiacal taste of the cuisine for breakfast. 

Serving starts from ₹79


12. Bun Maska

Every restaurant’s menu is incomplete without bun maska on it, so how can BitesBee be held back? BitesBee brings you the bonafide taste of Irani’s dish in the breakfast under 99 that makes your morning sound. 

Serving at a price of ₹39


13. Butter Toast

The ultra-comforting breakfast option of butter toast can’t be forgotten when talking about the delicious Indian breakfast options. Toasted bread when enjoyed with fresh butter is as good as a ray of sunshine in chilly winters. 

Serving starts from ₹39 


14. Aata Kulcha with Matar

The aata kulcha with matar sabzi is a highly favored street food breakfast option that BitesBee brings you with utmost quality and hygiene. Head to tantalize your taste buds with the mind-blowing taste of Indian cuisine. 

Serving starts from ₹79


15. Sandwich

The classic breakfast option of the sandwich is an appetizing meal to grab and bite when confused about what to eat for breakfast? Different sauces and veggies awesomely blend together making breakfast goodsome. Be experimental with endless varieties of sandwiches such as Veg Grilled Sandwich, Egg Grilled Sandwich, Paneer Tikka Grilled Sandwich, Mushroom & Corn Sandwich, and many others. 

Serving starts from ₹89


16. Wraps

The luscious wraps make their place on BitesBee’s breakfast menu under ₹99. A wide range of wraps falls under 99 price that tickles your taste buds. Consider trying out the best Veg Grilled Wrap, Egg Grilled Wrap, Paneer Tikka Grilled Wrap, and Chicken Tikka Grilled Wrap at BitesBee. 

Serving starts from ₹79


17. Scrambled Eggs with Veggies

Looking for something healthy in breakfast to cut those extra inches? Okay, here we go with scrambled eggs with veggies. The juicy vegetables with scrambled eggs taste heavenly and have a lower calorie intake as well. 

To get a taste of the healthiest breakfast option, Order Now from BitesBee. 

Serving starts from ₹99


18. Maggi 

When talking about the real love of childhood, no one has ever escaped the love of maggi. From the basic to tadke vali, everything tastes so much better when it comes to maggi. Maggi is a fantastic and yum breakfast to choose from when looking for something appetizing. 

Serving starts from ₹39


19. Soup

Soup is another light option that warms you up and puts a smile on your face. This hearty breakfast option never goes out of style at BitesBee thanks to varied options such as Veg Manchow Soup, Sweet Corn Soup, and Chicken Manchow Soup. 

Serving starts from ₹79


20. Samosa & Chai

Samosa has managed to fit the hearts of Indian folks pretty well. Munching on samosa and chai can be the best decision of the morning for you. It is a good way to kickstart your morning with the delicious Indian cuisine from BitesBee. 

Serving starts from ₹15 (Per Piece)


21. Poha

Recommended from nutritionists due to higher nutritional value, Poha is one of the healthy breakfast ideas that you can spoon on. Consider trying it out in the traditional way at BitesBee and relish the thrilling taste of the nutritious breakfast. 

Serving starts from ₹79


22. Upma

The beloved south-Indian breakfast option of Upma is scrumptious and also good for health. The goodsome Ghee cooked Upma as breakfast boosts your energy and keeps your hunger at bay. If craving for one, order now from BitesBee – The Breakfast Restaurants in Mohali!

Serving  starts from ₹79


23. Potato Wedges

The love of the crispy potato wedges is something no one can ever get rid of. Enjoy the classic taste of potato wedges for your healthy and tasty breakfast time without straining your pocket, only at BitesBee – A Food Nest. 

Serving  starts from ₹89


24. Bedmi Puri with Bhaji

This utterly delicious cuisine from Uttar Pradesh is an apt way to start your morning. The hot and flaky Bedmi Puri is served with sabzi and pickle that perfects your very first meal of the day. 

Serving starts from ₹89


25. Omelette

If you are looking for a healthy breakfast option, omelette is what we recommend. Fully packed with the goodness of omega-3, needful proteins, and antioxidants, the omelette is the deluxe breakfast option to go for. The fluffy and tasty omelet is a premium option to opt for under the mere price of ₹99. 

Serving starts from ₹59


26. Daadi Maa ki Khichdi 

People detest khichdi and suppose it to be food reserved for sickness. However, BitesBee manages to put an end to this belief with the incredible taste of khichdi cooked in desi ghee, making it the right breakfast option. 

Serving starts from ₹89 


27. Chilla Moong Dal 

The savory pancakes prepared from mung beak aka moong dal tastes surreal with a hot piping cup of chai/coffee (whichever you may prefer).  Paired with different species and veggies, Chilla Moong Dal is a great option to end our listing here of the best breakfast options under 99 at BitesBee. 

Serving starts from ₹99

Craving for quick bites of breakfast? Our Chefs are even more curious to serve you our best delicacies at unbelievable prices. Dig into the delicious food at BitesBee- the Best restaurant for breakfast in Chandigarh, Mohali. We’ve got your breakfast ideas sorted. Have a look into these luscious Indian lunch ideas to know what to have for lunch too? 

Visit Us or Order Online at BitesBee and explore the excellent cuisines of the exciting place.

What Should I Eat for Lunch? Indian Palate Ft. Vegetarian Edition!

Are you often stuck on What should I eat for lunch? Deciding what to eat for lunch is a common confusion that most of us have been through every once in a while.

Howbeit, finding the right answer to it isn’t that easy.

Lunch is a necessary meal and a major part of your daily routine due to which looking for something exciting is natural. BitesBee is here to answer the most asked question: what should I eat for lunch (Vegetarian edition), with multiple options of appetizers for lunch breaks.

Let’s dive into the listicle of mouth-watering vegetarian lunch ideas that can break through your regular palate.

What to Have for Lunch? Vegetarian Edition!

Lunch Break is the longest break of the day and also the time when your metabolism is at its peak. Vegetarian folks are often teased for eating similar kinds of meals but we got your back. So, here we present exciting options for your lunch.


1. Rajma Chawal 

We are starting the list with our most favorite dish for lunch, that’s rajma chawal of course. The homemade rajma chawal is a scrumptious and healthy lunch option

From Corporate meals to midday meal, it is a classic lunch option for Indian who love to live nostalgia. It is a beloved dish in northern region due to easy preparation. You can also have it with flatbread that tastes equally surreal. The good quality of carbohydrates and proteins makes it ideal for fitness freaks too.


2. Soya Malai Chaap

The soya chunks are healthy food containing a higher amount of protein such as minerals and B vitamins. Lunch is an important meal so Soya Malai Chaap is a delightful dish to pack as it is both healthy and tasty.

Thee lively and soothing taste of malai chaap is an incredible option to eat for lunch. However, not everyone is a fan of regular soya chaap, so trying it out with some malai fusion is a good choice though. Give it a try at BitesBee- A Food Nest where good taste is served. 


3. Matar Mushroom with Butter Naan

Looking for something healthy but don’t want to chew raw veggies? Well,   consider trying out Matar Mushroom with Butter Naan prepared with goodsome of healthiness and taste. The main ingredients are green peas, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes & spices. 

The yummy dish is beloved at BitesBee also it is one of the chef’s specialties. 

You can enjoy mild spicy matar mushroom with chapati, naan, or plain rice whichever you prefer. 


4. Cheese Tomato

To keep you going for the rest of the day, lunch has to be somewhat exciting. So, cheese tomato is a gourmet meal that can tingle your senses and the succulent option to flaunt at your workplace.

It is one of the finest vegetarian delicacies for lunch at work that even a lazy cooker can prepare. Having this tasty dish on a platter would be great for lunch (probably the one good thing about a tiring day). Don’t want to cook? Order online via BitesBee


5. Paneer Tikka Butter Masala

Paneeeeeeeeeeeeer is flavorsome Indian food that is tempting, creamy, and utterly delicious. Its preparation involves grilling paneer and enhancing taste by simmering paneer in the tasteful gravy. 

Paneer Tikka Butter Masala is not only tasteful to the tongue but also tempting for your eyes. If you haven’t had a proper breakfast, paneer tikka butter masala will perfectly satisfy your hunger. 


6. Veg Biryani with Raita 

Biryani needs no introduction. This aromatic rice dish is a favored choice that also enjoys good popularity among Indian gourmands. 

Veg Biryani is a celebratory dish in Indian households due to its varied flavors. In addition, it is the one-stop solution for all your midday cravings with wholesome varied veggies. This one-pot dish is a healthy lunch idea with a high source of manganese and dietary fiber.


7. Paneer Do Pyaza

Among various Indian main course vegetarian dishes, Paneer do Pyaza is our favorite one. Prepared with a larger quantity of onions, tomato puree, and enriching masalas, the dish is a tummy-pleaser. 

The savory and creamy taste of paneer do pyaza tastes heavenly with garlic naan. It’s authentic taste is palatable for vegetarians and an apt fit for every occasion. To get familiar with the divine taste, visit or order online from BitesBee– best lunch restaurant in Chandigarh. 


8. Cheese Naan with Gravy

If you are looking for quick lunch ideas, cheese naan with gravy is the premium choice to go for.

Cheese stuffed within maida bread when served with hot gravy offers a lip-smacking taste. BitesBee’s chef adds a secret ingredient to the gravy that enhances taste incredibly. Lunchtime becomes awesome with cheese naan and gravy that uplifts even your regular afternoon. 


9. Dadi Maa ki Khichdi with Curd 

We are not asking to bother your granny to answer your what should I eat for lunch? Instead, consider choosing BitesBee’s Special Dadi Maa ki khichdi with curd when you want to have something simple and light for lunch. 

Khichdi is made using moong dal and rice with Desi Ghee that aces it on the healthiness scale. To augment the taste, mild spices are added which are subtle but good enough to notice.

BitesBee hopes this listicle comes in handy for you when choosing lunch break options to get rid of the confusion. Get your lunch sorted at BitesBee where you get to explore wholesome options of lunch. 

Visit Us or Order Online to relish your taste buds with our tantalizing Indian dishes options. We do offer corporate meal options too.

Types of Maggi Every Maggi Lover Should Try!

Let’s talk about our childhood love, Maggi. The staple food of every Indian household which holds a special place in everyone’s heart. This quintessential 3 am snack serves you right when you crave something appetizing that can be made within two minutes. 

Wondering, what are some tasty maggi recipes? Well, everyone has their own taste, so there are endless ways to experiment with Maggi.

However, we have the top 12 types of Maggi that every Maggi lover must try.

12 Types of Maggi for Every Maggi Lover!


1. Plain Maggi

The classic Maggi is the finest variation of maggi due to its balanced taste and easy preparation.  Add Maggi in the boiling water, sprinkle taste enhancer and wait for the water to vanish to get a taste of heaven. 

The hot Maggi is the ultimate happiness that can easily better your gloomy mood. It is an inevitable part of typical Indian hostel life with uncountable memories. 

Craving Maggi? Order Now from BitesBee.


2. Punjab di Maggi

Thinking about how to spice up maggi? Punjabi tadka is all it needs. If you prefer spicy food, BitesBee’s Punjab di Maggi is a perfect snack choice for you. 

The regular taste of maggi becomes enriching with exotic spiciness when mixed with varied herbs and spices. This comforting food fusion evokes a nostalgic taste from your mom’s kitchen. 

Try Punjab Di Maggi at BitesBee


3. Egg Maggi 

Egg Maggi, a variation that is worth a try for every Maggi lover. The tantalizing taste of Maggi perfectly sits with eggs when added to Maggi in the making.

All you need to do is prepare the usual Maggi, add eggs in making and mix it vigorously.

Voila, the delicious Maggi is ready for you. The surreal taste of Maggi feeds you wholesomely. 

Order Egg Maggi from BitesBee


4. Cheese Maggi Toast

The cheeseeeee, Maggi, and toast that’s what we call a combination made in heaven.  This amazing brunch option requires two toasted bread slices and Maggi prepared with loads of cheese. Put Maggi in the middle and enjoy the paradisiacal taste. 

You can also add chili flakes and oregano to amplify the taste of Maggi. It is an appetizing breakfast option that can sate your hunger perfectly.


5. Veg Masala Maggi

In the northern region, no cuisine is complete without masalas. How can we miss masalas for apni favorite maggi? Try out the epic taste of veg masala maggi prepared with veggies and lots of masalas. 

With a little effort, you can make a tummy-filling Maggi serving that feels like wholesome love served in a bowl.  However, if you want to relish the dish thoroughly, try it out at BitesBee the best place to eat maggi noodles in Chandigarh, Mohali.


6. Crunchy Maggi Fritters

In the monsoon season, when rain drizzles without any notice, sipping a hot piping cup of tea with Maggi fritters is true bliss. The goodsome taste of maggi and tea makes you forget all your worries for the time being. 

When you want to try fritters with a twist, Maggi fritter is a perfect recipe to experiment with. Dip the boiled Maggi in the gram flour batter, fry out crunchy fritters, and season it with masalas. Will you try this fun and tempting Maggi variation?


7. Chicken Maggi

For the gourmands, chicken Maggi is the best choice to hold onto. Chicken Maggi is not only tasty but also a fulfilling meal option. The preparation of chicken Maggi is tedious for a lazy cook so getting a helping hand would be great. 

It can easily suffice the servings of chicken when you want to spend less but try the best food. Adding Maggi to small portions is a smart practice.

Egg Burji Maggi

8. Egg Bhurji Maggi

Egg bhurji is a prevalent option for Indian households that gym addicts also prefer as a post-workout meal. Consider trying out the egg bhurji Maggi to tickle your taste buds. 

Its preparation is simple, start by making a simple egg bhurji and further mix it with apni favorite Maggi. 


9. Soupy Maggi

Among endless variations of Maggi, soupy Maggi is one of the most favorable ones. Nevertheless, soupy Maggi is a bit tiresome job to perform to get that needed consistency of soup. 

The best part about soupy Maggi is the choice to add an endless number of veggies to it. You can be experimental with Maggi masalas to enjoy taste just the way you like. 

To understand the ultimate taste, consider trying it out first at famous Maggi spots in Tricity to experience the authentic taste.


10. Corn Capsicum Maggi

The corn and capsicum Maggi is worth a try for everyone who likes a flavorsome palate but with balanced spiciness. The juicy corn and fresh capsicum when sautéing in butter taste toothsome. 

We don’t mind adding this balanced variation of Maggi into our apni favorite Maggi listicle. A handful of corn and one capsicum would suffice to add a magical blend to your regular Maggi. It can be a simple yet classic appetizer for a fun get-together. 


11. Tomato Maggi 

It may seem like a simple Maggi but the lip-smacking taste makes you go ‘mmmhhh’.  It is all about the sweet and savory taste of Maggi that stays for long due to finely diced tomatoes. 

The tomato concassé can be a good substitute for roughly chopped tomatoes which gives the needful tangy taste to your Maggi. The mouth-watering taste of the cuisine melts in your mouth and can make up for a bad effortlessly. 


12. Salsa Maggi

Last but not the least, salsa Maggi can blow your mind with simple ingredients only. The finely diced tomatoes, coriander, onion, and cucumber reminiscence the exotic taste of a Mexican palate. 

Add crushed black pepper, salt, and lemon juice for an enriching taste.  You can adjust the spice level as per your preference from mild to Maggi fusian for a hearty taste.

“How do you like your Maggi?”

Well, you can now answer this question pretty well now as we have shared the epic Maggi variations to fit your snack list. 

Try out the finesse types of Maggi at BitesBee– the top-quality restaurant in Mohali to get a taste of mouth-watering delicacies. Can’t Visit?, Order Online Now at Big Discounts.

Weird Food Combinations We Don’t Approve Of!

What’s that one food combination that makes you feel yuck? Well, pineapple on pizza isn’t the weirdest combo as we have got a bunch of them to surprise you. Strange taste aficionados around the world appreciate bizarre food combinations that are shocking for most of us. 

How about knowing some of the most freaky food fusions? Here, we are sharing weirdest food combinations that we don’t approve of due to their sinful taste.


1. Nutella with Biryani

I feel like sanitizing my eyes! Well, we are not overreacting but you can’t mess up with the heavenly taste of Biryani. Nutella is the real happiness but mixing it with the soul-filling biryani is a straight no for us. In the times where elachi is troublesome in Biryani, how is even Nutella acceptable?


2. Popcorn with Ketchup

Suppose you are about to watch the most awaited movie ‘The Eternals’ with a large bucket of popcorn with coke and someone puts ketchup on it. We can feel your disappointment with this freaky fusion. People are trying out this weird food combination that is sickening and not justifiable to us.


3. Fruit Salad with Ketchup

Seems like ketchup is doing wrong to the world. Healthy fruits are also ruined by pairing them with ketchup. There are foodies who like to pair fresh fruits with ketchup to surprise their taste buds. Indeed, it seems disgusting and tastes horrific to us making it an intolerable pick to go along with.

4. Golgappe with Dahi and Chocolate Filling

Golgappe keeps life going smoothly but seems like living peacefully is a crime. Golgappe with chocolate and dahi filling is one of the disgusting food combinations that’s why it has made fourth place in our listing. Would you ever try this combination? We think you shouldn’t!

Peanut-Butter-Dill-Pickle combination

5. Peanut Butter with Dill Pickle

Peanut butter is a good and healthy option for clean eaters. To uplift the mood, foodies are trying it out with a dill pickle to relish the sweet and savory taste. Indeed, it fits weird combinations of food listing rightly due to the outrageous ingredients that are put together.


6. Vanilla Ice cream with Soya Sauce

The innocent vanilla ice cream is pooled with soya sauce that overshadows the ice-cream taste completely. The black soy sauce is strong enough to disrupt the sweetness of ice cream and make you question for trying this. It is better to keep different flavors different and avoid torturing your taste buds.

funny memes

7. Hot Chocolate with Salt Seasoning 

On cold winter nights, a hot chocolate mug brings the biggest smile to the face and evokes nostalgia. To flatten the taste, salt seasoning is an addition that weird food bingers go for with hot chocolate. The reason behind this weird food combo is to escalate the sweet and salty tastes to tingle your taste buds.


8. Waffle and Pasta Sauce


You must have enjoyed waffles with Nutella, whipped cream, or honey syrup but there is more weirdness to it – Pasta sauce. Pasta sauce with waffles is a fusion that most people appreciate due to the spices and herbs of pasta sauce that sits easily with waffles. It is good to enjoy your waffles with strawberries and whipped cream rather than going for this off-beat pairing.

pizza-nutella weird food

9. Nutella Pizza

First pineapple on pizza and now Nutella on pizza, seriously people need to calm down. Why can’t we enjoy the Italian masterpiece with its authenticity and great toppings of corn, onions, and lotttttt of cheese??? 

The Nutella pizza is again a fusion that we find insane to accept for the sake of trend. Instead, consider trying out BitesBee’s Spicy Paneer Pizza that feels like the ultimate bliss.


10. Toasted Bread with Mayonnaise & Pineapple

You must have heard about sandwich-mayo, chicken-mayo, salad-mayo but that’s all passe. Toasted bread with mayo & pineapple is what the strange food combinations list brings you to the table. We neither understand the taste nor reason behind this combo but if you are feeling gutsy this can be a chance for you. Nevertheless, it is the crazy fusion of good things where the result may not be good.


11. White Sauce Momos with Chocolate & Oreo filling 

Momos, famously known as Dumplings top the list of favorite foods across the nation. These are served with different fusions among experimental eaters however the authenticity of the taste is maintained pretty well. 

People are becoming experimental with eating habits by choosing white sauce momos with chocolate & Oreo filling. This peculiar food combination completely overshadows the authentic momos’ taste. 

The above-mentioned bizarre food combinations can make you feel go ‘ewww’ and we don’t approve of them too. Let us know about the food combinations that you find the craziest among all and you don’t even dare to try! 

If you don’t want to mess up with your taste buds, consider visiting BitesBee or Order Online where you get exotic, experimental but Bon appetit dishes on the platter taking you to a flavorsome adventure.

BitesBee – Bee Theme Restaurant in Mohali that’s Worth a Visit!

BitesBee – A Food Nest is a bustling space for you to hive into with your friends and family. This aesthetically pleasing bee-themed restaurant in Tricity is one of it’s kind that sets your bon-appetite without ado.  

“Good Food for Every Mood” perfectly justifies the path-breaking food menu that BitesBee has to offer. The hype is real and there’s a whole bunch of reasons why BitesBee is worth a visit for everyone searching for famous food places in Mohali. Come, let’s buzz together!

Why You Should Visit BitesBee – A Food Nest?


1.  Food So Yummy that Pleases Your Tummy

We know, we know how important good food is for you! The warm and welcoming staff brings a splash of the flavorsome dishes on the platter. A la carte menu has everything covered for you from street bites, Italian, Chinese, American to Indian delicious cuisine and meals all at fair prices. 

The giddy food portion is a reward for foodies because we know, a foodie doesn’t share his food. The fresh, hot, and luscious serving at BitesBee is a whole mood and we are living for it. 

From chatpati street food cravings to fancy food appetite everything is sorted at BitesBee- the best place to eat in Mohali. 


2. Happening Vibe

Good food and a good mood go hand in hand for every restaurant. This cutesy bee-themed spot has quirky interiors with prominent light fixtures, in short, a perfect ambiance. It is a cheerful place to hang out with friends and spacious sitting goes well for family gatherings. 

The soft lighting with bright interior complements the happening vibe of the eatery. It is a good place for business meets due to varied indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements. The fancy restaurants are often misunderstood for boredom ambiance but BitesBee incorporates group-friendly restaurants & sophisticated vibe simultaneously. 


3. Frolic fun (Games)

 To keep the buzz alive, board games can surely come in handy. Games like Jenga, Connect 4, Tic-Tac-Toe, Puzzle Maze, Cards, and many more at the restaurant fill the room with laughter and excitement.  The fresh food preparation takes around 20-25 minutes by then you can flaunt your gaming tricks for different board games.

It is an exhilarating pass time to cut the small talk and ditch your digital gadgets till you get served the delicious delicacies.  A good time awaits you in one of the best multi-cuisine restaurants in Mohali.


4. Books

Are you a book-lover? Do you feel Five Feet Apart was way better on paper than on screen? Well, we feel you! Here comes the fourth reason to visit BitesBee- different genres of best-selling books that will keep you entertained along with a piping hot cup of coffee. 

From ‘The Power of Subconscious Mind’ by Joseph Murphy to ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, gripping stories accentuate a comforting time at the restaurant. You can even discuss different aspects of the book you finished reading with fellow book lovers. 


5. Honey-Sweet Melodies

When we say comfort and happiness, music is what we meant. Honey-sweet melodies lighten the mood and get you moving.  From relaxing acoustic music to uptown funk we got all to help you enjoy the appetizing food. 

The warm lighting, good food, and quirky interiors all blend together with melodious tunes. 

There are a bunch of best restaurants for birthday celebrations but our playlist can save the party mood. Tuning in to the right type of music can make your lousy day better so consider visiting as we can add on some good tunes to your playlist.

BitesBee customer

6. Top-Notch Hygiene Standards

Due to the pandemic, hygiene standards have become a concern but not for us. The restaurant adheres to all COVID guidelines and maintains the needful distance between seatings. Quality hygiene practices are exercised in every nook and corner of the place keeping in mind customers’ and staff’s safety as a priority. 

The outdoor sitting arrangements are well maintained with proper cleanliness. Here you can have a remarkable experience with luscious food and top-notch hygiene standards.


7. Bee Motivation

The restaurants can be a great place for a change and BitesBee understands the fact pretty well. The cute motivational quotes like, ‘Bee your Wonderful Self’, ‘A Tissue for Your Issue’, ‘Thanks for Bee-ing Here’, and other witty quotes are bound to put a smile on your face.

The motivation comes from places around you and these bee-centric quotes distract you for good. You can giggle them reading while digging into your favorite dish. It can be your go-to place for every mood and help you capture your moments of life.  Hive into BitesBee to cherish the honey-coated love in different ways.


8. Prime Location

BitesBee is one of the famous food places in Mohali Chandigarh, established at the prime location of Bestech Business Tower, Sector-66 Mohali. Bestech Business Tower is a paramount building with easy access to transportation in a posh location. 

Visitors can easily escape the hassle of limited parking due to ample parking space which is a privilege itself. Now be at ease and explore the exciting adventure of flavors.

Bitesbee customer 1

9. Instagrammable Spot 

The bee theme and the fascinating interior are a wonderland for Instagram addicts. Detailed interior and precise thought regarding each and every corner makes the place a worthy experience. The instagram worthy restaurant of Mohali can be a great chance to add some aesthetic feel to your Instagram feed and capture the scenic beauty of time with scrumptious meals. 

Why are you missing out on the fun and feel of the place? Drop everything and consider visiting BitesBee today to relish your taste buds with a contemporary menu.

Unable to visit? We do offer contactless home delivery in Mohali, Chandigarh and Panchkula. Keep the buzz alive and let our honey-sweet love spoil you at BitesBee – A Food Nest!

9 Must Visit Restaurants in Chandigarh, Mohali for Rich Ambience

Finding the right type of restaurant is like finding your go-to person who is hard to find, but you can’t get enough of them once found.  Chandigarh, the city beautiful, is popular for its architecture and ambiance that is worth a visit. 

Apart from the city’s greenery and cleanliness, the high-spirited and cherishing space makes it a premium destination for every foodie. Finding the right place to dine-ins feels like a hassle? But no longer as we got 9 must visit restaurants in Chandigarh, Mohali famous for their rich ambiance. Consider taking a glance at restaurants that are marvels of the city. 


1. BitesBee – A Food Nest

BitesBee – A Food Nest is a place where we bet tons of reasons that makes you wannabee there.  The bee-themed restaurant brings up the aesthetic vibe and enticing dose of bliss with a warm look and feel.  With an extensive selection of Indian, Chinese, Italian, American to Tandoori, and Street Bites, they serve amazing multi-cuisine delicacies. 

The scenic interior encourages you bee the golden YOU with buzzing honey-sweet melodies playing on loop. The exemplary corporate meals option lets the eatery stand out among other restaurants in Mohali. This instagrammable restaurant of Chandigarh, Mohali adheres to necessary Covid protocols and retains hygiene standards keeping customers at utmost priority. Cheese Chilli Dry, Fruit Sandwich, and Rara Chicken are must-try dishes at BitesBee.

Rating- 4.6

Location- G016 and G012, Bestech Business Towers, Punjab 160022


2. The Virgin Courtyard 

Looking for something exotic? Well, the virgin courtyard is the place for you! The interior and setting are reminiscent of Spain. A place just right to hang out with friends or equally fabulous to have a romantic date. 

The scrumptious menu is indulgent with Italian, Mediterranean, European, and a lot more. The eccentric look and feel of the place make the time memorable with your close ones. We would suggest you the Chef’s special Tiramisu Signature dessert.

Rating- 4.5

Location- SCO 1A, Sector 7-C, Chandigarh


3. JB’s Kitchen 

The perfect word fits the place appropriately because of a wide selection of succulent foods and a heart-warming milieu.  JB’s kitchen is on top of the Mohali Restaurants for best food, which maintains top-notch hygiene standards for relishing the eatery experience. The bright and modern dining setting is a highlight for visitors. 

You’ll be amazed by the variety of Indian, Italian, Chinese, and grill categories all available at once place. It is home to extroverts and a worthwhile experience for introverts. You can try out the chef’s special Mutton Roganjosh simmer with Kashmiri spices. 

Rating- 4.5

Location- SCF-35,36, Phase 5, Sector 59, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160059


4. Brooklyn Central 

A laid-back yet thrilling spot is all one needs on casual weekends to chill out. Brooklyn Central is an archetypal restaurant with an urban NYC theme. Foodlovers can dig into food with a cultural twist seasoned with love and surprise.

It’s a classic spot with an edgy feeling that serves the American platter. Good music lights up the mood, and the ambience allows you to have a blast. Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza is our recommendation that you should consider trying out here. 

Rating- 4.0

Location- Elante Mall, 178-179, Purv Marg, Industrial Area Phase 1, Chandigarh, 160002


5. Dastaan 

Dastaan is an articulation of fascinating interior, tempting food, and wholesome vibe. The space offers Indian & Asian food on the menu that compliments the taste buds of food lovers. You can weave a remarkable experience with a picturesque sight to behold. 

The award-winning chefs have added the magic of their fingers and created a menu that mesmerizes everyone. The excellent service makes it one of the best restaurants near you in Mohali Chandigarh, consisting of a lively milieu. Butter chicken is a top-rated dish that is worth tasting.  

Rating- 4.0

Location- SCO 43, Madhya Marg, Sector 7-C, Sector 7, Chandigarh, 160007  


6. Social 

Want to socialize more? Social is the place for you where trendy and modern vibe fills the room with zest. The standing-out aura and incredible sitting sum up a picture-perfect spot. Especially the relatable quotes hanging on the wall are witty and lightens the mood. 

The place is decently designed and has a room for everyone without feeling thronged. The menu is pooled with American, Italian, Asian, Indian, and grill dishes leaving you with multiple options to choose from. Our recommendation is to go for 4 Cheese pizza offered at a fair price. 

Rating- 4.0

Location- SCO 37, Madhya Marg, Sector 7-C, Sector 7, Chandigarh, 160019


7. Cafe JC’s

With a huge platter of Cafe, Contemporary, American and Indian Cafe JC’s is a prime recommendation to visit for a lively feeling. The place offers you plenty of options regarding meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch with an elegant and modern interior.   

The place can be an addition to your Instagram post feed with such pleasing aesthetics. An upbeat playlist and mouth-watering food make up for a lousy day easily. The multi-cuisine allows you to experiment, consider starting with Cafe JC’s Classico Pasta. 

Rating- 4.5 

Location- Coal Depot Complex, Shop No.2 & 3, 10D, Chandigarh, 160011


8. Swaad-e-desi

Trying out street food on the street concerns you due to hygiene? Need not to worry anymore; Swaad-e-desi is the one-stop destination for all your chatpati cravings. Due to loaded flavors of Indian, street food, and Chinese dishes, it is on our must-visit restaurants’ list. 

The fun avenue with bunk bed seating makes it a considerable choice for every generation. It is a go-to spot for all north-Indians where you get to enjoy the flavors of good times. They also got the best street food in Chandigarh along with top-notch sanity coming together as an exceptional experience.

Rating- 4.0

Location- SCO 427-428, Chandigarh 160022


9. Garam Dharam

If you are a fan of Jatt Yamla, Pagla, Deewana, this can become your beloved place. This Sholay movie-inspired restaurant perfectly executes the authenticity of Punjab and is also a bona fide place to visit.  The ambiance is great, and the unique decor leaves you in awe. The vibrant color theme is bewitching for every visitor regardless of age. The quintessential bollywood vibe makes it must-visit theme restaurant in Mohali for the bollywood buffs. To relish the essence of Punjab with a modernized blend, do visit this family restaurant in Mohali

Rating- 4.0 

Location- Sector  117, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140307

Hope you like our listing of appetizing places to eat in Mohali Chandigarh that serve exotic platter along with an exuberant vibe. Visit or Order Online from BitesBee, the best restaurant that serves a broad spectrum of flavors with a homie vibe and honey-coated love all at one place.

15 Tea Time Snacks You Must Try with Your Chai!

Do you know chai is the second most consumed beverage around the globe? Well, we aren’t really surprised to know the fact because chai is the only soulmate we believe in.

The day seems incomplete without a perfectly brewed cup of chai, but do you know what makes it even better? The mouth-watering tea time snacks sate your hunger and help you relax even on a hectic day.

However, finding the best snacks with tea is an exercise of trial and error. Worry no more about what snacks to serve with chai? Because we got you. Here we present our top 15 tea time snacks that are appetizing and taste great with chai. Let’s dive in.


1. Samosa

Samosaaa! The snack needs no introduction as it is a go-to snack for every chai lover that fits the chit-chat sessions effortlessly. This deep-fried, triangle-shaped north-Indian snack, when served with fresh chutney over a cup of chai, tastes like a warm hug after a hectic day.


2. Vada pav

Whether you are a 90s kid or Gen Z, warm and fresh vada, when served with chai, is an enticing dose of happiness that de-stress all your worries in no time. Vada pav is the most loved Mumbaikars snack that is consumed every day with the unfailing love of tea.


3. Paneer Pakoda

Can’t deal with hunger? Paneer pakoda & masala chai is all you need that sate your cravings right. Crunchy outside and soft inside, this Punjabi snack is popularly loved at BitesBee – the Best tea restaurant in Mohali. Paneer pakodas are the best tea party snacks that cut small talk with the scrumptious blend of flavors.



4. Biscuits 

Undoubtedly, chai and biscuits is a magical duo for all chai lovers. Though we all are guilty of leaving our biscuit too long in the cup of chai that it ends up drowning, but still, it fits the gossip table well. The classic sweet and salty flavored biscuits delight everyone over a freshly brewed cup of chai.


5. Bun Maska

Bun Maska is another tasty treat best enjoyed with tea. The classic bun tastes slightly sweet and surreal when dipped in hot tea. Introduced by Iranians, the light and mouth-watering chai party snack is relished whole-heartedly by tea lovers in Chandigarh and across the country.


6. Poha

Poha is a usual breakfast served in most middle-class Indian households due to minimal preparation time. Combine the flavorsome poha with piping hot tea to appease hunger when you feel like having something simple yet delicious. BitesBee is a chai spot in Mohali that dishes out the snack with varied fusions.


7. Kachori 

Crispy, flaky outside with chatpati fillings inside, kachori fits Indian tea snacks listing pretty well. When served with sweet-spicy chutney over a steaming cup of tea, Kachori will surely make you go like, ‘ahhhh.’ Bhojpuri people originated this crispy chai snack idea which is now served across India with different twists and pairs.


8. Dabeli

Enormously popular for its rich flavors, Dabeli is a worthy choice to have in your tea time. It resembles a bun (pav) heated on Tava and stuffed with potato mixture, sweet sauce, and additional toppings of pomegranate. This tummy-filling tea time snack originated from Kutch, Gujarat is now one of the hot-selling items at BitesBee, a cafe offering tea in Chandigarh.


9. Butter Toast

Pondering what snack goes good with tea? The crispy and lively combination of butter toast tastes surprisingly refreshing and goes well with tea. Butter Toast is one of the most popular foods to eat while binge-watching at 3AM and out of all food options. Set your mood right with piping hot ginger tea and whip off the Monday blues at BitesBee.


10. Bread Omelette 

Omelette is a french dish that has been modernized and experimented with different ingredients around the world. Bread omelet is hunger appeasing street food in India that is no less than a whole meal when served with tea that keeps you full for a good time.


11. Upma

Avoiding fried snacks? Upma is the healthiest tea-time snack to dig in with your cup of chai. The satisfying Indian dish, when mixed with varied veggies and spices, prepares a scrumptious chai time snack. Consider witnessing the wonder of south Indian flavors with north-Indian twists over a relaxing tea session.


12. Potato Wedges

Feeling bored of the same snacks? Try out finger-licking potato wedges for your tea session to have a fulfilling feeling. This US-originated dish perfectly fits the menu of the best tea spots in Mohali with tons of variation. The lip-smacking seasoning on potato wedges with freshly brewed tea feels like the ‘sukoon’ you need after a tiring day.


13. Bedmi Puri

Pooled with ingredients and spices, Bedmi puri is the right addition to your chai. Rajasthan is the origin-region of the rich delicacy, which is also quite popular among Delhiites. Bedmi Puri is a unique chai time snack option that not only tastes good but appeases hunger well too.


14. Aloo Parantha 

Aloo parantha, butter, and tea – there’s no better combo than this. When you crave good food that sets your mood, just hop onto tea and aloo parantha. The flavorsome Punjabi dish is easily available in the best restaurants of Mohali at fair prices. Combining the snack with the best tandoori chai of Chandigarh tastes like heaven.


15. Chilla

Besan chilla is a healthy yet delicious snack choice for your tea. The north-Indian delicacy is a lip-smacking and healthy choice to opt for your tea time. When cooked with little oil, lots of vegetables, and scoops of gram flour, the dish looks tempting and tastes delicious.

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